Pin point creativity

Sometimes it doesn’t take a client for an agency to do creative work.

As this video posting (65,320 pins!) from Leo Burnett Sydney demonstrates:  

Update:  The exercise came from the agency’s training programme, Black Pencil Academy, where it gave interns the task of creating a piece of art on a wall, CEO Todd Sampson tells Mumbrella.

The concept of using pins was the brainchild of art director Keiran Antill, with the idea as much about craft as it was about attention to detail.

Sampson says the idea was so infectious that agency staff started getting in on the act and putting pins in themselves as they walked by. The interns took still shots of everyone contributing to the art work and created a video. “It just took a life of its own,” Sampson said.

But choosing to create the image of a skull wasn’t a foregone conclusion. At one stage it was going to be the face of Bruce Lee, and even more randomly it was almost going to be the face of a pug dog.

Tim Burrowes


  1. cute!
    23 Nov 09
    2:20 pm

  2. love this, love the skull — very reminiscent of the W+K12 ‘Fail Harder’ project from a while back:

  3. Clive
    23 Nov 09
    2:28 pm

  4. ‘reminds me of an idea which was done earlier… and done better.”

  5. Anonymous
    23 Nov 09
    2:52 pm

  6. Interesting that everyone wants to leave an agency that’s so collaborative. ‘People first philopshy’, my arse.

  7. christopher copywriter
    23 Nov 09
    3:08 pm

  8. Fab project! Well collaborated, designed, edited and what hot nipples that man has!

  9. ho hum
    23 Nov 09
    3:27 pm

  10. “This video has been removed by the user”… I was looking forward to seeing the “agency staff started getting in on the act and putting pins in themselves”. Rather macabre. But that makes sense since Tim Burton has been CEO there for a while now.

  11. M
    23 Nov 09
    3:28 pm

  12. Anyone else getting “This video has been removed by user” ?

  13. mumbrella
    23 Nov 09
    3:37 pm

  14. My apologies – at about the same time that Todd Sampson was proudly telling us about it, it looks like somebody else at the agency was taking it down from YouTube.

    I’ve no idea why.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  15. leoburnett portland
    23 Nov 09
    5:20 pm

  16. Maybe the video’s being pulled down had something to do with the choice of words -“idea”, “brainchild” and “concept”.

    It was quite a sweet video but it might have been more apt to describe it as “inspired by” “an homage” or heavily influenced by Wieden & Kennedy”.

    It’s still cool, just not original.

  17. SimonB
    23 Nov 09
    8:53 pm

  18. Sensitive little dears, maybe? Have a lot of respect for Todd though (Gruen).


  19. mumbrella
    24 Nov 09
    11:46 am

  20. Turns out it was a music rights (or rather tha lack of them) issue that led to the video being taken down.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  21. Anonymous
    25 Nov 09
    9:12 pm

  22. ….not the W+K appropriation then?