Sandilands threatens to hunt down ‘piece of shit’ News Limited journalist for reporting negative viewer reaction to show

Stephenson’s online byline picture

Kyle Sandilands has used his radio show to launch a vicious on air attack on a News Limited journalist who reported negative viewer comments about Kyle & Jackie O’s Night With The Stars.

The tirade saw the Today Network presenter describe Alison Stephenson as “a piece of shit”, and told her to “watch your mouth or I’ll hunt you down”. He also attacked the journalist’s weight, hairstyle and breast size.

Sandilands’ comments came after Stephenson was one of the first to report on the poor reception for the chat show which aired on Seven on Monday night.

His comments were broadcast in Sydney at around 6am, more than two hours before the show’s poor ratings were released. He told listeners:

“Some fat slag on has already branded it a disaster. You can tell by reading the article that she just hates us and has always hated us.

“What a fat bitter thing you are. You’re deputy editor of an online thing. You’ve got a nothing job anyway. You’re a piece of shit.

“This low thing, Alison Stephenson, deputy editor of online. You’re supposed to be impartial, you little troll.

“You’re a bullshit artist, girl. You should be fired from your job. Your hair’s very 90s. And your blouse. You haven’t got that much titty to be having that low cut a blouse. Watch your mouth or I’ll hunt you down.”

Audio of Sandilands’ comments:


It later emerged that during Kyle & Jackie O’s Night With the Stars the audience dropped from more than 1.4m to just 200,000:


The last fortnight has seen Sandilands featuring as a guest columnist for the Sunday Telegraph, which is sister paper to

Sandilands’ comments can be heard in the first moments of the show’s daily podcast for November 22. Update: The audio has now been removed from the podcast but can be heard above



  1. Oncewaslazy
    22 Nov 11
    10:11 pm

  2. That tool has seriously gotta go, waaaay over the line.

  3. AJO
    22 Nov 11
    10:20 pm

  4. What’s Sandilands going to do after he “hunts her down”, throw his retardation in her face?

  5. YogaChicky
    22 Nov 11
    10:23 pm

  6. Vile Kyle the misogynist, could also be known as Pot in the ultimate Pot vs Kettle war. I mean, the man isn’t in the best physical shape in the world, is he? His hair is ummm… what is it again? And as for being a troll. Yeah, that. Nothing job? Check.

    Can someone please wake up and realise our radio and TV would be a much better place without him? Not that I ever watch anything he is on (I make a point of switching off), but really? Calling a journo who simply reported the facts a “fat slag”?

    What would he have said if a man had’ve written that piece? Would he have picked on his hair, weight and called him a faggot? Wait… yeah he probably would’ve.

    Vile Kyle. Get. Him. Off. The. Airwaves.

  7. Kate
    22 Nov 11
    10:27 pm

  8. Disgusting. Intolerable. Unacceptable. What a bully.

  9. It-must-be-true-its-on-the-internet
    22 Nov 11
    10:31 pm

  10. If you need any evidence that ‘anonymous posting’ has absolutely nothing to do with hateful nasty comments – this is it.

    If the industry wishes to stop hateful invective comments like Kyle Sandilands attack on Alison Stephenson, or the anonymous invectives against Sean Cummins – then they work against the things those attacks have in common.

    If the Communications Council’s policy made any sense at all – then logically they should ban any mention (or prevent any comment being reported) by Kyle Sandilands – since this is a source of hateful comments.

    Not that I’m suggesting it … but the Communication Council’s policy (“X has been a source of hateful comments – therefore X should be banned”) would have at least one benefit.

  11. LP
    22 Nov 11
    10:36 pm

  12. I dont know what he’s on about, (moderated by Mumbrella)!

    Dear Kyle,
    Youre an asshat.
    Everyone in the world.

  13. Scott Rhodie
    22 Nov 11
    10:40 pm

  14. Those comments are pretty horrible. Would he have said the same things if it was a man. Horribly sexist from a horrible man.
    Surely he cannot be kept on air after this?

  15. Natasha
    22 Nov 11
    10:41 pm

  16. What a fucked up little Oompa Loompa! Sandilands, do australia a favour and jump back in the ocean you beached whale! The only person who gives a flying fuck about you, is you.
    Seriously, take a long hard look at yourself. Think you’re shit hot living the ‘playboy’ lifestyle… get a grip. When your money runs out, those (edited for legal reasons) will leave your wrinkly old ass high and dry. And seriously… if you can (edited for legal reasons), then surely to god you can afford a razor and have a shave you lazy fat slob!

