New Sydney-based marketing agency aims to ‘revolutionise the industry’

Founder: Michael Field

A marketing agency has launched in Sydney called Guns For Hire, with a mission “to revolutionise the marketing and advertising industry”.

The agency announced the launch this morning via a flash mob in Martins Place, which opened with a lone guitarist performing Queen’s Another One Bites The Dust, and ended with a rendition of Guns For Hire by ACDC.

Guns For Hire begins life with clients including REINSW, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, wagamama, Marbletrend, Next Director and Stolen Quotes. The agency will be using a model similar to that of Host, where the creative function is outsourced.

The launch press release stated:

As an independent collective, artists, copywriters, digital specialists, photographers and web specialists work independently. Creative teams and individual talent is handpicked for each project – ensuring the best available talent, without expensive overheads.

Guns For Hire launches with three staff in Sydney and two in an office in Melbourne. It is being funded by strategic marketing consultant Michael Field. Field has held previous positions clientside as marketing manager at IT company Recall, Destra Corporation and Aussie Online.


  1. Anonymous
    20 Sep 11
    3:35 pm

  2. Another agency…. its a shame new clients are not appearing in similar numbers.

  3. say it isn't so
    20 Sep 11
    3:36 pm

  4. a revolutionary creative collective launched via a flash mob??!! maybe in 1995

  5. GR
    20 Sep 11
    3:41 pm

  6. Launching with a flash mob? Seem’s they are yet to outsource any of that creative 😉

  7. steven
    20 Sep 11
    3:47 pm

  8. guns for hire who hire guns for hire?

  9. Alex
    20 Sep 11
    3:49 pm

  10. This is brilliant!!! These guys are really shaking things up with an idea that has been done to death!!

    Maybe they are saving their creativity for their clients. Lets hope so.

  11. Anonymous
    20 Sep 11
    3:52 pm

  12. JayZ
    20 Sep 11
    3:55 pm

  13. When I hear about a new agency immodestly claiming on behalf of it’s modestly reputed ” talent” that it will “revolutionise the industry” I gag. When I hear that they’re launching this “revolutionary” new agency with a flashmob in Martin’s Place, I want to projectile vomit.

  14. Anonymous
    20 Sep 11
    4:34 pm

  15. Interesting, there’s already a company by that name in Perth… using someone else’s name doesn’t seem very creative to me.

  16. Hmmm...
    20 Sep 11
    4:37 pm

  17. Note to clients:

    The best talent generally isn’t freelancing. It’s employed full-time.

  18. RT
    20 Sep 11
    4:40 pm

  19. A creative village? Most of us have been doing that for years…we just don’t have to flash mob it!

  20. Tim
    20 Sep 11
    4:55 pm

  21. So they launch with a flash mob, and with a structure similar to another very well established agency. As others have queried and quite rightly, where’s the revolution?

  22. say it isn't so
    20 Sep 11
    4:56 pm

  23. don’t sweat it Anonymous, they were kind enough to toss up the names of a few new client prospects above…..perhaps you could differentiate from them by saying you have creatives on staff, as opposed to being so cheap you rely on freelancers

  24. talkingboonie
    20 Sep 11
    5:17 pm

  25. Citing Destra as a client? May as well have been the safety inspector on the Titanic…

  26. say it isn't so
    20 Sep 11
    5:35 pm

  27. time to update your recent post Tim, as you now have “Australia’s eleven shittest branded flash mobs”

  28. the grey ghost
    20 Sep 11
    5:52 pm

  29. I think the pose of the gentleman in the photo says it all. Not to mention, his tie

  30. sam eoldidea
    20 Sep 11
    5:58 pm

  31. So, a tried and tested business model with a name that’s already being used? Revolutionary.

  32. ItMustBeTrue-ItsOnTheInternet
    20 Sep 11
    7:06 pm

  33. There is no new agency called ‘Guns for Hire’. Check the Business Register if you don’t believe me.

    The website ‘GunsForHire’ is run by a company with the ABN “72 132 831 157”. (See the Terms & Conditions page on the site to confirm what I’m saying – )

    According to the ASIC & then ABN register this is a company called ‘Michael Field Pty Ltd’ – it has NO OTHER TRADING NAMES.

