Monty Noble launches new agency with Australian Pork as founding client

Pork back on their fork: Chris Pinnegar and Monty Noble

Highly regarded creative Monty Noble has marked an impressive return to adland by winning Australian Pork as the founding client of his new agency, Noble Brands Worldwide.

Noble, a stalwart of STW Group agency The Brand Shop for ten years, takes on the business from his former employer – now known as Shift – after a three-way pitch.

Noble, who left Shift in September last year, has teamed up with former colleague Chris Pinnegar, with whom he has produced some of Australian Pork’s most popular campaigns in recent years, coining the slogan ‘Get some pork on your fork’.

Pinnegar, formerly a group account director at JWT, takes on the role of managing director of the new agency. Noble is creative director.

Australian Pork Limited’s GM of marketing, Peter Haydon said of the appointment: “Chris and Monty created our current advertising campaign. They presented a stage creative evolution that we could simply buy strategically, creatively and say, ‘Right let’s go make that! In fact, we have moved straight into production on some of their pitch work. That’s rarer than rocking horse poo in my experience.”

“We are all really excited about building on our emotional connection and adding further meaning to the Australian Pork brand,” he said.

Pinnegar said: “We are absolutely delighted to be working with Australian Pork again. Both Monty and myself had previously worked closely together on the Pork business during our days at The Brand Shop and found it to be a incredibly interesting and rewarding account.”

“Pork is a challenger brand with a marketing team who have no fear about standing out and punching well above their media spend,” he said. “We’re very much looking forward to helping Pork further increase it’s space on the dinner plates, BBQs and restaurant menus of Australia.”

Noble has also been working with soon-to-launch music streaming service Songl, as well as a number of other clients.


  1. Boom
    7 Sep 12
    11:21 am

  2. Great to see Mont and Chris taking pork to better “heights.” Nice one guys.

  3. Tara
    7 Sep 12
    11:51 am

  4. What a great team! If there’s anyone who could convince me to eat pork, it’s these guys – and I’ve been a vegetarian for 24 years. CONGRATS!

  5. Amanda Travers
    7 Sep 12
    11:56 am

  6. Congratulations to Noble Brands Worldwide! Such a well deserved result, more power to you & your new company.

  7. fleshpeddler
    7 Sep 12
    12:03 pm

  8. Pork an apt client for the account man known as ‘Crispy’

  9. Adam
    7 Sep 12
    12:12 pm

  10. Awesome stuff – well done.

  11. The Watcher
    7 Sep 12
    12:15 pm

  12. While I wouldn’t put my fork anywhere near that paisley shirt, you’ve got to admire anyone who puts their own name to a new agency. Gutsy stuff.

  13. Meh
    7 Sep 12
    12:23 pm

  14. Get ready for more amazing gags where we think she’s talking about her husband boning her but it’s actually about eating pork. Geddit?

  15. Ivan
    7 Sep 12
    12:25 pm

  16. Well deserved! Can’t wait to see the results.

  17. MJ
    7 Sep 12
    12:27 pm

  18. Great work, can’t wait to see more of Monty and Chris’ great work!

  19. Emma
    7 Sep 12
    12:28 pm

  20. Brilliant work guys.

  21. Steve D
    7 Sep 12
    12:31 pm

  22. Congratulations Mont and Chris. Well Done.

  23. GaryCunliffe
    7 Sep 12
    12:38 pm

  24. Onya Monty and Chris. Looking forward to some great work.

  25. Emily
    7 Sep 12
    12:46 pm

  26. Congratulations Monty and Chris. I look forward to seeing the campaign – love me pork!

  27. Anonymous
    7 Sep 12
    1:08 pm

  28. Congratulations Mont, well done!

  29. Boss Man
    7 Sep 12
    1:09 pm

  30. Great work guys!! Congratulations.

  31. Beck
    7 Sep 12
    1:16 pm

  32. Worldwide! Only a matter of time! well done boys!

  33. Tina L
    7 Sep 12
    2:25 pm

  34. Great news for Monty and the team! Excellent..

  35. Anonymous
    7 Sep 12
    2:26 pm

  36. Excellent news and well done to Monty. Worked with him for years on all cool sh*t like pads, tampons and incontinence products. He made it really easy for us to sell that so can’t wait to see more pork on forks out there!

  37. Colin
    7 Sep 12
    3:14 pm

  38. Well done guys, more big things to come I am sure!

  39. Shamma
    7 Sep 12
    4:07 pm

  40. we’re going to see more of this – experienced “older” pro’s joining up to do their own thing.

    Clients will love it. Smart, senior people running their accounts – it’s rare right now.

  41. Chris Moschos
    7 Sep 12
    4:21 pm

  42. I can already feel Monty’s enthusiasm and wait in anticipation of him cooking up a storm for Australian Pork. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with. Congratulations! Chops

  43. Ming
    7 Sep 12
    4:38 pm

  44. Great news for two of the brightest guys in the business. Well done!

  45. Ray
    7 Sep 12
    4:47 pm

  46. Monty always looks at things differently to the rest of us (weird bastard!!). Good to see this talent is back in business. Well done lads.

  47. taz
    7 Sep 12
    4:49 pm

  48. Nice work boys! Look forward to toasting you in person…

  49. Jenn
    7 Sep 12
    5:00 pm

  50. Cant wait to see more of what Monty and Chris can come up with!!

    Congrats guys!

  51. Flash
    7 Sep 12
    7:24 pm

  52. Go you noble ones!

  53. Alistair Wolfendale
    8 Sep 12
    6:42 am

  54. Good on you Chris.

  55. Anonymous
    8 Sep 12
    10:54 am

  56. Monty – you couldn’t find a better partner, good luck.

  57. Jill McDouall (Remember me?)
    8 Sep 12
    2:58 pm

  58. Well done Monty and co … but inhumane pork rearing has to be stopped! All free range please. It is the only pork I will buy.

  59. Dock
    9 Sep 12
    10:10 am

  60. You can never keep a good porker down. Onya Mont!

  61. Don Knowles
    10 Sep 12
    9:45 pm

  62. Watch this newly founded company, with a launching campaign that has got everyone talking about it, they have only just begun to rock an industry that needs more of what this team has to offer! International brands will be queuing up to reap the rewards that this power team can give them. Well done Monty &Chris!

  63. Jo Howlett
    11 Sep 12
    2:30 pm

  64. Good on you Mont. Well deserved. Your love of a good bit of pork will take you to new heights. x

  65. Justine
    12 Sep 12
    1:38 pm

  66. Great news and big congrats to a couple of my favourite ad blokes!!