Real estate agent pelted by hail in new Allianz ad

A real estate agent is pelted by a hail storm in the latest ad for insurance company Allianz.

The ad is a continuation of the Ahh-lianz campaign created by MercerBell at the start of the year.

Julie Dormand, GM at MercerBell, said: “We wanted to tap into the human side of insurance, and specifically to own that moment when things go wrong, and link that directly to Allianz.”


Dominic Brandon – Group Manager Marketing and Brand, Allianz
David Bell – Executive Creative Director
Liz Kain – Copywriter
Mike Nikotin – Art Director
Lorraine Gormley – Account Director
Brendan Fletcher – Director
Bonnie Fay – Producer
Baz Milas – Agency Producer
Heckler – Post-Production
Seth Lockwood – Edit House


  1. Louis
    1 May 12
    1:22 pm

  2. Rather sunny for a hail storm… And hail stones that big commonly kill people.
    Does Allianz offer life cover?
    A wide shot revealing devastation, and the whole street saying “Aaaah” would have helped make it more believable and added some humour.
    Aaaah! Why didn’t THEY think of that?!

  3. Wisey
    1 May 12
    2:11 pm

  4. The thing I struggle with in this ad is that no one except Ned Flanders would say “aah” in the midst of a disaster.
    More colourful language would be more appropriate, e.g. with the modifications to demonstrate.

  5. Scott
    1 May 12
    5:04 pm

  6. I find that hard to believe – a real estate agent wouldn’t drive a toyota.