Nova moves to national breakfast show for December

Nova will for the first time switch from separate breakfast shows for its five cities to a syndicated format across the network during the summer off ratings season. 

Melbourne presenter Dylan Lewis, comedian Dave Thornton and actress Sophie Monk will co-host a syndicated show to run from December 7  to 25 across the DMG Radio-owned network.

Lewis currently co-presents Nova Melbourne’s morning programme with Cal Wilson.

The holiday season often sees changes in the line up of presenters, a period which is not counted in ratings surveys which media buyers scrutinise when booking space for clients wanting to advertise on radio.

Nova also recently announced that it would be launching two nationally syndicated programmes next year.

Nova Brisbane’s night team, Michelle Anderson and Kent “Smallzy” Small will be joined by Nova Sydney’s James Kerley to create a new team for the 7-10pm weeknights slot. The national programme will commence November 23.

Additionally, Nova Sydney’s Maz Compton will join Perth’s The Action Battle Team made up of Matt Saraceni and Dan Debuf, to host a new national late night show from 10pm to midnight.


  1. Long time listener, first time caller
    23 Nov 09
    5:53 pm

  2. Yikes! More radio suicide? I love it!

  3. Jack
    23 Nov 09
    8:43 pm

  4. Oh, FFS… if a single-city “brekky team / morning crew / cereal killers / wacky zany gang” is not having any impact, what makes them think a national version of the same will do the trick?

    it won’t, of course – this is more about keeping the same ratings but with a lower costs basis, thus extra revenue magically appears because the profit-loss line has shifted.

    Fair enough, except that this decision is therefore clearly not about serving the listeners. You know, those people called ‘customers’. It’s all about the radio station!

  5. Rich
    24 Nov 09
    11:32 am

  6. I can’t complain about a syndicated morning show. But… Sophie Monk?? They must be getting splinters from the bottom of the barrel to have picked her!

  7. Damo
    24 Nov 09
    2:20 pm

  8. Just when you thought it was safe to unplug your mp3 and go back to radio now that merick wanker watts and rosso the retard have been bounced looks like back to the net for new music downloads.

  9. John
    25 Nov 09
    4:58 am

  10. Action battle team…….. is that a promotion or demotion…? National, but later…. at least us in perth are safe to listen to nova until 10pm now…

  11. My-Luan
    21 Dec 09
    11:55 pm

  12. The Action Battle Team are awesome! Maybe some people should be more open minded when listening to the show before making silly comments. Also here’s some advice to all you Action Battle Team haters out there… ” Stop complaining! If you don’t like listening to them, then don’t listen to the station. Is it really that hard? Making online complaints is just a waste of time and space. Stop bitching. Be nice. Maybe then you’ll be in a better mood and therefore you won’t get too stressed and get old too fast. God. People these days. All we do is complain and whinge. Don’t we have better things to do with our time? How about getting out into the community and helping those that are disadvantaged but can’t help that they are. Be nice and you’ll get good karma =)

    Be mean and you’ll go to hell!!!!!! =P

    Sorry to offend, but someone has got to say it. PEOPLE COMPLAIN TOO MUCH! GET OVER YOURSELVES!