    Get off your high horse, and take a look in the mirror. Then take the beer goggles off and look again. You are a joke!

  17. Glenn
    22 Nov 11
    10:41 pm

  18. The disturbance in the force felt on Monday night was Sandilands slaughtering the Seven network’s audience figures.

    Practise this term Kyle “Do you want fries with that?”

  19. Me
    22 Nov 11
    10:42 pm

  20. Do well, do badly – the publicity rolls on

  21. Paul J
    22 Nov 11
    10:43 pm

  22. Kyle Sandilands is a potty mouthed grub, the fans have spoken Kyle …. piss off.

  23. Robdotcom71
    22 Nov 11
    10:53 pm

  24. Surely this breaches some code of conduct or something?
    Either he or his station should be dragged through the hotcoals by the regulating body over this…

  25. Wozza
    22 Nov 11
    10:55 pm

  26. Channel 7 – sack the shows publicist and give Kyle their wage..first I’ve heard of the show..

  27. snerd
    22 Nov 11
    10:56 pm

  28. OK, the narcissistic personality disorder thing is getting right out of hand. It’s lithium time, and also time to chain up his enablers and his fellating entourage and chuck them into the harbour.

    Sometimes, it’s about more than just the ratings.

  29. Icarus
    22 Nov 11
    11:00 pm

  30. LMAO at Kyle sledging someone for being fat and bitter…it is hysterical that he feels these are
    a) reasonable insults
    b) don’t make it obvious he has nothing valid to say so he needs to resort to personal attacks
    c) Apply to fat boy himself so it really is laughable.

    I guess that’s because he’s
    d) A complete moron himself
    Yes, another personal insult but also a statement of fact. Please, can we get rid of him now? Please, please, please? He makes Warnie look ubercool by comparison!

  31. Gronco
    22 Nov 11
    11:00 pm

  32. I think (moderated by Mumbrella).

  33. Ian Mc
    22 Nov 11
    11:02 pm

  34. Chill out people…she works for News Ltd…’s not as though he insulted a real journalist.

  35. kyleforever
    22 Nov 11
    11:02 pm

  36. Kyle is the best thing to happen to tv ever his show was so Kyle and i love every bit of it

  37. Dean Royston-Ing
    22 Nov 11
    11:05 pm

  38. Alison, you are gorgeous. Kyle is not. (edited for legal reasons)

  39. Dave
    22 Nov 11
    11:06 pm

  40. 7 should be ashamed of themselves of even commissioning this show and thus promoting its egotistical “stars” (?). They had to use their own network talent to promote this crap, I’m sure it wasn’t that long ago that seven were dissing his behaviour via their own programmes. It seems Kyle’s penance has been done in the eyes of seven. It may have been a bidding war with the (afl) footy show, “cause he is as low as Sam N

  41. Shane
    22 Nov 11
    11:08 pm

  42. So let me get this straight. The man, term used loosely, who spoke to David Attenborough and could only ask how animals have sex feels harshly done by because no one wants to watch him. Then he takes aim at the first journalist to report the figures, and claims she hates him even though she reported hamish and Andy’s gap year failure. Maybe he judges his success with the amount of people that dislike him? Don’t know myself, I try to switch as soon as he’s on and clearly, everyone else does too

  43. Call me whatever
    22 Nov 11
    11:09 pm

  44. Kyle, that rant is exactly why I didn’t watch the show and why I don’t listen to you on radio.

    I changed stations before your show started. I didn’t want to listen to your garbage.

    Get a grip.

  45. Rick66
    22 Nov 11
    11:11 pm

  46. And what was he doing as a “judge” on idol? Neither talent nor charm.

  47. Graeme
    22 Nov 11
    11:11 pm

  48. Sounds like the sort of drivel we hear regularly now passing as comment on say the PM. To see journo on journo fire brings schaden to my frude.

  49. AJO
    22 Nov 11
    11:13 pm

  50. Can we safely conclude that the 1.4 million who actually watched at the beginning were there for Justin Bieber and the drop off was afterwards when all but 200k realized they were watching Kyle Sandilands? Of course, most of those 200k had probably just left the TV on while they killed themselves.

  51. cybacaT
    22 Nov 11
    11:21 pm

  52. Kyle went too far, but he must get sick of the mindless knockers after a while.

  53. Bob
    22 Nov 11
    11:23 pm

  54. I’d definitely pay to see this massive dickhead fight Matt Newton in one of those celebrity fights.

  55. Burgey
    22 Nov 11
    11:25 pm

  56. Why does it surprise people that Sandilands thinks he can get away with this when we have nutbag idiots like Jones talking with impunity about throwing people into the water in chaff bags and Hadley making up stories to discredit world renowned scientists who disagree with his own redneck agenda? Same with that Chris Smith buffoon.
    It’s the flip side of the same coin. These idiots think that because roughly one in ten people who flick a radio on listen to them they can do as they like. It’s time they were all held to account.
    They’re all walking, talking adverts for the media inquiry.

