Sales boss Jenny Parkes to leave DMG

Jenny ParkesThe boss of advertising sales at dmg Radio Australia Jenny Parkes is leaving after just 18 months in the role.

Parkes joined DMG – owner of Nova and what was until recently the Classic Rock network – in July last year after 12 years with rival Austereo.

According to DMG, Parkes – group sales director – will “pursue new directions”.  

A statement from Parkes said: “I was attracted to the role at DMG as it provided me with an opportunity to build a new sales culture around the change in Nova’s inventory model. The bulk of that work is now done and paying dividends with good revenue growth across the company. I’m now looking forward to my next challenge.”

Parkes arrival came shortly after the end of Nova’s never-more-than-two-ads-in-a-row policy.

DMG said Parkes was leaving “after deciding against renewing her contract for 2012″.

CEO Cathy O’Connor said in a statement: “Jenny has been instrumental in developing key improvements to our sales operations and we have seen many of our teams and stations progress as a result of her initiatives. We wish her all the best with her next steps.”


  1. Steve de Niese
    16 Dec 11
    2:43 pm

  2. I wonder, is it common in the industry for people to flit from role to role? I guess it’s a bit of a generation Y thing to do. It’s great for the employee, but are businesses suffering from not having staff who really become part of the brand.

    What’s the right amount of time to spend in a role today?

  3. Ann
    17 Dec 11
    8:03 am

  4. I wish some other radio stations has the never more than two ads in a row policy and pay TV as well!!

  5. dee
    17 Dec 11
    12:07 pm

  6. @Stevevanniese that’s assuming she quit…

  7. paul
    19 Dec 11
    8:48 am

  8. Ann, what planet are you from? Read the article ‘Parkes arrival came shortly after the end of Nova’s never-more-than-two-ads-in-a-row policy.

  9. Steve de Niese
    19 Dec 11
    11:46 am

  10. Good point Dee.