Mojo loses Tourism Victoria after 18 years

Tourism-Victoria logoPublicis Mojo Melbourne has been dropped by Tourism Victoria, an account it has held since 1993.

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne has been awarded the account, a move widely tipped following the arrival of ex-Mojo regional partner Tim McColl-Jones, who used to run the business.

In a statement from Tourism Victoria, chairman Dr Janine Kirk, said:

“Tourism Victoria and Publicis Mojo have enjoyed a long and outstanding partnership. Together they have overseen the creation of the world’s longest running destination marketing campaign.  The highly successful ‘You’ll love every piece of Victoria’ Jigsaw campaign has succeeded in turning around Victoria’s tourism reputation to the point where Melbourne is now the most preferred tourism destination for Australians.”

On the appointment of Clems, she said:

“Clemenger BBDO was selected because of its capacity to service Tourism Victoria’s marketing needs over the long term and for its exceptional creative and digital teams who have produced national and international award winning creative campaigns.”

The pitch was called at the beginning of March. The contract will initially run for four years, beginning on October 1 when Mojo will hand over the account.

Meanwhile, Tourism Victoria continues its selection process for a boutique agency to handle fast turn-around projects.

Mojo’s most recent campaign for its longest-held client was ‘Play Melbourne’, launched in June.


  1. Not Craig Davis
    23 Sep 11
    4:31 pm

  2. Oh dear more bad Karma

  3. Groucho
    23 Sep 11
    5:02 pm

  4. Sadly the creative began to slip a couple of years ago. Until then it was great and no doubt contributed significantly to Victoria’s success as a destination.

    Hopefully Mojo can absorb the loss without losing any more of the good creatives.

  5. Say What!!!
    23 Sep 11
    5:08 pm

  6. Great Job done by Mojo over the years when Darren & the crew led the brand. Congratulations to Clems….It was time. Tim McColl has long history with the brand…& we’re sure that they will continue to grow this great brand. Sometimes you just have to loose your ‘MOJO’ to find it again!!

  7. Leyland P76
    23 Sep 11
    5:11 pm

  8. Possibly what happens when you do everything in your power to make yourself un-reappointable.

  9. Anonymous
    23 Sep 11
    6:25 pm

  10. and sometimes you have to lose it too.

  11. Peril
    24 Sep 11
    8:47 am

  12. 18 years is a an amazing length of time to retain a piece of business. Great work was always on the table. Many careers were launched off the Tourism campaigns and successes alone. Nothing last forever!!

  13. Andre 2000
    24 Sep 11
    1:42 pm

  14. This should help Craig have a flatter structure with less silos.

  15. Ann
    24 Sep 11
    7:54 pm

  16. Long time to hold one account though

  17. Sean Cummins
    25 Sep 11
    2:23 pm

  18. As some small tribute , i want to acknowledge the creators of the campaign in the first place: jason Ross, Sean Cox, with a little bit of interference from me.

    We were proud to crack a new direction in tourism advertising 18 years ago. And I was personally thrilled to see the high quality of work carried on by my colleagues at Mojo when I left.

    It is a campaign much admired and much copied. But it took foresight and courage to create this work from scratch. As mentioned in an earlier blog many careers were launched (and saved) by this little piece.

    i am confident the business is in good hands. Bets of luck to the team at Tourism Victoria and Clemenger BBDO

    Sean Cummins

  19. Hmmm...
    25 Sep 11
    10:17 pm

  20. Haha. That’s not a tribute. It’s a shameless plug for Cummins Ross and Partners.

    But there’s nothing wrong with that. Not in our line of work, anyway.

  21. Sean
    26 Sep 11
    1:10 pm

  22. ‘Bets of luck’ – lucky he didn’t ‘interfere’ in the copy.