Renault departs from BMF

Ad agency BMF has parted ways with Renault after two and a half years.

The parting comes just weeks after Chis Brown joined Renault as its new GM of marketing after a similar role with Mini.  

Announcing the end of the relationship, Jeremy Nicholas, BMF’s CEO said: “A new team and new product provides great opportunity for the business. We believe Renault will be best served by partnering with an agency other than BMF. BMF wish them every success in the future.”

In the same announcement, Brown said: “Renault thanks BMF for their commitment and tireless dedication to the brand over what has been a difficult period. I am genuinely disappointed at losing the services of an agency of BMFʼs calibre, they have been an integral part of our business.”


  1. Anonymous
    20 Dec 10
    10:53 am

  2. Haha… that’s the most polite way I’ve heard anyone say ‘the new client’s a prick and we don’t want to work with them’ ever.

  3. oui
    20 Dec 10
    6:01 pm

  4. I can feel another car client coming on.

  5. Pleta
    21 Dec 10
    10:20 am

  6. I agree, obivously the ego has landed !!!

  7. Matt
    21 Dec 10
    10:46 am

  8. Maybe if Renault had decent cars over that period to actually advertise, things might have been different.

  9. Dave
    22 Dec 10
    5:19 pm

  10. I wish I could like comments in mUmBRELLA… as I like your comment Matt.

    Have you seen the Megane communication in the UK?