Mumbrellacast Live, Friday 11 May

The first ever live Mumbrellacast was streamed at 12.30 EST Friday 11 May. The Mumbrella team was joined by PHD strategy director Chris Stephenson for a live chat about the week’s events including:

(41mins: 41secs)

  • The plummeting newspaper print circulations – is the audience really migrating to digital?
  • Zoo Magazine’s 30% fall – is there any future for men’s mags?
  • Has DMG finally cracked it with the smoothfm format?
  • What the hell is happening with LAFHA?
  • What’s gone wrong at the Global Mail?

To join the first ever live Mumbrellacast – click here. The broadcast was sponsored by Citrix GoToWebinar.

Stay tuned for more live experiments with the Mumbrella team.

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