Sandilands labelled a misogynist during Hamish & Andy show

Kyle Sandilands

Sandilands: Labelled a misogynist by Pickering

Radio presenter Kyle Sandilands has been labelled a misogynist in an attack broadcast on his own network.  The swipe at Sandilands was aired on the Today Network’s national Hamish & Andy drivetime show during a pre-Logies special.

After pointing out that Australia’s Got Talent was up for a Logie TV award, Ten’s Charlie Pickering was challenged by hosts Hamish Blake and Andy Lee to demonstrate an impression of Sandilands, who is a judge on AGT.

Pickering began his mock Sandilands acceptance speech saying: “Mate, I hated it. Mate, Australia doesn’t have talent.”

After pausing, he drew laughs from Blake and Lee when he told them: “Sorry, every word coming into my head is literally too misogynistic to say on the radio.”

Returning to the Sandilands impression Pickering went on: “Governor General: Don’t like you, you’re a woman… anyone noticed that the Prime Minister has a vagina? No thanks.”

Hear the audio:


“Thank you very much, I’ve been Kyle Sandilands, good night.”

Although Pickering’s comments came at a live broadcast in front of an audience at the show’s pre-Logies spit roast, they are also included in the show’s podcast highlights.

The Today Network is facing working under tighter licence conditions following Sandiland’s attack last November on journalist Alison Stephenson in which he attacked her weight, breast size and hair.

In the category – most popular light entertainment program – Hamish & Andy’s Gap year, for Nine, beat AGT to the Logie.

The Today Network did not wish to comment.


  1. Kate
    16 Apr 12
    12:16 pm

  2. Just love it! Charlie Pickering you really are a STAR Kudos to you and also to Hamish and Andy for setting it up. Lots of laughs!

  3. Chris Walsh
    16 Apr 12
    1:15 pm

  4. Hilarious, and so true.

  5. Ivan Ardon
    16 Apr 12
    2:50 pm

  6. from: Kyle’s#1 fan
    I may be paraphrasing but……

    how dare anyone out there make fun of Kyle…after all he’s been through…….he lost his edge, went through a divorce, he had two kids where his wife turned out to be a user, a cheater and now he’s going through a custody battle. All you people care about is making money off him. He’s a HUMAN!! Leave Kyle alone…..please. Leave Kyle alone right now or you have me to deal with.

  7. Lisa
    16 Apr 12
    3:29 pm

  8. oh Ivan, Ivan..IVAN. you MUST be jesting…I hope so, for your sake.

  9. Meljay
    16 Apr 12
    5:18 pm

  10. Way overdue and Sandilands has only himself to blame. Well done guys.

  11. Pagent
    16 Apr 12
    5:37 pm

  12. I think it’s got to the stage where, if by some incredible twist of fate, Kyle Sandilands tripped & fell in front of a speeding bus, people would be sending the bus “Get Well Soon” cards.

    He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword, Kyle.

  13. Katie Alsop
    17 Apr 12
    1:41 am

  14. Kyle Sandilands disastrous radio show is still on the air… ha! ha! ha! 2Day FM is a whore station which basically projects the most arrogantly misogynistic attitude in all of Australia. Promoting the abuse of women is not really doing the community much good but according to 2Day FM’s apparent strategy, pumping 18-25 year-old- males into a frenzy of put-downs against women is fair fun and attracts lots of off-the-wall teenage punkers about which 2DAY FM lies to advertisers claiming this group has discretionary income. It doesn’t. Women control the purse strings and the bunch of male thugs running radio-I-hate-women is going down.

    Southern Cross Austereo, 2Day FM’sowner, is probably the most disgusting, arrogant, woman-hating, greedy bunch of patriarchal pricks ever to congregate for the purpose of ripping off advertisers and soiling the most basic of community values….

    Advertisers on this network should by boycotted; blockaded and squeezed off the store shelves by the many products and services put forth by corporations that respect community values.

  15. Katie Alsop
    17 Apr 12
    1:42 am

  16. Misogyny has cost so much… for example the video Oksana Makar shot with her mom has had a few of our ladies in tears for days. We were raising money to help her and had even found a cosmetic surgery clinic in Toronto, Canada willing to help out. But Oksana died. her funeral this morning… now there are broken hearts and tears all around the world.

    The rape culture that allowed and even promoted this sadistic atrocity must end. As we prayed for Oksana’s recovery, we read advertisements like the one posted by Belvedere Vodka making a joke about rape and drinking. Belevedere Vodka said in pictures that drunken violence toward women is sexy.

    Our press release of noon today urges Belvedere Vodka which promoted drunken rape in its controversial ads, step up and help Oksana’s family. In the alternative RINJ has threatened a lawsuit. At some point, the escalation of rape must be put in check. If a large corporation needs to fall in order to do that, then let’s bring a few down.

  17. Katie Alsop
    17 Apr 12
    1:43 am

  18. While Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) has said it will seek legal and extra-legal ways to have the ACMA five-year “cease and desist” anvil hanging over SCA removed, RINJ Campaign vigorously applauds the intentions of the ACMA and hopes the levy is put in full force exactly as proposed. ACMA’s media release can be found here:

  19. paul
    17 Apr 12
    8:51 am

  20. Um Katie, you are a bit loopy. When has Kyle or any other on air announcer in Australia’s actions condoned rape?

  21. Ivan Ardon
    17 Apr 12
    3:40 pm

  22. Katie, I love a cogent argument. Well done. And may I compliment you on your choice of forum. You are a shining star Sister. As for you Paul, well you are such a typical man! Always so rude and oppressive.

    Lisa, you might remember:

  23. Goldie
    17 Apr 12
    4:50 pm

  24. To Katie Aslop. What does some vodka companies advertisement have to do with Kyle Sandilands? The ad wasn’t shown on Kyle Sandilands radio program was it?
    Charlie Pickering is awesome!!!! The fact he couldn’t think of anything else to say speaks volumes about how Kyle is viewed in Australian society. Austereo need to Sack Vile Kyle!!!