Sam Kekovich gets Lambnesia in this year’s MLA Australia Day campaign

Meat & Livestock Australia’s front man Sam Kekovich suffers a head injury which causes him to hallucinate about rugby players in tutus, getting his fingernails painted and dancing Gangnam Style in this year’s Australia Day campaign.

kekovich gangnam style

Kekovich tells viewers that he is suffering from “Lambnesia” which causes symptoms of unAustralianess.

The scene was set for the campaign with Ten uploading a video to its YouTube channel last week which appeared to show Kekovich being injured by a misdirected cricket ball during a live cross with weatherman Tim Bailey.

The reveal was due to take place on Seven’s Today Tonight yesterday evening, but the network extended its news bulletin to cover the bush fires emergency, with Kekovich appearing on Sunrise this morning.

The ad retains Kekovich’s signature rant to camera. The campaign, from creative agency BMF, aims to drive consumers to a website where they are invited to take part in the “National Lambnesia Test“.

View the ad:

Participants in the test are shown a series of images against the clock and challenged to identify whether they are Australian or UnAustralian.

kekovich rolf


  • Client: MLA
  • Creative: BMF
  • Media: UM
  • PR: Hausmann
  • Managing Partner Stephen McArdle
  • Executive Creative Directors Carlos Alija & Laura Sampedro
  • Creative Team Carlo Mazzarella & Jonty Bell
  • Planning Christina Aventi
  • Director Taika Waititi
  • Production Company Curious Film
  • Post Production Frame Set & Match – Ben Eagleton
  • Agency Producer Sue Hind
  • Editor Chris Leaver (Online) & Luke Haigh (Offline)
  • Photographer Mat Baker
  • Producer Matt Noonan & Peter Holani
  • Print Producer Karen Liddle
  • Art Buyer Basir Salleh
  • Music & Sound Production Sonar Music – Mikey Lira
  • Designers Matthew Hughes & Indah Shillingford
  • Digital Creative Team Carlo Mazzarella & Jonty Bell
  • Tim Smith & Simon Koay
  • Interaction Lead Nev Fordyce
  • Digital Project Manager Rachel OʼToole
  • Technical Director Doug Rathbone
  • DoP Daniel Ardilley
  • Illustrator Mike Watt
  • Client Director Bec Morton
  • Account Director Kelly Howard
  • Account Manager Samantha Heckendorf
  • Account Executive Sarah Hood & Rose Flowers


  1. Anonymous
    10 Jan 13
    8:22 am

  2. Where dose he come up with it everytime.??

  3. The Fonz
    10 Jan 13
    8:29 am

  4. This campaign is now looking so completely worn out that I doubt it even has the energy to jump a shark.

  5. Fonzy
    10 Jan 13
    9:24 am

  6. Groucho
    10 Jan 13
    9:45 am

  7. Nobody who really loves sheep would treat them this badly.

  8. The Accountant
    10 Jan 13
    9:48 am

  9. @Fonz The shark didn’t even bother to show up!

  10. The Farmers Daughter..
    10 Jan 13
    9:54 am

  11. How god dam embarrassing

  12. Bem
    10 Jan 13
    10:14 am

  13. Wow, could this campaign get any worse? Let’s reference some pop culture and current events! The Voice! The Olympics! The Shire! How topical and fresh! Yawn…. All this ad seems to do is paint a very disturbing view on what some classify as Australian. Apparently sport is what makes this country great and anything cultural or to do with performing arts is seen as unAustralian. How sad. Perhaps we can stop pandering to the bogan demographic (a very common occurrence with Australian Ad Land at the moment) and start making ads for anyone who doesn’t drive a Holden or drink a VB from a stubby holder. 

  14. Jon
    10 Jan 13
    10:19 am

  15. I am with the Fonz on this one. It feels like Police Academy 9, or whatever number they got up to. Funny to start with, but so tired now.

  16. mumbrella
    10 Jan 13
    10:33 am

  17. I’m not sure I agree. My first reaction was that it was a bit of a return to form. It also does well in taking it beyond the TV ad.

    The game, while simple, is engaging. I suspect that it will prove to be an effective campaign.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  18. Rob R
    10 Jan 13
    10:57 am

  19. I like it, I also now can confidently say I like the cricket ball in the head, needed the whole campaign to really be able to judge it, well teased.
    Not sure about Gangnam, I would have painted him up Goyte style but hey… I think the punters will love it.

  20. AJH
    10 Jan 13
    10:58 am

  21. Is there a more irrelevant person in the Australian media landscape than Sam Kekovich

  22. Marco
    10 Jan 13
    11:28 am

  23. I agree with Tim, last years Barbie Girl film clip was a bit much whereas this is Sam at his best. I think @Bem needs to get out if the city and see the real Australia, where sport IS what makes this country great and performing arts is what the kids do at daycare.

  24. Ricki
    10 Jan 13
    11:39 am

  25. Of course the industry luvvies will criticise it because

    1) it’s not their campaign
    2) it continues a long running formula of success and doesn’t reinvent the wheel
    3) it’s talking to heartland Australia which most people in Adland would prefer to think don’t really exist

    I suspect real people…out there…in the world…will love it!

  26. Jeremy
    10 Jan 13
    12:46 pm

  27. I find these ads to be quite authentic, a dangerously overweight, unhealthy grumpy old man being the champion for eating too much meat.

    This Australia day, I’ll stay fit and healthy by eating a nice salad… but I guess, avoiding cancer… well that’s un-Australian!

