MyPlates encourage women to ‘man proof’ their cars with ‘Le Chic’ range of plates

Personalised number plates company MyPlates is targeting women in its latest campaign which promotes the new “Le Chic” range.

Created by Custom Creative, the campaign encourages women to “Man proof” their cars with plates from the new “Le Chic” range which includes pink plates and plates with images of shoes on them.

The series of TV ads, directed by Fiona McGee of GoodOil Films, looks at why women need to man proof their cars.

MyPlates manager of marketing strategy & planner Paddy Douneen said: “The new Le Chic range of number plates aren’t designed to appeal to men, and this campaign highlights that in a tongue-in-cheek way.”

Complementing the four TV ads is a campaign website, developed by Drifter, which showcases why women should man proof their cars, allows women to send the men in their lives a warning before man proofing and provides other MyPlates designs for those women not quite ready to manproof.


  • Client: MyPlates
  • CEO: Daryl Head
  • Manager, Marketing Strategy & Planning: Paddy Douneen
  • Marketing Manager: Zoe Moore
  • Agency: Custom Creative
  • Creatives: Steve Schenko, Dustin Lane
  • Agency Producer: Wendy Gillies
  • Production Company: GoodOil Films
  • Director: Fiona McGee
  • Producer: Claire Richards
  • Edit: Bernard Garry @ The Editors
  • Post production: The Editors
  • Audio production: Sound Reservoir
  • Website: Drifter
  • Media: Sutherland Media Services


  1. Rebecca
    17 Jul 14
    11:13 am

  2. Man, gender stereotypes save SO MUCH TIME, am I rite?

  3. Corey
    17 Jul 14
    11:26 am

  4. WOW.. Fart jokes and nose-picking. These are puerile and un-funny beyond words.
    And yeah, all Women are so shallow and dumb that they worship shoes enough to put them on their license plates…
    This has hit the jackpot of insulting Men & Women! Good Job….

  5. Adriano
    17 Jul 14
    12:08 pm

  6. This is all kinds of insulting.
    Is descending to severe gender stereotyping in advertising still working?
    I must have missed the note from 1981…..

  7. Consumer
    17 Jul 14
    12:39 pm

  8. Apparently it’s not ok for Wicked Campers to do it but it’s perfectly legit for MyPlates. Double standards of sexism there.

  9. Tom Donald
    17 Jul 14
    12:41 pm

  10. Like ’em.
    Saw the fart one on TV the other night with the missus next to me on the couch, and we both cracked up.
    Almost a “stoner ad”. Well done.

    (Good God you people can get offended about anything.)

  11. Jamie
    17 Jul 14
    1:06 pm

  12. To the comments above. Seriously get a life. These ads a great. They are hilarious. Yeh yeh..its shows my academic level. No it shows how pathetic todays society has become when people cannot laugh at these type of things. Great job on the ads I say…we all need a good chuckle!

  13. Insight
    17 Jul 14
    5:19 pm

  14. Obviously MyPlates are designed to appeal to women that like fart jokes. Makes sense.

  15. Steven
    17 Jul 14
    6:11 pm

  16. *sigh*

    Tired, lacks innovation, another dud campaign from people with no ideas.

    Purile crap

  17. Christine preston
    17 Jul 14
    6:56 pm

  18. These ads are absolutely disgusting. Would turn women away rather than attract them

  19. Tom Donald
    17 Jul 14
    11:00 pm

  20. “Lacks innovation”/

    Genuine LOL. It’s a TV ad to sell vanity number plates. What do you want? A fucking app?

    Goddam I hate most of you c***s in Adland.

    I don’t know anyone involved with this ad, so Lord knows why I even checked back on the sewer that is Mumbrella comments, or am defending them… but for the love of God you anonymous trolls that lurk under the bridges of industry blogs: die.

  21. Tom Donald
    17 Jul 14
    11:04 pm

  22. And @7: Any woman who doesn’t like fart jokes is not a woman you want to be around… not even for a one-night stand.

    Oh The Bubble is talking to itself again…

  23. Chris
    18 Jul 14
    8:12 am

  24. @ Tom. Relax buddy, take a Xanax or something man. Its called having and opinion. Not everyone has to like the ads that the industry turns out, in fact these blunt opinions should help creatives to make more original and thought-out campaigns instead to just reverting back to old cliches.

