Woolies turns to scented media to lure Christmas shoppers

An ad that smells of strawberries and cream

Woolworths has turned to scented press advertising to entice customers into its stores as Christmas approaches.

It is doing so through News Limited’s commuter paper mX, and Reed Pacific Media – a scented media firm and publisher that was in the news in May for abruptly axing its entire editorial team. Reed Pacific Media also drew allegations for not paying staff and business partners.

Woolies will run press ads in mX that smell of strawberries and cream, and later in the week, of Christmas cake.

The strawberries and cream scented ads are to promote the supermarket giant’s activation of a strawberries and cream scented wall at Sydney’s Town Hall. The Christmas cake scent is to encourage shoppers to buy their Christmas ingredients from Woolies.

Neil Robinson, GM at News Australia Sales, which sells for mX newspapers, said: “With Woolworths, we are showcasing another new dimension to advertising in print as well as a new multi sensory experience for consumers, which can only aid impact and recall.”


  1. This is what everyone has been talking about
    3 Dec 12
    12:28 pm

  2. Pushing the boundaries of advertising!

    I love it! Can’t wait to smell it!

    I smell a successful campaign and award season ahead!

  3. Self promoter
    3 Dec 12
    12:55 pm

  4. Most of Woolies produce smells like wet newspaper.

    12:28 – I hope you were being sarcastic?

  5. Yawn said
    3 Dec 12
    1:34 pm

  6. This is about as new as a typewriter. Down, down, sales are down

  7. GC
    3 Dec 12
    1:39 pm

  8. Always wanted to sniff a wall in broad daylight.

  9. nickatnights
    3 Dec 12
    1:59 pm

  10. I think this idea stinks.

  11. big nose
    3 Dec 12
    2:37 pm

  12. I’ll tell you what this smells like, and it ain’t strawberries and cream.

  13. Tony
    3 Dec 12
    3:35 pm

  14. I purchased some strawberries at Woolworths last week and they
    included a bonus of FREE mould inside the punnet. A grey spiderweb of mould between the strawberries. I’m surprised they hadn’t advertised it as a FREE
    Organic Culture Boost. A marketing opportunity missed there. I’m not sure if they can replicate the smell for their campaign though.

  15. Paul
    3 Dec 12
    4:16 pm

  16. Did they just have a ‘smell director’ for this ad, ’cause the art director has gone awol.

  17. Smell-o-vision
    3 Dec 12
    4:40 pm

  18. Imagine a hot train of commuters reading mX, while the smell of strawberries or Christmas cake pervades the air.

  19. MX Reader
    3 Dec 12
    5:49 pm

  20. Just smelt the woolies advert on page 6 – unbeleeeevable that you can do that in newspapers