Radio ratings: Sydney – Alan Jones and Sandilands on the up

Sydney radio’s bad boys of Alan Jones and Kyle Sandilands have both enjoyed ratings jumps in the latest set of audience numbers from Nielsen.

Sydney breakfast

station list

Source: Nielsen

In the breakfast battle, Jones was the winner with his show on 2GB jumping by 1.4 points to a share of 18.5%. Last week, 2GB was censured by the Australian Communications and Media Authority over Jones’ climate change claims. The watchdog also labelled Jones’ comments about PM Julia Gillard as disrespectful.

Among the commercial FM breakfast shows, The Kyle & Jackie O Show on 2Day FM has consolidated its lead, with a rise of 0.7 points to a share of 10.5%. ACMA is currently investigating Sandilands’ “spider baby” jokes and earlier this year censured him for his “piece of shit” attack on journalist Alison Stephenson.

Meanwhile, ABC702’s breakfast show presented by Adam Spencer had the biggest fall, down from 13.6% to 12%.

WSFM’s Jonesy & Amanda had a good result, up from 9% to 9.7%, consolidating second place in the commercial FM breakfast fight.

DMG’s Nova duo of Fitzy & Wippa also had a disappointing survey round, dropping 1.1 points to 5.6%. The result saw Triple M’s breakfast Grill Team show move past them with a rise from 5.2% to 5.8%.

WSFM’s Jonesy & Amanda had a good result, up from 9% to 9.7%, consolidating second place in the commercial FM breakfast fight.

On Mix 106.5, Tim Ross and Claire Hooper saw a slight improvement, up from 3.7% to 3.9%.

Sydney drive nielsen radio ratings

Sydney drive ratings

station list

Source: Nielsen

There was less volatility in drivetime. The ABC saw the biggest drops, with ABC702’s Richard Glover shedding 2.1 points, dropping to 11.1%. This saw 2Day FM’s national drivetime show Fifi & Jules – up from 11.1% to 11.7% in Sydney – move to number one.

The next biggest faller in drivetime was ABC Triple J’s The Doctor and Hack, down 1.2 points to 5.3% share.

Triple M’s new drivetime show The Highway Patrol which features Merrick Watts, rose by 0.5 point to 5% share in Sydney.

The two biggest share increases in Sydney drivetime came for Paul Murray on Fairfax’s talk station 2UE and Mardi Cole on 2CH, both up by 0.9%.

In the battle for overall share, ARN’s WSFM has continued to close on Southern Cross Austereo’s 2DayFM. 2DayFM now stands on 9.1%, with WSFM breathing down its neck on 8.7%.

The most listened to station overall was 2GB – up from 14.1% to 14.9%. The biggest faller was Nova 96.9 – down by 0.9 points to a 5.9% share.

sydney station share


  1. Kate
    19 Jun 12
    9:56 am

  2. Nice to see the Sack Vile Kyle campaign is still going strong

  3. Jim
    19 Jun 12
    10:04 am

  4. Let’s keep in mind how radio ratings are measured. By a manual diary, kept by people who are meant to fill it in each day and somehow remember exactly which stations they listened to at each point in the day. In market research, this would be loosely called a “poor methodology”

  5. Tom
    19 Jun 12
    10:13 am

  6. …And what a campaign it is Kate. Kyle just keeps going from strength to strength. It’s almost like each attack and controversy attracts new listeners… Shock, horror… Say it ain’t so. Keep up the good work, you just might keep kyle at no. 1 for another 5 years.

  7. KISS.
    19 Jun 12
    1:07 pm

  8. Agree with Jim. Survey results should be taken with a grain of salt.

  9. KISS.
    19 Jun 12
    1:13 pm

  10. As for Kyle, Tom you are way off target. what you are saying is simply WRONG!

    K&J’O results fell tramatically after the dreaded verbal assault. in fact they lost around 20% of their listeners and it has taken them 6 months to gain back less than half the ones they lost. I wouldn’t call that going from strength to strength…

    Not to mention the Sack Kyle campaign hurt 2Day FM’s advertising revenue… MASSIVELY. which is what they intended to do as a means to get him fired.

  11. David Phillips
    19 Jun 12
    1:42 pm

  12. So Sandilands supporters. being number 3 and being disliked by most Australians is a good thing?
    I suppose having no major advertisers is helpful as well ?

  13. mediaman
    19 Jun 12
    2:16 pm

  14. If I close my ears and eyes- will Alan Jones and Kyle Sandilands just go away?

  15. Voiceofreason
    19 Jun 12
    3:27 pm

  16. Sandilands is the number one FM show in Sydney. Daylight to his next direct competitor. Let’s just leave all the ignorant posturing out of it on both sides.

  17. Voiceofbias
    19 Jun 12
    4:44 pm

  18. LOL @ voiceofreason. Said like a true 2DayFM employee :-)

  19. Voiceofreason
    19 Jun 12
    4:55 pm

  20. Never listened to the station Voiceofbias nice try jerk

  21. Tom Scott
    19 Jun 12
    9:47 pm

  22. Hi Alan Jones
    I wish to nominate Alan Jones to be C E O
    of Fairfax before the next election
    This will upset the Gillard mob for good
    Keep up your good work
    Tom Sale Vic

  23. Ann
    20 Jun 12
    9:52 am

  24. I think the ratings indicate strongly what people want to listen to….Talk and commentary