  57. The Worst of Perth
    22 Nov 11
    11:27 pm

  58. Sandilands bombing in ratings, Qantas failing on Twitter, Ageist Ben from McCanns making total and utter fool of himself. You’re totally on fire this week!

  59. The Worst of Perth
    22 Nov 11
    11:30 pm

  60. I’m sorry, but these hilarious posts have too many comments. I keep having to scroll past Ben and to get to the end of the thread. Not cool. Not cool.

  61. Kyle you're a joke!
    22 Nov 11
    11:31 pm

  62. Firstly… This was a story about what the viewers thought of the show, not her personal opinion…none of the quotes she took from twitter were written by her. How can he abuse her on the radio and say nothing about the people who actually wrote these things??

    Secondly Kyle, how about you take a step back and look at yourself in the mirror you fat bastard, you are so desperate and disgusting you don’t even have the place to call someone else who isn’t fat…fat. Also, since when has a receding hairline and a grey comb over been in fashion?? umm never! And maybe you should be wearing low cut tops like that seeing as though your boobs ARE big enough u fat slob

    You need to get over yourself, your show was shit just accept what people have to say, take a look at the ratings above if you have to..You can always dish it out but the moment you get some bad criticism you cant take it!

    You are so in love with yourself that its sick, but then again i guess you would have to be seeing as though no one else will ever be. Even your wife left you- I wonder why…

    I hope you see this Kyle!

  63. Simon Benedict
    22 Nov 11
    11:40 pm

  64. Kyle Sandilands is surely the bigger piece of shit here.

    Talk about hubris!

    Sorry Kyle, but last time I checked online was growing far more rapidly than radio and televison!

    What a dinosaur.

  65. Mel
    22 Nov 11
    11:43 pm

  66. So… Let me get things straight?

    It’s ok for us to publish our hateful comments on Twitter, Facebook and news sites. It’s also ok to package those comments up and try and pass them off as journalism. But, it’s not ok to voice a hateful response on the radio.

    Right, I think I’ve got it now – thanks team!

  67. Slanderkands
    22 Nov 11
    11:54 pm

  68. The only thing flat dear Kyle is the bottom of that graph. Epic fail you nasty little manchild.

  69. Andrew
    22 Nov 11
    11:59 pm

  70. This is just embarrassing for Kyle, about time he was responsible for shooting off his fat gob. Cut him off for good, send him back to the hole he crawled out of.

  71. Frank Wer
    23 Nov 11
    12:11 am

  72. To be fair to the journalist, he was probably comparing her cup size to his own Double Ds..

  73. Sue Him and make him cry
    23 Nov 11
    12:33 am

  74. Kyle Slanderer (that what his last name should have been) is a twat.. hope this is the end of him and the TV show, guessing if there is another one next week, advertising clients should pull out, so network 7 is forced to cancel the programme. Alison should sue him for every penny that he is worth..
    He is Rude and deserves nothing but plenty more of his own medicine..
    wish i owned a newspaper or any media outlet, would love to have a picture of his face with the word TWAT printed all over it.
    and i feel sorry for Jackie’O to be stuck with him..

  75. Ihatekyle
    23 Nov 11
    12:42 am

  76. Seriously, can’t you see that any publicity is good publicity for Kyle Sandilands? Getting riled up and hating on him only increases his fame and fortune.
    Can we all just please boycott his radio show every morning?
    If he doesn’t get the radio ratings, advertisers wont pay to be aired on his timeslot
    and he won’t have a job.
    The solution is simple. Switch stations, listen to your Ipod, turn the radio off altogether.
    pass it on to everyone you know, if no one listens he should be sacked in no time.

    Imagine how epic the win would be on the day kyle gets fired.
    They should make a show about it!. I would be glued to the set!

  77. Stacie
    23 Nov 11
    1:18 am

  78. I fail to see how Sandilands still has a job. He is not the least bit entertaining. Interviewing other celebrities does not make him one, nor does it make him any sort of journalist. The manner in which he acted from one negative review shows how insecure he is about himself, and how much he needs his ego to be stroked in order to get through the day.

