Official: This is not sexy

wippa not sexy naked banner

Dr Mumbo has some sad news for Nova’s Sydney breakfast presenter Michael “Wippa” Wiplfi.

So lacking in sex appeal is he, that the Ad Standards Board has ruled that a giant helicopter banner featuring him in nothing but boots, Santa hat and strategically placed Christmas decoration did not breach the rules around sexualised imagery.

wippa banner helicopterThe ruling came after Wippa lost a bet before Christmas that he could lose weight. As a result the helicopter flew over Sydney towing the less than flattering image.

And it caused some back yard trauma along the way, with one member of the public complaining to the ASB:

“I can choose not to read advertising in a magazine or newspaper. But any form of outdoor advertising that invades the privacy of my own back yard is appalling when I have not chosen to view or be a part of it.”

However, the radio station argued: “Nova 96.9FM acknowledges that the Advertisement featuring a semi naked “Wippa” may have shocked some viewers, the complainant in question being one such person. However, the imagery used was not obscene. Whilst we acknowledge that the image used of “Wippa” was semi-nude (with Wippa’s chest and legs without clothing) however the remainder of his body was covered with a hat, underwear, Christmas decorations and boots. Furthermore, no explicit nudity was portrayed in the Advertisement. The image was intended to be a parody on a “sexy” photo shoot”

And sadly for Wippa, the ASB agreed that there was nothing sexy about him: “The Board noted that the advertisement contained partial nudity but considered that the overall image was not sexualised.”


  1. Kiera
    27 Jan 13
    2:46 pm

  2. I don’t know what’s wrong with you all but that guy is HOT!

  3. OnTheBrain
    27 Jan 13
    2:56 pm

  4. Member of the pubic? Really?

  5. mumbrella
    27 Jan 13
    3:21 pm

  6. Hi On the brain…. Yeah, that typo wanted fixing really, didn’t it?


    Tim – Mumbrella

  7. Conrad
    27 Jan 13
    4:15 pm

  8. not sure that complaint was so much about nudity as the fact that he could not “opt out” of receiving GIANT ADVERTISING MATERIAL from the “privacy” of his own backyard

    we can place “no junk mail” stickers on our letterboxes, we can turn off/change the channel, we can use AdBlock on our web browsers – but not being able to look up at the sky without seeing a GIANT AD is perhaps going a bit too far

    no matter what the imagery happens to be

  9. chuck it
    27 Jan 13
    7:36 pm

  10. What happens to the massive sheet after its brief flight? Not that Id want a massive naked wippa, but seems a waste of resources if they just turf it.

  11. Bob
    29 Jan 13
    12:21 pm

  12. @conrad: Except, unlike your mailbox or front door, you don’t happen to own the sky.

  13. DAve the gay art director
    14 Feb 13
    10:27 pm

  14. No offence to Wippa, but couldnt they get Fitzi to do the nude shots