  25. Jono
    18 Jul 14
    9:33 am

  26. Two questions to ask – would a certain type of women now consider a vanity plate because they saw this ad ?


    Would a certain type of guy think the ads are funny and My Plates might have something for him ? Yes

    Advertising that looks to appeal to everyone is fucking boring as a result.

  27. SB_Australia
    18 Jul 14
    10:39 am

  28. Wow. Look at all these people who think they’re so superior because they use words like puerile & innovation when talking about advertising. News flash people…you’re talking about the ad, they win! If you don’t like the product, don’t buy it, but suggesting that people who do like it & would buy the product are shallow & dumb is a whole new level of hipster idiocy.

  29. elephino
    18 Jul 14
    12:43 pm

  30. Tempting to put in a complaint that the ads are sexist.

  31. Vicki Prest
    18 Jul 14
    6:51 pm

  32. You adds are disgraceful,disgusting and in very poor taste.If there were adds made about women like yours,all you women would be screaming sexism.I would not have your plates if you gave them away.

  33. Beverley Roberts
    18 Jul 14
    6:54 pm

  34. I agree that these ads are totally disgusting. It offends me a great deal.
    I’m assuming the ad. is targeting a certain ‘group’ of people. I hope that ‘group’ have enough money to pay for the plates. Yes, I’m being class conscious. Sue me.
    Wonderful for children to see. Sets a great example………….NOT!!!

  35. Diane
    18 Jul 14
    9:09 pm

  36. Please get rid of that nose picking ad. Seriously, I feel sick, literally, when I see it and even my husband finds it disgusting, although he likes the “fart” ad.
    The nose picking, wiping it somewhere in the car totally demeans men, they are NOT all like that. I have 3 sons who are now 32, 30 and 25 . I have NEVER once seen nose pickings anywhere in my car, nor my house.
    What’s next??
    Couples having sex in a car, who do you PROOF then?
    Please treat women with more intelligence than to fall for that crap!!!

  37. m pepping
    18 Jul 14
    9:18 pm

  38. How utterly disgusting! Is it any wonder we are condoning a youth with NO morals or decorum!! These ads are crass and vulgar! Distasteful and offensive.

  39. Vicki
    18 Jul 14
    10:56 pm

  40. I really dislike the ads. There is nothing amusing or intelligent about them. I’m unable to watch the entire ads as they are so gross. The people responsible should watch the Rhonda and the meerkat advertisements and learn something.

  41. Dear vicki
    19 Jul 14
    10:06 am

  42. I suppose you’d like Mia Friedman advertising the plates. As you sip your soy piccalo in the inner west. The people you mention advertise other brands so they cannot do so for my plates. When you find your brain can you let us know

  43. Groucho
    19 Jul 14
    12:22 pm

  44. How good are these at reflecting the people at whom they are aimed?
    Yes, for those who don’t recognise sarcasm, the question is rhetorical.

    @dear Vicki you don’t like mirrors then?

  45. Suzie
    19 Jul 14
    8:24 pm

  46. Can’t believe women Directed and produced this load of sh..e. Don’t think stomach-turning images are appealing and I certainly won’t be buying these lame plates.

  47. @groucho
    19 Jul 14
    9:51 pm

  48. Choke on your decaf.

  49. Mary
    19 Jul 14
    10:32 pm

  50. I thought sexist jokes went out with bullying – why would I be entertained by this disgusting ad – it will not make me want to buy the plated

  51. Suzie
    20 Jul 14
    5:19 pm

  52. @groucho – what a [edited under Mumbrella’s comment moderation policy] troll you are or rather, perhaps you were involved in the creation of this facile, clichéd excuse for advertising?

  53. Phillip G
    20 Jul 14
    6:40 pm

  54. What a joke, these ad’s should be removed and the concept of feminazi number plates ids sexist for both sexes. Women who buy into this crap are individualistic feminazis.