  79. Meedya
    23 Nov 11
    2:13 am

  80. People like this dude dont do Australia any favours in getting rid of the bogan/racist/uncultured/narrowminded tarnish it seems to (unfarily, i add) still have.

    Having lived in Oz for a couple of years i was continually shocked at how Australian radio rulings let DJ’s get away with what they do and especially surprised at the things Sandilands use to say on air, i remember once the 2Day show doing a phone in entitled ‘Do you think Kyle is a Wigger?’. Nice.

    Shocking. Fire the idiot and get some talent Australia can be proud of.

  81. Madeline
    23 Nov 11
    2:30 am

  82. Can we have somewhere to direct complaints to? 😐

  83. Grant
    23 Nov 11
    5:49 am

  84. Wozza: I doubt publicity is the issue – Ch. 7 had been plugging the show heaps & they entered with a strong post XFactor audience.

    After reading the jounos article, it wasn’t overly mean spirited (or unique) – Kyle really needs to learn to cop criticism better, it’s fair to say that the show was a ratings disaster by any measure.

    Dear Kyle: Ch 7 have to make ad revenue… This requires an audience… No audience = no confidence from advertisers = bye-bye thank you for playing.

  85. ADam ferrier
    23 Nov 11
    6:32 am

  86. If you want him off air then advertisers will have to stop giving him money. Because there is no way people are going to stop listening to his train wreck radio.

  87. Peter T
    23 Nov 11
    6:48 am

  88. So Kyle and Jackie’s “show” had strong rating for the first 5 mintues. Since the figures are based on scheduled air times of programs, X Factor didn.t run over by 5 minutes, did it? That’s the only logical reason for those figures for such a trivial, insignificant piece of gutter trash.

  89. Phat of the Sandiland
    23 Nov 11
    7:03 am

  90. Imagine a Bunnies footy fan mocking another Bunnies footy fan, for being a bunnies footy fan. Hmmm?

    Fat bloke calls somebody else fat. If he could play the piano you could liken him to Elton John, however he can’t play the piano, so he simply remains an angry talentless d rated celeb…

  91. Jim P
    23 Nov 11
    7:54 am

  92. News Ltd editorial briefs to its journalists is,and always has been, ‘Rattle birdcages; shit causes comment.’ Sandilands was firing at the wrong target and he would have known that. So what is this, a clever publicity stunt? News on line heavies couldn’t be happier. Alison Stephenson has suddenly become a star and if it’s anything News Ltd needs right now it’s stars! And get it right, guys, rant and rave all you like; Sandilands will survive!

  93. ellymc
    23 Nov 11
    8:01 am

  94. It’s great to see Sandilands called out on this vile attack, there is no excuse, but it is disappointing that so many of the commenters here have resorted to the same name calling attacks in their response.

    Madeline, you can register a complaint with Austero here

  95. Jay
    23 Nov 11
    8:35 am

  96. Well what a hero you are Kyle. Threatening to hunt down a woman. Will you take Matthew Newton with you as your wing man? You have no talent, a foul mouth and whine like a spoilt brat. just give it up and go back into your hole and have another pizza.

  97. Shocked
    23 Nov 11
    8:47 am

  98. I am sorry but did Kyle “look at me I’m a giant fat slob of a man” Sandilands actually refer to someone else as a “fat slag”….

    Just because he has enough clevage to fill a low cut top doesn’t mean he has to take aim at this journalist who was just reporting fact – that his show bombed!

    I just don’t understand why he is still in the media. He is possibly one of the most hated people in Australia. And what a weak man threatening to hunt down a woman. Shame on you and your seven chins!

  99. Groucho
    23 Nov 11
    8:50 am

  100. I thought people were supposed to bag their dog poo; how come they missed this pile?

  101. Chris
    23 Nov 11
    9:02 am

  102. Has anyone got an email address or contact address for the reporter in question. I thought it might be nice (as a journo myself) to send her a message of encouragement and/or support.

    She definitely deserves it.

  103. OnceWasLazy
    23 Nov 11
    9:06 am

  104. ellymc – great link, now every 47 posters on this should “do” something and register a complaint, otherwise we’re all just blowing hot air.

  105. CJ
    23 Nov 11
    9:06 am

  106. I love how he claims she has “a nothing job”. Like he’s out there saving the world. He is the most useless, Z-grade personality in Australia, who has absolutely nothing of worth to offer the world and who is delusional enough to call someone else fat when he looks like an elephant seal himself. What a tosser. Why does the media continue to push this talentless misogynist on us? WE DON’T LIKE HIM!!

