retains top news website, Guardian Australia enters the top 10

The latest Nielsen Online Ratings shows has retained the number one position as Australia’s highest traffic news website for a second month in a row.

The Guardian’s new Australian website has also entered the top ten Australian news sites with an estimated audience of 1.09m in May.

“Overall traffic to the top ten sites is down compared with April. We obviously had the Boston bombings in April which generated a lot of interest,” said Matt Bruce, Nielsen’s managing director for media audience measurement.


Bruce also noted the arrival of The Guardian’s Australian operation in the top 10 Australian news websites.

“The Guardian launched their Australian site at the end of May so it is interesting to see that enter the top 10,” he said.

“It will be interesting to see what happens given they have hired a number of high profile journalists and there is a lot of talk about them in the market. It will be interesting to see how they do once they’ve had a full month, how their audience looks compared to May.”

Nic Christensen 


  1. Curious
    20 Jun 13
    2:31 pm

  2. So, who was pushed out then?

  3. Encyclic!
    20 Jun 13
    2:53 pm

  4. The Australian.

  5. Good Moron
    20 Jun 13
    2:55 pm

  6. The Woolwich murder would also have had a big effect in May as it was wall to wall coverage for a week.

  7. Mark M
    20 Jun 13
    3:11 pm

  8. Who has the biggest 16-24 yrold share?

    Does any of this demographic go to some of the old masthead
    For their news? Suspect not.

  9. Terry
    20 Jun 13
    3:30 pm

  10. @Mark – My guess would be

    It’s very poppie.

  11. Ex-reader
    20 Jun 13
    4:06 pm

  12. Doesn’t aggregate all News Ltd sites?

    If I type into Alexa, it defaults to

    I’m no fan of Fairfax (their quality has fallen through the floor and their sites are covered in click-bait trash and remind of Geocities), but it seems they would hold top spot if they aggregated SMH and The Age sites.

    Can someone knowledgeable please explain? Also, if true, why wouldn’t Fairfax copy News to produce these metrics?

  13. Mike
    20 Jun 13
    5:58 pm

  14. Unique audience over a month is hardly highest traffic. If someone visits a site once, that’s a tick. But not a lot of traffic.

    Highest traffic is number of page impressions in a month, surely?

  15. Data Cruncher
    20 Jun 13
    6:49 pm

  16. The Guardian number includes Australians going to the local and Uk site.

  17. Shamma
    20 Jun 13
    6:50 pm

  18. Average daily users would be the best metric

  19. Peppa
    20 Jun 13
    10:02 pm

  20. Wow… Ninemsn appears to have gone off the boil

  21. David Reid
    20 Jun 13
    10:16 pm

  22. The Guardian got a boost not only from its Australian launch, but it also had a major scoop in the leaks from Edward Snowden about the NSA’s surveillance of telecommunications in the USA.

  23. Billy C
    20 Jun 13
    11:06 pm

  24. Well doesn’t have the paywall. Watch the guardian and ABC climb once fairfax turns their one on.

  25. DigitalGuy
    20 Jun 13
    11:29 pm

  26. ^ Yeah Mike I agree. Fairfax has been claiming that was the top news website last month based on various metrics obviously not being used in these calculations.

  27. DigitalGal
    21 Jun 13
    10:11 am

  28. Has no one picked up that The Guardian audience actually went down in May according to Nielsen?

  29. Oscar
    21 Jun 13
    10:56 am

  30. the SMH cannot maintain that audience if continues to mimic UK tabloids (but a day late) if it expects us to pay as well.

  31. Encyclic!
    21 Jun 13
    12:40 pm

  32. @DigitalGuy, Fairfax monthly metro media release needs to have either a giant [Citation needed] stamp on it, or a [Publisher claim]. Right now it’s just pathetic.