  55. Murray Hands
    20 Jul 14
    7:42 pm

  56. Get them off at least around meal times.
    I believe i have great sense of humor but fair dinkum that booger thing yuk

  57. Anne
    20 Jul 14
    7:51 pm

  58. These ads are disgusting & should be removed. It is the most gross thing I have seen & it makes me physically sick, I can’t watch the ad at all, & I certainly won’t be buying any of the number plates.

  59. Cheryl
    20 Jul 14
    7:58 pm

  60. Your adds are a disgrace honestly… I don’t know how they were ever aired.
    All the dad is saying is disrespect your wife and do disgusting things in her car well it’s gross and I think they should be taken off…

  61. Janelle Cremer
    20 Jul 14
    9:06 pm

  62. Your commercial for “manproof” your car.
    If I see that add one more time, I’ll seriously throw up.
    What sort of degenerate comes up with this. No intelligence at all, you must not be a man yourself, because I expect that from a 3 year old.

    Get a life

  63. Karen
    20 Jul 14
    9:17 pm

  64. I’ve only seen the nose picking & farting adds on T.V & they are NOT clever just GROSS…as both a mum & teacher trying to get across the importance of treating every one with respect these adds take us back to an unfair past :(

  65. Groucho
    21 Jul 14
    9:09 am

  66. @Suzie are you stupid – I was criticising them [Edited under Mumbrella’s comment moderation policy]

  67. Ad Person
    21 Jul 14
    9:22 am

  68. I think it will touch a nerve with a number of women who will buy plates as a result – kinda fun, playing the old guy v gal card. Sexist? Nah.

  69. Groucho
    21 Jul 14
    9:46 am

  70. Let’s just hope the agency doesn’t win a toilet paper account.

  71. Anthony
    21 Jul 14
    11:37 am

  72. I saw the nose picking ad again last night – this time the ad was different. The mans finger and the booger was pixilated this time – YES THE AD HAS NOW BEEN CENCORED!!!
    Nose pickin’ Political Correctness?

  73. Ad Person
    21 Jul 14
    1:25 pm

  74. I have to confess to nose picking when at the wheel and when driving my wife’s car. Admittedly they do go out of the window though. (I have nothing to do with this campaign btw.)

  75. Fair go for all
    21 Jul 14
    7:43 pm

  76. Anyone offended by this ad should just direct their objections to the advertising standards council of australia. They have the authority to pull this shit of TV!

  77. Sharon
    21 Jul 14
    8:08 pm

  78. Revolting ads, makes me sick. Women are so much better than this, get rid of these ads………

  79. Kath
    21 Jul 14
    11:14 pm

  80. Having worked in marketing for a number of years I have some understanding of the process. However, I find these ads really offensive and quite sickening. Toilet humour may appeal to some, but I’m certainly not one of these people. I think these ads are really disrespectful to men which is just sad and to say they are in poor taste is an understatement. Not funny, not entertaining, not clever, would I buy your product .. no.

  81. LW
    21 Jul 14
    11:48 pm

  82. @Sharon, myself and every woman I know would fart in her own car if they were alone. Or even with friends :-)
    We’re not all precious little princesses whose farts sound like Mozart and smell like roses, sorry, I think your mum and dad lied to you…
    And my only objection to the nose picking ad is that way too much time is taken up showing us what came out of the nose – that was 5 seconds wasted!

  83. Wasa Buyer
    22 Jul 14
    8:33 am

  84. It is my considered opinion that these ads will be a complete wipeout sales-wise.
    The client may gain some small satisfaction from the amount of ink the current ‘controversy” is generating, but I don’t believe the same energy will be repeated at point of sale.
    It’d done one thing, however and that’s to excite the growing band of Mumbrella trolls!

  85. Michael
    22 Jul 14
    10:58 am

  86. @Wasa Buyer,
    It’s my considered opinion that one of your opinions is correct (and I reckon it’s the one with the typo in it).

  87. Tom Donald
    22 Jul 14
    11:40 am

  88. Who are all these anonymous people weighing in on this thread?

    I’ll wager $500 dollars that these ads bump up sales.
    And I’ve had nothing to do with them.

    But I know cars. And I know Aussie women, including the kind who love, care for, and would personalise their cars… and my gut says these ads speak to them.

