Optus: we think broadband is important

Optus has released the second in a series of ads that reposition the telco as a major broadband provider with the slogan ‘It’s possible’.

The ad features a digitised blonde woman holding a yellow cube – a symbol that denotes the Optus network.

An animal doesn’t feature in the ad until the closing frame, when a bear makes deliveries of the yellow Optus cubes.

The visual effects were by Fuel VFX, the ad created by M&C Saatchi.

Anthony Shiner, Optus director of fixed, said in a press release: “Optus revolutionised the fixed broadband market in 2007 with Australia’s first ‘yes’ Fusion home broadband bundle. Today we take this a step further driving mobile lead convergence by giving our customers free fixed broadband as included value for the first time.”

M&C Saatchi ECD Ben Welsh added: “It was important to bring the brand theme and style seamlessly into the product narrative.”


Client: Optus
Agency: M&C Saatchi
Executive Creative Director: Ben Welsh
Creative Director: Shane Gibson
Digital Group Head: Steve Farkas
Art Director: Patrycja Lukjanow
Copywriter: Mike Condrick
Managing Partner: Christine Gardner
Head of Strategy: Colin Jowell
Senior Account Director: Tara Goh
Account Director: Jillian Nalty
Senior TV Producer: Loren August
Digital Production: Make
Production Company: Goodoil Films
Director: Michael Wong
Executive Producer: Juliet Bishop
Post Production: Fuel VFX
VFX Supervisor: Steve Anderson
VFX Producer: Erica Ford
Art Director: Brendan Savage


  1. Alison_F
    30 Apr 12
    11:09 am

  2. Yeah… I just don’t know about those end frames. It seems like the bear is such an afterthought, I really have to question whether its time they ditched the animal themed brand elements.

  3. Gerry
    30 Apr 12
    12:06 pm

  4. Classy. That’s how you do a retail ad.

  5. Aidan
    30 Apr 12
    12:08 pm

  6. Regarding the bear at the end:
    I can’t tell if its:
    1. A polite nod to the animal mascot heritage of Optus.
    2. They are using it as a device to anchor the new message with the Optus brand.
    3. They are scared to completely let go of the old brand themes.
    4. Probably something else I haven’t thought of.

    Can’t make up my mind.

  7. Flo
    30 Apr 12
    12:20 pm

  8. Nice work. Is that a Paddington Bear?

  9. Patrick the Starfish
    30 Apr 12
    2:40 pm

  10. well done on the tagline for Optus – It’s possible. Yes it is possible, Optus just aren’t capable of making it happen

  11. It's possible
    30 Apr 12
    4:22 pm

  12. Is their tagline intentionally stolen from South Africa Tourism?

  13. Samuel
    30 Apr 12
    6:39 pm

  14. I read the ad description after watching the ad.

    I didn’t know what the yellow box meant and I didn’t even notice there were yellow boxes in front of the houses at the end.

    On another matter, surely Optus is going to get a smack from the ACCC again??

    Free broadband? It’s not free, it’s included in a bundle which you have to pay for.

    What don’t Optus get about misleading and deceptive advertising?? It doesn’t have to be intentional to get burnt for misleading etc.

  15. Anon
    30 Apr 12
    6:42 pm

  16. Isn’t “It’s Possible” Coke Zero’s territory?

  17. Samuel
    30 Apr 12
    6:44 pm

  18. I forgot to ad, according to Lifehacker


    the internet is shaped after a certain level which isn’t mentioned in the ad. Free internet implies to me, as much as you can use.

    They don’t say we offer limited broadband for free – just free broadband with selected plans.

    I don’t know if this is another $5 million fine for Optus coming up, but they are misleading the public again.

    Optus – I wil charge you $1 million for this advice saving you $4 milllion in fines if you change the ad to make it clear.