    Of course, Michael Field Pty Ltd (active since 2008) could have decided to launch a new agency without the minor point of actually registering it as a trading name.

    There’s one problem with that. As a ‘Pty Ltd’ company it is covered by the Corporations Act – including Section 601DD.

    That section expressly forbids a company trading under any non-registered name.
    (Ref: )

    So it would appear to an outside observer that this agency is actually breaking the law. (That isn’t definite, of course – this is just what it appears to be based on publicly verifiable information. Anyone can confirm my observations for themselves and come to their own conclusions)

    The sad thing is that it is just a few mouse clicks to fill in a form with to register a ‘trading as’ name – it is trivial and is just basic business competence.

    If true …. what kind of incompetent company would launch a business without doing basic business 101 ?

    (PS: As all information I’ve provided is 100% verifiable by anyone else – I don’t need to back this up with my reputation. Because – to be frank – I’m a nobody. Rather than look at the ‘name’ field to decide whether to believe me – why not research the facts to make up your own mind?)

  34. alex
    21 Sep 11
    12:08 am

  35. the worst

  36. Gezza
    21 Sep 11
    11:34 am

  37. Oh dear. It’s all gone horribly wrong.

  38. sam eoldidea
    21 Sep 11
    11:46 am

  39. It takes an extraordinary ego for someone who has no track record to state they they will revolutionise an entire industry. His blue chip “experience” and diamond clad launch client list speaks volumes.

    Epic fail.

  40. Pete
    21 Sep 11
    12:14 pm

  41. Never heard that before.

    21 Sep 11
    1:53 pm

  43. New agency … GNUS FOR HIRE.

  44. Peter Rush
    21 Sep 11
    4:34 pm

  45. Micheal, call me perverse when someone gets shat all over by the industry like this I just sooo want them to succeed! It’s all up hill from here – push with everything you’ve got.

  46. Rob
    21 Sep 11
    5:32 pm

  47. @ Peter Rush I get your sentiment, and good luck to the guy in making this work for him and his team. No-one would begrudge him any success he might enjoy, but most of us don’t need him coming along with few if any runs on the board talking about how he’s going to revolutionise the industry. And doing it with a flash mob of all things.


    I’d rather read about him in 2 years…..”launched quietly 2 years ago, this agency has blah blah blah” so we can congratulate him, not feel pretty much obliged to smash him per the above.

  48. Karina
    21 Sep 11
    6:41 pm

  49. Congrats and all the best Michael for your new endeavour. Always great to see people getting things done.

  50. Betty-Jane
    21 Sep 11
    7:30 pm

  51. @15 Grey ghost

    come on – personal attacks on a man’s picture and tie are poor form..

  52. Anon
    21 Sep 11
    8:10 pm

  53. I wonder where “ItMustBeTrue-ItsOnTheInternet” works…

  54. Mister Fragment
    21 Sep 11
    8:40 pm

  55. The way media is fragmenting and with so many different automated options for clients to utilise. Can people see more niche agencies launching and the big full circle agencies dying..?

  56. what I never
    22 Sep 11
    9:20 am

  57. Good luck to anyone prepared to strike out on their own and have a go.

    In saying this, I wish all these new businesses (and I am talking about all industries, not just advertising) would stop putting out press releases promising the world and telling everyone how they are going to change the game, when all they have is a website (sometimes not even) and the basis of an idea.

    VC firms and bankers wont even look at a start up , unless the founder has put their money in and has some kind of working product that is used and not just talked about.

    Getting a press release into trade magazines and blogs will not get clients frothing at the mouth.

    Less time on the internal PR and more time on engaging ideas and enticing pitches please everyone.

    Just my $100 worth!

  58. Anonymous
    22 Sep 11
    11:43 am

  59. I’m all for a guy in the middle screening & finding reputable talent to get work done but this is just another way of saying “we build it cheap & outsource the work overseas…” Isn’t small businesses suffering enough right now?? I’d like to see the money for hiring people to stay IN the country… If small biz have the volume they generally can lower their prices.