    So anonymous trolls: Come out of anonymity, put ‘skin in the game’, and we’ll follow up with the client in a few months (I’ll figure out a way how) and if nothing has happened, the $500 is yours.

    I’m on Twitter at @thepunkrockshop… contact me there.

  89. Michael
    22 Jul 14
    3:32 pm

  90. Would seem that nobody wants to back up their ‘opinions’ and accept Tom’s offer, unless you’re just mindlessly trolling, of course.

  91. Punk Plates
    22 Jul 14
    3:59 pm

  92. It is a considered opinion that only my opinion matters and all other opinions in this thread are non-considered opinions.

  93. Groucho
    22 Jul 14
    4:02 pm

  94. @Michael do feel free to be the first. It will of course be difficult to judge for a couple of reasons. Firstly there will be more to the campaign than just these poor taste spots, secondly the fact that they might work doesn’t make them any less in bad taste. Rather their effectiveness depends on how many tasteless people are out there.
    Anyway, Tom is probably not serious, he’s just trying to reignite the tired old anonymity argument to promote his punkrockshop.

  95. harris
    22 Jul 14
    6:17 pm

  96. Sexist bitches!!!

  97. Christine
    22 Jul 14
    7:58 pm

  98. The nose picking ad is still disgusting

  99. Beverley Roberts
    22 Jul 14
    8:47 pm

  100. For all the people who are offended by these ads. why don’t you report them.

    I did.

    In my opinion they are demeaning to men but I also think it’s dreadful for children to be seeing.

    I’ve received an email back to say that my complaint/s are going forward and it’s because it goes against something to do with the influence it could have on children.

    I whinged in here but went to the authorities. I’m sick of people getting away with blue murder.

    Good luck people.

    Just click on the link to lodge your complaint.

  101. Tom Donald
    22 Jul 14
    8:48 pm

  102. I’m deadly serious Groucho.

    I could give two f***s about promoting myself. Adland can kiss my arse for all I care.
    I just took a vow after the Sean Cummins talk at the original M360 never to be anonymous online. Why? Because it truly is for cowards, and anonymity is poisoning what is left of this once-great business (while Mumbrella collect the cash-for-clicks).

    It’s race to oblivion, and the anonymous trolls are the fuel.

    If one person on this thread who said “that sucks” or similarly will take my wager, I am 100% good for the $500 if I lose.

    Come on all you anonymous experts: But your money where your mouths are.

  103. Tom Donald
    22 Jul 14
    8:50 pm

  104. “It’s a race…”
    “Put your money…”


    Just pre-empting the “you misspelled it” trolls…

  105. LW
    22 Jul 14
    10:20 pm

  106. It is funny how the occasional Mumbrella story attracts a pile of whining fun police who aren’t in the industry and obviously think posting a comment here means they are speaking directly to the advertiser. Must have been a link here in a news story somewhere.
    Anyway, thanks for coming everyone but can you please go back to the Tele website now?

  107. Darren
    22 Jul 14
    11:07 pm

  108. Thankyou Beverley Roberts, I too have submitted my complaint in regards to this disgusting trash some so called human beings think is funny, it is gross and uncalled for and anyone that finds this rubbish funny needs to get a life.

  109. Tom Donald
    23 Jul 14
    9:21 am

  110. Crickets.

    Trolls are gutless cowards.

    Come on. Put your neck on the line for once in your life.

  111. Clint Nielsen
    23 Jul 14
    9:49 am

  112. Nice one Tom – great to see someone quashing the ‘trolls’ and ‘wowsers’ in a single breath. I’ll be standing by to see if anyone takes you up on the offer.

  113. Beverley Roberts
    23 Jul 14
    11:58 am

  114. I received emails stating that my complaints are valid and will be sent to the Advertising Board and also to the client.
    The Board uses Section 2 of the Advertiser Code of Ethics as the basis of its determinations.
    I’ll hear back from them when something happens.
    Good luck Darren.

    Tom, good for you and no I’m not being sarcastic. I really mean it. You’re standing up for what you believe in as am I.

