One small step for journalism

It can be tricky when there are two Armstrongs in the news.

As a service to One News in NZ, allow Dr Mumbo to explain the difference: Neil went to space and is dead now, Lance faced doping allegations and his career is dead now.

(Hat-tip: Dan News.)


  1. Squid
    28 Aug 12
    12:10 pm

  2. Not the only one. Weekend moron on Star 104.5 made the same mistake. Repeatedly.

  3. Neil Lance
    28 Aug 12
    1:20 pm

  4. That’s what you get when your news team were all born after 1985

  5. Char
    28 Aug 12
    2:33 pm

  6. It gets worse. One major headline said Neil Young had died. Several people tweeted that they thought Neil Armstrong was the lead singer of Green Day. Others thought he was on How I Met Your Mother. I’ll be back after I kill myself in rage!

  7. Slack Mathews
    28 Aug 12
    5:23 pm

  8. Bad week for the Armstrongs. Stretch must be shitting himself

  9. Jayess
    28 Aug 12
    8:47 pm

  10. Hi Neil, more correctly thats what you get when your news team are not professional enough to check their facts and probably are more interested in making coment rather than reporting