Patrick and Daniel put the big into Big Pond

Telstra’s Big Pond has called father and son duo Patrick and Daniel – stars of the much loved “Rabbits” advertisement – into action for a sixth time.

On this occasion the pair visit Australian landmarks including the Sunshine Coast’s Big Pineapple, Melbourne and Sydney’s Luna Park and Tamworth’s Big Golden Guitar.

The ad – part of an integrated campaign – is the work of agency BWM and was directed by John Polson.

In a reference to the original “rabbits” ad where, after being misinformed by his dad, Daniel excitedly tells his class how the great Wall of China was built to keep the rabbits out, he’s under the wrong impression again. This time, he’s under the impression that Australia’s Big Koala, Big Lobster and Big Chook were all designed by Sir Francis Big.

The original rabbits ad, featured below, was named “Australia’s favourite ad” by the Nine Network’s ’20 to 1′ program in 2006. Telstra has also been developing a film script around the characters.


  1. Isaac
    9 Apr 09
    5:30 pm

  2. I’m not a fan of Telstra at the best of times, but I’ve never warmed to this series of ads or the father character. Does it glorify ignorance for those who identify too easily with Patrick?

  3. Anonymous
    10 Apr 09
    5:56 pm

  4. The words diminishing and returns spring to mind.

  5. anothermous
    14 Apr 09
    12:46 pm

  6. The real test of a good idea is how campaignable it is … this concept started to fade from the original… the follow ups have been so mediocre, it makes you wonder whether they fluked the first one

  7. Bart The big Hunter
    16 Apr 09
    8:06 pm

  8. The big yellow dinosaur in the ad, where is it?

  9. kirsten
    23 Apr 09
    3:47 pm

  10. i was wondering where abouts the dinosaur from the ad was located?