Not Suitable For Children director to direct feature version of Oscar-nominated short

The director of Not Suitable For Children, in cinemas today, is planning a feature version of his Academy Award nominated short film.

Peter Templeman, wrote and directed short film The Saviour, which received an Oscar nomination in 2007.

Templeman told Encore that the story from the original film will take place within the larger story arc about two American mormons who settle the Australian outback and attempt to set up a church.

The director is co-writing the story with Michael Lucas, who yesterday was nominated for an Australian Writer’s Guild award for Not Suitable For Children.

“It’s still in its really early stages,” Templeman said. “We’re working on the script with some development funding.”

The short featured Not Suitable For Children‘s Susan Prior and The Sapphires‘ Rhys Muldoon. Templeman said he’d look to place them in the roles again.

Lucas, who is writer and script producer on Ten’s Offspring, and Templeman are also currently co-writing the black comedy, Karma, to be produced by Lucas.

Not Suitable For Children, released by Icon, will receive a modest release of 43 screens and has been garnering strong reviews from Australian film critics.


  1. Gramps
    16 Jul 12
    1:06 pm

  2. The Book of Mormon worked as it had an affection for its characters, and in a small way, Mormonism, and I think a feature would only work if it had the same — instead of a pisstake which anyone could do. The short film seemed to really disrespect Mormons, which totally works on the short film circuit as festivals largely attract narcissists and hipster atheists, however couldn’t work as a feature film that wants to gain a wider audience. Unless more people than I think enjoy mean spirited humour that further marginalizes an already marginalized religious group.