    I really don’t care if the sales at My Plates goes up or down. I honestly just think that it’s really unnecessary to use this type of behavior to set an example……especially for young children.

    I hope someone takes you up on your offer.


  115. Michael
    23 Jul 14
    12:35 pm

  116. Hi Beverley,
    I would imagine that you saw these ads on free-to-air TV.
    The thing is, Beverley, the TV is not free. It’s paid for by advertisers.
    Those advertisers have target markets.
    In this case, it would seem that you don’t fit into that target market, but that’s what you get with a mass medium – it can’t necessarily appeal to all people.
    And while you might have an opinion on these ads, many other people might have one that differs.
    What makes your opinion right, and others wrong?

  117. Groucho
    23 Jul 14
    1:58 pm

  118. @Michael you ask Beverley ” What makes your opinion right, and others wrong?”

    How about good taste?

    She is not advocating stopping the advertising, just doing it in a manner that isn’t revolting, so your puerile and condescending jibe about TV not being free is in poor taste too.

    @Tom Donald so too is your equating anonymity with trolls. If anonymity was outlawed Edie Obeid would be Premier, Crime Stoppers line would go quiet and there would be only a couple of posts on Mumbrella.

    And you would be deprived of your feeling of smug superiority.

  119. Clint Nielsen
    23 Jul 14
    2:26 pm

  120. @Groucho

    Pretty sure ‘taste’ is subjective with those finding it in ‘poor taste’ being well outside the demographic of this ad campaign.

    Also, if the ad doesn’t resonate, ignore it or change the channel.

    Just sayin.

  121. Michael
    23 Jul 14
    2:40 pm

  122. Thank you, Groucho.

    However, at the risk of sounding condescending once again, I’d imagine that what you perceive as ‘good taste’ would be different to what Beverley perceives as ‘good taste’, and different to what I believe to be ‘good taste’.
    That’s the beauty of the world. If everyone was the same, everything would be the same.
    Believe it or not, some people don’t like watching Neighbours. Some people laugh at movies like American Pie. Some people’s opinion of music varies. Some people like trashy reality TV. Some people have even been known to think that farting is humorous (heaven forbid).

    Maybe it’s time to open your eyes and see that your opinion isn’t the only one that counts.

    And as for your reference to ‘puerile and condescending jibes’, may I direct you to comments 22 and 24, above.

  123. Beverley Roberts
    23 Jul 14
    8:34 pm

  124. I expressed my opinion as did all of you.

    I also didn’t sit and moan and groan about it, I followed up on it and have tried to do something.

    This is MY opinion and if I just sit back and say nothing it means I agree with them. I don’t.

    Also, I do not watch the ads. I immediately turned away with the nose picking one because it made me feel sick. I don’t watch them at all.

    Don’t pick on me. We’re all entitled to our own opinion. Thanks.

  125. Anne
    23 Jul 14
    11:15 pm

  126. These adds – especially the picking the nose one make me want to throw up – I have to turn it off. It’s always on when we are eating for some reason. Really do you think men are that disgusting? I am sure you could come with a better add – please remove it – it’s sickening.

  127. Beverley Roberts
    23 Jul 14
    11:16 pm

  128. Groucho. Thanks. :)

  129. Richard Moss
    24 Jul 14
    9:45 am

  130. These ads are obviously intended to be amusing. They are simplistic beyond belief, and in one case ( the monologue set up as a duologue) the ad looks like a workshoped idea for a TVC rather than a finished product.

    They are all banal, and a couple are in poor taste, however there is bound to be some truth in the content suggested, and many couples, at least, will be able to relate to the thin line of reality.

    I have always thought that people who feel the need to purchase personalised plates, are in some way socially challenged, but these ads suggest an order at least three or four rungs lower than I had envisaged .

  131. Clint Nielsen
    24 Jul 14
    10:42 am

  132. As I’ve mentioned – taste is subjective.

    @Beverley – Over reacting much? Having an opinion is one thing, but by firing off emails to have the ad effectively banned, you’ve actually insinuated that your opinion tumps the opinion of all others. Furthermore, if your stomach is that easily upset, I’d suggest not having kids or in fact, leaving the house. We can’t have such a thin-skinned person walking around without a bubble for protection from the big scary ‘nose-picking’ world we find ourselves in.

