Security guards protect outdoor ads filled with cash for The Wolf of Wall Street promotion

Roadshow Films have kicked off an outdoor campaign to launch The Wolf of Wall Street with a partnership with JCDecaux Innovate seeing real $100 notes to the value of $10,000 placed in CityLight panels across four locations.

The cash swirls behind an image of the film’s protagonist Jordan Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film about greed and corporate excess in the 80s and 90s which opens tomorrow.

They will be guarded by security staff from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 5pm on weekends, with the money removed overnight.

RoadShow Films marketing manager ANZ Rob Moore said in a statement: “We are proud of the process we’ve built that helps us to achieve work of this calibre. Though it takes months to get from initial brief to final execution, the ends certainly justify the means.

“Vitally, this has been a real team effort between Roadshow, OMD, and JCDecaux and we’re delighted with what we’ve been able to achieve. A small fortune blowing around in the breeze, such a perfect fit for The Wolf of Wall Street.”

The campaign runs until January 27 in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with panels appearing at Elizabeth St, Martin Place in Sydney, Southern Cross station in Melbourne, and Queen Street Mall in Brisbane.

JCDecaux Australia general manager of sales and marketing Max Eburne said in a statement: “When it comes to pushing the boundaries of the out-of-home format, you don’t get much more interesting and surprising than this.

“We love the fact that Roadshow challenge us to conceive and deliver great creative concepts, and we know that this campaign will truly stop people in their tracks.”


  • JCDecaux Innovate
  • Media agency: OMD
  • Advertiser: Roadshow Films



  1. Red
    22 Jan 14
    12:33 pm

  2. Burning question:
    Why didn’t they just use fake money – considering nobody is going to get their hands on it?

  3. Just saying
    22 Jan 14
    1:04 pm

  4. So….this couldn’t be achieved with fake notes and no security guards?

  5. Brett
    22 Jan 14
    1:09 pm

  6. @Red: Because using real money is a PR stunt and will make the news. Fake money = meh.

  7. DTM
    22 Jan 14
    1:18 pm

  8. Red I heard somewhere that you can’t print fake money as its illegal and open to counterfeiting notes into circulation. You can only make one sided giants notes and if some one trades that then the deserve to be taken. 😉

  9. Blue
    22 Jan 14
    1:30 pm

  10. Burning answer. It probably is fake, but it makes for a better story on Mumbrella now doesn’t it?

  11. Sarah
    22 Jan 14
    1:51 pm

  12. Wow. So much of this story is creative types praising their own creativity….. This is the kind of experiential marketing crap that executives go cray cray for, while the rest of us roll our eyes and think ‘meh’.

  13. Chris
    22 Jan 14
    2:00 pm

  14. DTM is right. Fake notes either need to be much smaller or much larger than the originals (see: In any event, using real notes is much better PR.

  15. natalie
    22 Jan 14
    2:03 pm

  16. how boring for the security guards………..

  17. MIke
    22 Jan 14
    3:28 pm

  18. Village Roadshow have been pushing the boundaries of capturing money we can’t touch for a long time now.

  19. Martin
    22 Jan 14
    7:02 pm

  20. As this is a movie about Monopoly Street wouldn’t a hundred swirling ‘Get out of jail free’ cards be more apt for the genre / political climate …