Hamish to win the cricket? The odds improve

Dr Mumbo read with interest the new CEO of Channel Ten’s declarations that he wants the Cricket rights.

Earlier this week, the CEO was quoted as saying: ”It is widely accepted that sport should be critical to programming”.

And so it’s with interest that Dr Mumbo learns the odd of Channel Ten getting the cricket have shorten from what was reported in Encore Magazine two weeks ago.

Betting agency Sportsbet has now shortened the odds of Ten getting the rights at $3.00 instead of $5.00, presumably because of McLennan’s interest.

But the station is still a long way from current rights holder Channel Nine who is still the firm favourite at $1.25, down from $1.15.

Dr Mumbo may just take a punt.



  1. George Donikian
    1 Mar 13
    10:57 am

  2. Imagine, FTA TV made a reputation and an identity with live sport or major sport.
    In the beginning, it was Seven with the football, then Nine with the cricket and NRL.
    Ten won to a lesser degree with motor sport & some football. Ten then in the midst of a clean out or recent cost cutting, chose to dump its sporting content and almost dropped out of site, having lost its rudder.
    Did FTA leave the door open for new technology Pay TV to steal its thunder
    Or did it just move its product to PAYTV.
    We now hear FTA Ten believes sport may be a way to a new future ?
    The sporting landscape has changed and the sport has evolved.
    But really the only thing that has changed, is perspective and the price.
    Good live sport can be a winner. Good live sport draws big audiences. Sam Chisholm proved years ago that you can take an ailing platform, change the way it covers the sport and then won the day. BSkyB ! He also revolutionised the game and made it easier to go global.

  3. X
    1 Mar 13
    3:23 pm

  4. as forementioned!!