    If every ad was vanilla and ‘safe’, there would be no cut through at all with the intended demographic. Ads are there to sell product, and can’t be all things to all people.

    If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Just don’t ruin it for everyone else.

  133. Tom Donald
    24 Jul 14
    11:03 am

  134. I have no issue with you Beverly Roberts.
    Sincerely. You absolutely have the right to report this ad to the authorities.

    (Though why you think farting and picking noses is offensive to children is beyond me: children love doing both.)

    Rather, I’m going to war with the cowards in Adland who sit on here and anonymously shit all over every bit of work that gets posted, or reveal there trapped-in-the-adland-bubble status by talking down about the taste of “average people”.

  135. Mario
    24 Jul 14
    11:08 am

  136. Do you have any friends, Richard?

  137. Groucho
    24 Jul 14
    12:22 pm

  138. @Tom Donald denying a person the freedom of, and right to anonymity is of course in itself an act of cowardice isn’t it?

  139. Tom Donald
    24 Jul 14
    1:46 pm

  140. Groucho, this is for you:

    You’re scared.
    I’m sorry life hasn’t turned out how you wanted it to.
    I get that you’re terrified.
    Disappointed even.
    And I’m sorry.
    But please leave the rest of us out it.
    Don’t take your disappointment in yourself out on the rest of us.
    When you do that – especially anonymously – it’s toxic.

    And your psychic gas is just saying “I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared”.
    But don’t be scared.
    You’re a miracle of the Universe.
    Own that.
    And quit the negativity.

  141. Sharon
    24 Jul 14
    2:58 pm

  142. I am so totally disgusted by the filthy man picking his nose. What idiot thought this should be shown on tv? You people make me sick – and you think this is good advertising? This portrays men as pigs, and not all men would do this – the only pig is the person who thought this was a good idea!

  143. Groucho
    24 Jul 14
    3:32 pm

  144. @Tom Donald keep recycling other peoples stuff until you have an original thought

  145. The Black Cat
    24 Jul 14
    3:41 pm

  146. These are disgusting advertisements which are demeaning to BOTH men & women and are extremely sexist and offensive;

    1. Sexism — Newsflash: Many men are far more considerate than women. I don’t know ANY men who fart in public or pick their noses while driving. Farting is NOT gender-dependent.

    2. These commercials treat women like bloody idiots and are simply designed to TAKE THEIR MONEY. Any woman who buys these plates is a moron with too much money to waste.

    3. Having feminine plates WILL NOT stop men from driving a car. On the contrary, many men will consider it an ego-boost as it looks like they have ‘conquered’ another female by driving around her car.

    Anyone who is a victim of this stupid sexist ignorant advertising campaign seriously has the brain of a child.

    The Black Cat

  147. Karla
    24 Jul 14
    4:44 pm

  148. This is ad is disgusting. So disgusting I’m actually bothering to post a comment. The last thing in the world I would now do is buy the product. Not interested. Yes you got people talking but not in a good way – stupid, gross, makes me turn away or change channel. Not interested in the product maybe ever!!! Really poor advertising. Not clever.

  149. Pitch Doctor
    24 Jul 14
    5:21 pm

  150. @Tom Donald -if that is your real name – does it ever occur to you to respond to the argument rather than attacking the person? Too hard? Too cowardly? Too lazy?

  151. Beverley Roberts
    24 Jul 14
    6:41 pm

  152. Clint you are a nasty bit of work aren’t you. That’s all I have to say to you.

  153. Beverley Roberts
    24 Jul 14
    6:45 pm

  154. Thanks for your support Tom.

    I don’t know why I can’t express my opinion. Is there a rule that says I have to agree to comment in here??

    Don’t reply. I was just being sarcastic. 😉

  155. Beverley Roberts
    24 Jul 14
    6:51 pm

  156. Good on you Black Cat. Well written and in my opinion, very true.

    Karla, good on you for making a comment. I truly believe that if we sit and whinge and don’t do something, it’s showing that you agree.

