Reed Pacific Media axes editorial team, ‘We need to focus on staff who make us money, not those just producing content’

Publisher Reed Pacific Media has stripped its editorial team to the bare minimum, making four staff redundant.

The company’s only sales person is staying on, and a lone editorial staffer.

The cut backs are a result of a wobbly retail market, director Doug McNamee told Mumbrella.

“We are moving from permanent to contracted editorial staff. The cost of employing full time editorial staff is just too high,” he said. “We need to focus on staff who make us money, not those just producing the content.”

Reed Pacific Media launched Just Be magazine almost exactly a year ago. The title had been published online since 2009 and subsequently as an iPad app.

McNamee said that despite the staff changes, it was “business as usual” for the company. He said it had met all of its financial obligations to those involved.

As well as the magazine, Reed Pacific Media offers scented media products. The company is not related to the similarly named Reed Business Information.

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  1. Sales Guy
    24 May 12
    3:26 pm

  2. I am in sales and do very well. However without a product of substance I am unable and unwilling to sell it. It can be a vicious circle and balance is key. If this publisher is purely retaining sales reps, which results in shoddy content, then the sales rep will leave (the good ones) to find a product with more value and appeal to sell… (Why wouldn’t they?)

    Good luck with it!!

  3. A Mann
    24 May 12
    3:32 pm

  4. err.. anyone heard the phrase “content is king”
    isn’t that the reason why people buy the publication in the first place!

  5. Anon
    24 May 12
    5:07 pm

  6. “We are moving from permanent to contracted editorial staff.”

    This doesn’t mean they’re scrapping quality content. You can get wonderful writing by hiring contractors. It just allows the company to pay for content as and when they need it. I think it’s a good move and probably a sign of things to come with other publishers.

  7. Production Grunt
    24 May 12
    5:11 pm

  8. Sometimes, I like to tell people how goddamn amazing the publishing business would be without any journalists. Or sales reps. Or clients. It’d just be a big production circle-jerk all day long; everything would get done properly, and everything would get done on time.

    We all have a good laugh, and then we get on with reality. It seems like Reed Pacific had a similar conversation, but instead of laughing at the absurdity of it and moving on, they actually decided it was a great idea with a lot of merit.


  9. Tamara
    24 May 12
    5:24 pm

  10. Unfortunately that is life. If you still think writing is enough you are going to also become a casualty. Business can be dirty.

  11. Jacob
    24 May 12
    7:11 pm

  12. “We need to focus on staff who make us money, not those just producing the content.”

    So, is that a typo, or is that really how McNamee values the people that “just produce the content” and the content itself?

  13. Belinda
    25 May 12
    5:48 am

  14. “We need to focus on staff who make us money, not those just producing the content.”

    A typical bean counter attitude that irks me enormously. It is the content that makes you money. It has to be good or there’s nothing to sell.

    Suggesting that the people who produce the product that you sell are not worthy of sick leave and holiday pay is just plain insulting.

  15. Dorothy
    25 May 12
    9:27 am

  16. “We need to focus on staff who make us money, not those just producing the content.”

    This attitude is endemic to the whole magazine industry and why the mags are going downhill quickly. The ad guys can’t sell a shit product, and keeping 4 people on staff to produce a magazine normally produced by 15 is going to result in less-than-stellar quality. Get your act together, publishers.

  17. Darren
    25 May 12
    11:13 am

  18. Get the sales reps to write the stories – or just pages and pages of excel spreadsheets – rivetting :/

  19. Darren
    25 May 12
    11:17 am

  20. Scented media products? – i can think of something this ‘business’ decision smells of – one guess

  21. JB
    25 May 12
    11:18 am

  22. If only people would just watch TV and read magazines for the ads. Life would be a whole lot simpler.

  23. bandit
    25 May 12
    12:44 pm

  24. All I’m hearing is that the mag will now be full of advertorial. As easy to ignore as the shopping channels. Good luck to em and the two readers they will be left with.

  25. jen
    27 May 12
    7:42 pm

  26. Interesting comment “we need to focus on people who make us money” … In the world I live in, which is the digital world we ALL live in, it’s CONTENT (good content) that separates the wheat from the chaff.

  27. Baranda
    28 May 12
    10:24 am

  28. Well said, Bandit, but I’ll like to amend your comment: `Good luck to em and the two readers they will be left with.’

    I’ve just dropped out, so that leaves just one reader!