Nine launches new network, Extra

The Nine Network is set to a new free-to-air, ad-based channel within the week.

Called Extra the channel is due to launch on Monday 26 March with content including home shopping, brand funded, religious, community, educational and multi-cultural programming created by advertisers.

Jeffrey Browne, managing director of Nine Network said: “Direct Response advertising is proving to be of more and more interest to our clients and by launching this new channel, Extra, we can provide advertisers with opportunities to specifically target their audience.

Extra will air on Channel 94 on the eastern seaboard metro markets and 84 in the regional areas.

Extra will not be included in OzTam’s regular surveys.



  1. Jack B. Nimble
    23 Mar 12
    4:25 pm

  2. So will they interrupt the stream of advertising every five minutes to show a few minutes of ‘real content’? That’d be a nice turn-around from the way things usually are on commercial channels!

  3. Observer
    23 Mar 12
    5:09 pm

  4. Nine simply playing catch up to 7’s 4U channel. TEN will be next… many AHH BRA programmes will we see? Lots & lots!

  5. sigh
    23 Mar 12
    6:01 pm

  6. Great !!! just what we need
    another advertising channel to avoid !!!

  7. Gordon_s1942
    23 Mar 12
    6:08 pm

  8. Bite your tongue Jack B.Nimble as the only ‘REAL’ content will be the channel identification and even that will only be a ‘Watermark’ so as not to disturb the adverising stream.
    You must realise that there are totaly strict Laws governing Infomercials to prevent and ‘REAL’ content with the penalty that the World will come to an immediate grinding end should any appear…………….

  9. Giveuscontent
    23 Mar 12
    7:04 pm

  10. Why are the original media channels allowed to own all the new channels? Why has this not been open to others who might actually put intelligent programming on. Seems that once 7, 9 and 10 get their mitts on anything they ruin it asap.

  11. biglethal
    23 Mar 12
    7:36 pm

  12. home shopping channel…Yawn!

  13. CM
    23 Mar 12
    7:42 pm

  14. Yes Observer I agree, Ten most probably won’t be too far behind with their own datacast channel as it will provide them a new revenue stream considering the renewed focus on DR campaigns, plus it will give them somewhere to schedule Young Talent Time!

  15. Dave
    23 Mar 12
    8:40 pm

  16. Are there really enough suckers out there to support expo, tvsn, 64 & 84 ?
    Who is buying the crap they try to flog?

  17. Sean Cresswell
    23 Mar 12
    8:58 pm

  18. Nobody buys crap on tv anymore. People are using this thing called the Internet. Nobody is interested in another add fest.

  19. CC
    23 Mar 12
    10:06 pm

  20. Funny one CM, it only seems like weeks ago Jimmy Warburton was claiming YTT was the new direction for the network and the backbone of their Super Sunday line up……how things change! I think Ten need their top executives to be doing more than just wearing ties and to collective roll their sleeves up and turn things around, cause at moment they’ll be number 4 channel pretty soon!

  21. TaniaSee
    23 Mar 12
    10:17 pm

  22. Ah, the format is of interest to clients. Silly me. That’s alright then.

  23. CM
    23 Mar 12
    10:53 pm

  24. Dave, I reckon there is enough demand out there in DR world for another dozen home shopping/DR channels. It’s all about new eye balls for the DR clients. The DR guys don’t want to keep impacting the same people again and again if they have already signed up…….you can only sell one Funeral Plan to the same person!

  25. Hoin
    24 Mar 12
    3:50 pm

  26. What a waste of spectrum.

  27. Bruce85
    24 Mar 12
    4:30 pm

  28. Does this mean the networks will get rid of the “Home Shopping” programs that are run on their main channels?

  29. Horace PInker
    25 Mar 12
    9:05 pm

  30. Networks.. the only thing they understand is the advertising dollar, not what their viewers want
    This just means we will download more TV programs from overseas

    26 Mar 12
    6:59 am

  32. Why did Stephen Conroy given unassigned broadcasting services band spectrum to Nine under Section 34 of the Broadcasting Services Act ?

  33. WWIP.
    26 Mar 12
    12:32 pm

  34. Somebody somewhere should designate AUS first time film-makers a piece of these new digital spectrums – content is king.

  35. ronreedie
    26 Mar 12
    4:06 pm

  36. Does this mean we will be getting less advertising on 9’s main channel now? But, who cares, they are running crap programming anyway!!

  37. William
    26 Mar 12
    7:42 pm

  38. Perth still hasn’t even received Extra I wonder when it will even arrive. All I just want to see is what shows are on it besides Home Shopping or Religious Programs