    This has really annoyed me. We are allowed to express our opinions but if it’s what people call ‘negative’, you get attacked. Not fair.

    I might unsubscribe from this so I don’t know what’s going on.

  157. Alex Krstanovic
    24 Jul 14
    7:44 pm

  158. Your adds are disgusting & insulting to both genders, if they were an attempt to offend, you’ve achieved your goal, if you want adds that are funny & get your message across, email me & I will give you some free ideas that will sell your plates, for example, why not show the “Man” over loading up her car with building materials that should only be carried in a truck etc or his dog shedding all over her car & chewing up the upholstery etc or filled with rubbish etc, getting speeding & parking tickets in her name, maybe getting stuck doing a water crossing in her car that should only be done in a 4wd or better still, take her standard car & bring it back with a roaring V8 with a supercharger, ridiculous body kit, leary colour, huge bling wheels etc or doing a burnout in her car destroying her tyres, engine or running gear etc or even better, show him borrow her car to take out his mistress, so many good ideas & you couldn’t come up with 1, feel free to use mine but give me credit in the small print, if you need more info, email me & I’ll be happy to help, I do not want to see these disgusting adds on TV again, your not doing yourself any favours airing them…

  159. sue
    24 Jul 14
    7:52 pm

  160. Lol so funny….

  161. Iseethruyourscam
    24 Jul 14
    11:49 pm

  162. The people on here attacking others for their genuine complaint are no different to school yard bullys.

  163. BILL KING
    25 Jul 14
    10:06 am


  165. Tom Donald
    25 Jul 14
    10:23 am

  166. And still no one will put their money where their mouth is.

    You bag these ads and say they won’t work? There’s $500 waiting to be yours.

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  167. LW
    25 Jul 14
    11:27 am

  168. Calm down everyone! You’re all miracles of the universe!
    I love it when Mumbrella goes rogue.

  169. fartz
    25 Jul 14
    4:17 pm

  170. your TV adds should be removed..Nothing but sick people and IDIOTS that did these..SICK

  171. Iseethruyourscam
    25 Jul 14
    6:37 pm

  172. @ Tom – why don’t you start by giving the $500 back to your clients and ask Alex for some better ideas? He obviously hasn’t failed ad school!

  173. Caron Morris
    25 Jul 14
    7:19 pm

  174. Seriously, do we as a society have no limits in what we air on TV these days. My son saw this ad and he’s only 2, please think of our children.
    At least air it after 7:30pm, when it’s more suited, and your target market grown up morons can laugh all they like…

  175. K
    25 Jul 14
    9:17 pm

  176. Oh dear…

  177. white22
    25 Jul 14
    10:29 pm

  178. Are these plates legal. I think you’ll find that unless you buy plates from the transport authority their not legal

  179. Wendy whinger
    25 Jul 14
    10:51 pm

  180. The ads worked for me. Definately will NEVER buy or consider these plates due to the stupidity and grossness of the ads. Even mt two teenagers don’t find them funny – what are the execs thinking?

  181. Helen
    26 Jul 14
    6:06 pm

  182. This ad is unacceptable .. No respect for women. You are also giving the wrong messages to young viewers. I would not ever buy your number plates..

  183. Dennis Arat
    26 Jul 14
    9:12 pm

  184. This add shows how insecured women trying to catch for gender equality…..Stupid enough for the brains behind this idea to be thinking smart while bullying the opposite sex….this is a flap!

  185. Dianne
    28 Jul 14
    8:43 am

  186. Could you please take that disgusting nose picking advertisement off Television , it turns my stomach . Everyone I know cover their eyes while it on so how can that advertise your product . You would be better to focus on men doing burn outs in the woman’s car , this is a big male activity where I live .

  187. florta frank
    28 Jul 14
    9:29 am

  188. how disgusting can an ad be.

  189. Anonymous
    28 Jul 14
    11:46 am

  190. Can’t wait for the ads “Does your woman constantly do strange stuff in your car? Hire an escort for the passenger seat!”.

