Pandora Internet Radio hits two million listeners in Australia and New Zealand

Online music streaming service Pandora Internet Radio has reached two million listeners in Australia and New Zealand in just under two years.

The announcement:

Pandora Australia and New Zealand has today announced that since launching in December 2012, it has achieved a milestone of two million registered listeners, effectively doubling its listener base in less than 12 months.

“It’s clear that radio is evolving – and this evolution is being propelled by consumers and technology,” says Jane Huxley Managing Director, Pandora ANZ.

“Key to Pandora’s success, is that we offer listeners an interactive and social experience that is incredibly personal, and artists a channel to be discovered by a new legion of fans” Huxley stated.

“We know and celebrate the fact that every individual has their own unique relationship with music. Our business is based on getting to know our listeners likes and dislikes so that we can continue to spin track after track of music we know they will love,” Huxley concluded.

Pandora also revealed that their two million listeners enjoy music across over 29 million personalised stations and true to Pandora’s model of personalisation, all of these stations have been highly customised with over 90 million Australian and New Zealand thumbs.

Additional results include:

  • Pandora attracts two new registered users across ANZ every second
  • Every day Pandora ANZ streams 384+ hours’ worth of music – which is equivalent to 44 years of music
  • To date, Pandora has streamed over 190 million hours of music to ANZ ears
  • Listeners are enjoying personalised radio everywhere with nearly 75% of monthly listening done via mobile and other connected devices

Source:  Oglivy media release


  1. MathMan
    17 Jul 14
    3:25 pm

  2. So, 2 new users a second.

    There are 60 seconds to a minute, 60 minutes to an hour, and 24 hours in a day. That’s 86,400 seconds per day.

    That makes it 172,800 new users per day. That’s just over 1.2 million new users every week.

    With 2 million registered users in total that equates to around the past 11-12 days of new sign-ups. In two years (assuming that constant rate – which we can’t) they’d be signing up 126million users!

    Somehow I don’t think so.

    I’ll give you some help Pandora and Ogilvy. If you divide that by 60 – the number of seconds in a minute you come back down to your 2 million.

    Shall we agree on … signing-up 2 people in ANZ each minute? Sloppy, sloppy work.

  3. Numbers never tell the truth
    17 Jul 14
    3:41 pm

  4. Astounding claims considering what nielsen claims pandora monthly usage to be.

  5. Biggest load of .....
    18 Jul 14
    12:48 pm

  6. Someone needs to hold these people accountable for their numbers. Not only are these registered user numbers inaccurate, they’re also a completely irrelevant currency.

    Maybe start with how many are active every 15 minutes???? You’re selling a database as your active audience. Its rubbish and needs to be stamped out so you don’t start tarnishing more that your own reputations

  7. argo
    18 Jul 14
    1:31 pm

  8. pandora people: using registered users as your main audience metric is like a radio station counting every person who has EVER tuned in to that station, not every person who is currently a listener . The norm for digital media businesses is to talk in terms of monthly active users — that’s the audience you’re selling to advertisers, afterall. This press release might be taken more seriously if you let everyone know what your MAU number is.