OzTam extends contract with Nielsen, PCs to be metered

OzTam has extended its contract with insights company Nielsen for the supply of television audience measurement. The contract will also see 10% of OzTam’s 3,500 panel homes have their PCs metered for viewing of broadcast TV content.The announcement:

OzTAM today announced the extension of its contract with global information and insights company Nielsen for the supply of television audience measurement (TAM) services in the five Australian metropolitan markets.

The new agreement takes effect on 1 January, 2015 and continues through 2017.

OzTAM CEO Doug Peiffer said: “This new agreement leverages OzTAM’s substantial investments including the introduction of its Time Shift Viewing service, upgrading all panel homes to the state-of-the-art UNITAM metering system and decisions this year to increase the size of the OzTAM panels.

“This contract extension also provides continuity as Nielsen and OzTAM work together to enhance the service to include the measurement of viewing on other screens.

“We are also pleased to announce that over the course of 2012 the OzTAM panel size will increase from 3,035 homes to 3,500 homes, ensuring OzTAM’s continued world’s-best positioning compared to any TAM panel in any market.”

By market, this will take the number of panel homes to 950 in Sydney; 900 in Melbourne; 650 in Brisbane; 500 in Adelaide; 500 in Perth.

In addition, 10 per cent of OzTAM’s 3,500 panel homes will have both their TV sets and their PCs metered for viewing of broadcast TV content.

“We are currently working with Nielsen to develop the options for reporting viewing across multiple screens and to provide initial top line insights to the marketplace later this year,” Mr Peiffer added.

David Ellem, CEO of Nielsen’s Television Audience Measurement business in Australia, said: “Television viewing habits are evolving as new technologies create additional opportunities to view and we look forward to working with OzTAM to help Australian media owners, agencies and advertisers understand and leverage these developments in the coming years.”

Source: OzTam


  1. Floyd
    10 Sep 12
    1:42 pm

  2. Seriously, 10% of an already ridiculously low number of households will have their PCs monitored! We already know 30% of TV video content is viewed on mobile devices – are they now saying we wait till 2015 for them to think about monitoring those? If ever there was a business ripe for disruption…

  3. Alva
    10 Sep 12
    2:28 pm

  4. Floyd … and how do you ‘know’ that 30% of TV video content is viewed on mobile devices?

    I call BS on that one. Cite the research evidence or stop drinking the cool-aid.

  5. Shamma
    10 Sep 12
    4:18 pm

  6. “30% of TV video content is viewed on mobile devices”

    Statement needs some clarifying … what does this really mean aside being a sales pitch for mobile advertising.

  7. John Grono
    10 Sep 12
    5:05 pm

  8. Shamma, generally the question asked is along the lines of “Have you ever watched TV video content on a mobile device?”.

    Those less learned or perceptive interpret this as “30% of TV video content is viewed on mobile devices”.

    People often forget that a TV rating is an estimate of the ‘average minute’ of a programme and not people who have ever watched part of it at some time (its longitudinal reach).

    OK that is the ‘lenient’ interpretation. Of course it could also be a case of what Prof. John Croucher taught me at Uni regarding question design. Paraphrasing he basically said “give me the answer you want and I can construct the question”. Fortunately it is a lesson I never forgot as it is a good way to calibrate the bullshit radar!