Paranorman activity

Memo to B&T:

Australia’s Treasurer is Wayne Swan.

That bloke off the ABC who talks about health is Norman Swan.

They are two different people.

Dr Mumbo is happy to help in this regard…

bt norman swan


  1. Dan
    26 Feb 13
    2:07 pm

  2. “That bloke FROM the ABC…”. You have to be careful when slagging off the opposition (unless, of course, it was an attempt at humour).

  3. willemrt
    26 Feb 13
    2:50 pm

  4. Well at least Dr Mumbo is still reading B&T :) (although not linking to the article concerned I see)

  5. paul the freelance writer
    27 Feb 13
    3:54 pm

  6. I love the nascent Chinese whispers effect in that error (no racism intended or should be taken – it’s a colloquialism). Wayne Swan. Norman Swan. Norman Schwarzkopf. Elisabeth Schwarzkopf. Dame Elisabeth Murdoch. Rupert Murdoch.

    It’s a NewsLtd conspiracy!

  7. Woody
    27 Feb 13
    4:09 pm

  8. Bit of a waste of internet right here.

  9. But I thought?
    28 Feb 13
    12:19 am

  10. @willemrt. Tim used to boss it at bandt, however decided to have a go at engaging this market himself and didn’t he do well!

    “off” is well known speak: “off the tv” etc. (right or wrong it is a well known, informal saying.

    My guess is that the first two comments are by people associated with bandt. I am not associated with Mumbrella.

    Would Wayne Swan be taken more or less seriously if his first name was Norman?

  11. Alex - B&T
    28 Feb 13
    10:53 am

  12. Thanks Dr Mumbo for taking the time to highlight – feel free to link to the exclusive story. There but for the Grace of God goes every journalist in the digital age (although there are some glass houses nearby you should be careful of throwing stones too close to).

    @But I thought? Interesting speculation, but we don’t have time to waste trolling other websites on things like this, unlike some of our competitors.

    Yes, I am associated with B&T.

  13. Triscott Humberstone
    28 Feb 13
    3:23 pm

  14. Norman Swan would do a far, far better job.

  15. But I thought?
    28 Feb 13
    5:48 pm

  16. @ Triscott

    Has Wayne Swan done a bad job? The global financial community say he has done a sterling job?

    Norman Swan does sound great though!

  17. Dan
    28 Feb 13
    8:47 pm

  18. But I thought: I have absolutely no connection with B&T except that I used to read it way back in my radio days (a very long time ago) and I went to school (a very, very long time ago) with Barrie Parsons who once (a very long time ago) edited the mag. Couldn’t tell you last time I looked at it.