  191. dawn nelson
    28 Jul 14
    2:58 pm

  192. The ads for the number plates are disgusting suggest if you really want to sell the product employ another advertising agency better still don’t advertise at all

  193. Beverley Roberts
    28 Jul 14
    6:31 pm

  194. I just saw their new ad. It didn’t make any sense to me at all. Male answers door for a parcel delivery……….doesn’t want to accept the parcel……..woman appears and takes the parcel…………it’s her plates.
    That’s it folks.
    I think they should sack their advertising people.

  195. astaroth
    28 Jul 14
    8:26 pm

  196. People who make lame ads like this should be taken behind a shed and shot.

  197. Gabi
    28 Jul 14
    11:55 pm

  198. The nose picking add has made an impact alright. But for all the wrong reasons. It insults men. Young children are given bad guidance on non acceptable behavior. As for women I’m sure that they (I am one myself) find this repulsive and disgusting! The flatulence add is not much better. Try making the RIGHT impact, without insulting, degrading or subliminal sexist innuendos. It’s hard enough to teach your children etiquette, manners and right from wrong without blasting it on the screen. Women are not stupid, stop insinuating they are….

  199. Retep
    29 Jul 14
    8:35 am

  200. Totally disgusting – I hope the ad campaign is a flop. One thing though, if you see a woman driving a car with one of those plates, you can guess what kind of person she is, she is “branded” !

  201. Tom Donald
    29 Jul 14
    12:03 pm

  202. Mumbrella, can you give us any IP-address-insight as to where all these bonkers comments are coming from??

  203. Rosemary Paterson
    29 Jul 14
    7:01 pm

  204. So Pleased that sooo many people think these add are disgraceful. How can we teach children to have manners when adults behave like this.
    Would have LOVE to buy these for my daughter thats a International Ballroom Dancer but will not support this kind of behaviour.

  205. Anonymous
    29 Jul 14
    8:48 pm

  206. Wow people get so worked up over nothing! Go put all that energy into something that matters. Love the ads

  207. Janet Munday
    29 Jul 14
    9:03 pm

  208. It’s not the gender-dividing, male-demeaning slant of these ads that offend me, it’s the thought that women might actually buy this “product” and mark their car as a potential target. I can well imagine a woman returning to her vehicle, perhaps in a not-so-secure area, to find some misogynistic half-wit lurking in the shadows, alerted by the “man-proofing”.
    The stupidity of this concept, as well as the ads, is just breathtaking.

  209. Really?
    1 Aug 14
    8:52 am

  210. Personalised number plates are tacky.

    So of course it’s not surprising the client resorted to these ads to appeal to his/her customers. Let’s face it, the kind of person who would pay money for a personalised number plate probably loves these ads.

  211. Gaz
    6 Aug 14
    5:08 pm

  212. Awful, just plain awful.
    Unfunny, unoriginal, uninspired.

    I’m clearly not the target market, but surely nobody is responding positively to this crap?

  213. Gaz
    6 Aug 14
    5:39 pm

  214. Wow. I’m surprised to see Paddy Douneen’s name attached to this work.

  215. Max
    7 Aug 14
    12:52 pm

  216. Actually, Gaz, I’ve read plenty of comments from people ‘responding positively to this crap’. Maybe not everyone has the same tastes and opinions and sense of humour as you. Not to say they’re wrong and you’re right.

  217. Gaz
    7 Aug 14
    2:56 pm

  218. @Max – Agreed, I’ve tried to suggest maybe I don’t get it because I’m not the target., but most of the commentary above is fairly negative, with some obscure and relatively little positive.

    This is of course trade press, so one must expect the haters.

  219. Pitch Doctor
    7 Aug 14
    3:43 pm

  220. @ Tom Donald – no takers for your $500 yet? It’s tough when you can’t buy a friend even at that price.

  221. t.nugent
    12 Aug 14
    8:06 pm

  222. Good onya girls!!! still resorting to the very thing you used to complain about? so now ill say to you women out there who approve of, and the ones who come up with this ad “YOU SEXIST PIGS”!

  223. t.nugent
    12 Aug 14
    8:07 pm


  225. Joanna
    15 Aug 14
    12:35 pm

  226. I love the adds, I wish it could play more often. It’s hilarious but I won’t change my number plate, no way!
    Here are some new designs incase!