  28. Kerry
    10 Jan 13
    12:53 pm

  29. @ The Farmers Daughter


  30. NS
    10 Jan 13
    12:53 pm

  31. Ricki + 1 , again

  32. Brainiac
    10 Jan 13
    1:21 pm

  33. Head trauma and memory loss are serious medical conditions. Fail to see how ‘Lambnesia’ is at all funny or relevant. Even if it is riffing on mad cow disease.

  34. drew
    10 Jan 13
    1:36 pm

  35. Does the game work? seems to be a technical issue

  36. Eliza
    10 Jan 13
    1:41 pm

  37. Is something meant to happen at the end of the test?

  38. haters gonna hate
    10 Jan 13
    1:52 pm

  39. I suspect they won’t Ricki

  40. Rob R
    10 Jan 13
    1:59 pm

  41. Worked for me this morning, reckon traffic might be pumping up now… FYI I’m 38.3% UnAustralian….

  42. paul the freelance writer
    10 Jan 13
    2:09 pm

  43. The nanny state cohort is here in spades as usual. Must be quiet in Spring Street at the moment, or wherever the bureaucrats work in states other than Victoria.

  44. Rob R
    10 Jan 13
    2:16 pm

  45. PS if my facebook timeline is anything to go by, it’s a hit. Links, Comments and Scores posted in past hour…

  46. sam
    10 Jan 13
    2:53 pm

  47. It must be working or they wouldn’t wheel him out every year

  48. Janelle
    10 Jan 13
    4:54 pm

  49. A Kiwi director for an Australia Day ad. That’s pretty un-Australian!

  50. Lubber
    10 Jan 13
    9:28 pm

  51. 15% un-Australian! Loved it. Funny stuff.

  52. Justin Case
    11 Jan 13
    9:46 am

  53. Sam and his lame lambasting is not going to make middle australia fork out $15 a kilo for mutton chops. The Lamb marketing board will do themselves and us a favour by stopping mutton dressed up as lamb making it on to our shelves.

  54. British Sheep Company
    11 Jan 13
    10:37 am

  55. What’s with lamb being pushed as an “Australian” thing? People have been eating sheep all around the world thousands of years before Australians…

    If anything, I tend to associate eating lamb with Mediterranean and Central Asian cultures.

  56. Rob R
    11 Jan 13
    11:40 am

  57. @British Sheep Company, think it has something to do with our nation’s economy being based around the sheep for over 100 years of our existence. The sheep is in fact credited as one of the main reasons we have had one of the highest living standards in the world. Rode on the Sheep’s back as they say….
    PS I am not associated with MLA or the Agency, I worked at Ten a while ago but no bias there I assure you. I am very partial to a good loin chop though!

  58. Encyclic!
    11 Jan 13
    4:46 pm


  60. not the actual anonymous
    13 Jan 13
    11:06 pm

  61. @Encyclic! People do laugh at these things though. Just had mum on the phone telling me how great she thought it was. And guess who does the shopping?

  62. Encyclic!
    14 Jan 13
    9:34 am

  63. @Not But does she buy lamb because of the ad or does she already buy lamb anyway?

    Has the ad made a difference to her buying habits?

    Does it change the positioning of “lamb” as a product in her mind?

    The Lamb v Pork war is flaring up this summer, and as always, to the victor, the spoils.

    Also, can I throw a cricket ball at Sam Kekovich?

  64. Sweeney
    15 Jan 13
    11:22 am

  65. Hard working and under paid lamb producers should be shouting at MLA for their levy monies back. Over used and old hat minor celebrity wheeled out every year to make a few producers in the inner circle get their jollies – oh look, there is our ad on TV. Lower prices mean there will be less producers in a years time and the whole joke that is generic meat promotion is way past its use by date. Producers should band together and create their own campaign and actually sell their product to consumers rather than give it to fat cats to waste on generic promotion.

  66. Daz
    15 Jan 13
    5:02 pm

  67. Works a treet every year.Lamb sales increace 34% this time of the year.
    Oh I bet you shop at woolworths Sweeney.

  68. john
    17 Jan 13
    2:47 pm

  69. You’ll find a Weber is _American_.

    Where the hell can you get chops for only $15 a kg ?

  70. Ratzo
    17 Jan 13
    10:59 pm

  71. Lighten up people. Its funny, its topical, clearly its SUCCESSFUL, and it reminds me every year that it’s nearly Hottest 100 time on Triple J. Although there’s probably heaps of you out there that are too cool for THAT as well.

  72. Aussie
    26 Jan 13
    6:17 pm

  73. To those attempting to express their superior intellect and social conscience by deriding this ad and previous ad’s from this client, it is not about brown nosing some politically correct University/ Media / Arts teacher in exchange for a pass high enough to enable you to get a job at THEIR ABC , SBS, SMH .

    It’s about relating to and communicating with REAL Australians, as opposed to stroking the ego’s of your ideological masters, so as to SELL PRODUCT.

    You see AUSTRALIANS have a sense of humour unlike the “progressives” the left who are tasked with redefining Australia in their Politically Correct Authoritarian Teacher knows best image.

    May I suggest that you concentrate on say ‘AIDS as a construct in Dance” or “The Vietnam War through the eyes of a Balmain Master Potter” or how about ” A Feminist perspective on the construct of the 2012 Rugby League Grand Final and the obvious lack of Females with disabilities playing in the front row of both teams”


  74. basic knoledge
    27 Jan 13
    2:19 am

  75. Why is Sam so lamb or I mean lame It use to give me a laugh.Maybe its up to Dick Smith these day