  107. fan of true artists
    23 Nov 11
    9:09 am

  108. Is it a little ironic people are nerd raging on the internet about a guy who nerd raged on radio?

    I personally detest the man and his antics, however, several people on this very blog can’t really take the high ground after some of the comments here.

    A little more decorum please.

  109. DANN da MANN
    23 Nov 11
    9:10 am

  110. The TRUTH hurts doesn’t it Kyle? Do you want a tissue you blubbering nutter?
    Shame is Kyle, I do enjoy you but that show was a turnoff even for me-it was a BIG disappointment matey,that first dude you had on was totally boring and that sheila whose boobs you felt was a bloody embarassment- so, so full of herself. I am willing to give you a second chance if there is one, also, why have a desk between you and the guests-that is DUMB! Make it more up and personal.

  111. carlossus
    23 Nov 11
    9:16 am

  112. NEWS FLASH –

    Nothing new here, i guess he is just getting lazy now and allowing his rants to be more public and easily reported on.

    Hope he gets what is coming to him in the long run.

  113. paul
    23 Nov 11
    9:20 am

  114. Does anyone else see the irony in these comments? It’s not ok for Kyle to bag someone viciously on air, yet it’s ok for people to make comments that are quite vicious and personal.

    This demonstrates how hypocritical some of the mumbrella readers are…

  115. fan of true artists
    23 Nov 11
    9:25 am

  116. @ Paul,


  117. Trollolololo
    23 Nov 11
    9:28 am

  118. Who says “titty”? Seriously, what are you? Eleven?

  119. Logic
    23 Nov 11
    9:30 am

  120. Adam is right. The only way to stop the guy is:

    – stop listening (impossible given how wide the audience is)
    – advertisers boycott the show which makes the costs hard to cover and means it stops yielding for Austereo

    All the advertisers that queue up to spend on the show feed this c-word of a guy and reward his behaviour. Every year when he gets more salary and more media exposure he is being conditioned to keep on doing what he is doing. The only way to change him is to change the outcomes he receives for being who he currently is.

  121. Kyle's mum
    23 Nov 11
    9:33 am

  122. Leave my poor mis-understood boy alone… he’s really lovely when you get to know him. I know when he calls me an ‘old fat bitch’ that he doesn’t really mean it…

  123. Andrew McIntosh
    23 Nov 11
    9:35 am

  124. brendo
    23 Nov 11
    9:36 am

  125. Kyle is a vile pig of a bloke, a turn off for all decent human beings on the planet, WHY does anyone listen to him??? Turn him off, get him off air please….

  126. Maureen Chuck
    23 Nov 11
    9:40 am

  127. To make complaints about his disgusting comments go here and quote Section 1.1(e) and 1.3(a) of the Code of Conduct

  128. TAsh
    23 Nov 11
    9:51 am

  129. Kylie Sandilands calling someone fat?

    Pot calling the kettle black anyone don’t you think…

  130. DEN
    23 Nov 11
    9:53 am


  132. Doug
    23 Nov 11
    10:01 am

  133. To @Ali_Stephenson_ love your work!
    To everyone: … you have to view this for what it is… and best described in cliche… “the squeakiest wheel gets the most oil”.

    Sandilands knows how to play to an audience… he figures he will create some loud noise and people will dial in to see what happens next… and by mentioning his name here, his Google ranking increases too

  134. Chris Walsh
    23 Nov 11
    10:03 am

  135. Why isn’t News Limited reporting this latest disgusting development?
    This is the most disgusting story.
    That poor woman and that vile man and co-host

  136. fan of true artists
    23 Nov 11
    10:05 am

  137. Fat like Kylie Sandilands, but actually talented.

  138. kate McClure
    23 Nov 11
    10:12 am

  139. Looks like Austereo have removed yesterdays podcast with Kyle tirade about Ali

  140. really?
    23 Nov 11
    10:19 am

  141. Wow @Ian Mc, lame attempt at humour & completely missing the point. Kudos to you sir for a job well done.

    You know what @paul – instead of being high & mighty you might think it’s great random people are coming to her defense.

  142. Emma
    23 Nov 11
    10:25 am

  143. Where in the podcast does Kyle make the comments?

  144. Dave
    23 Nov 11
    10:27 am

  145. Alison Stephenson is exceptionally attractive in my book.

    Kyle Sandilands on the other hand: Pot. Kettle. Black.

  146. Joe Cincotta
    23 Nov 11
    10:28 am

  147. Sando, Suck it up princess and face the facts! Alison S just became my hero.

  148. kate McClure
    23 Nov 11
    10:31 am

  149. Transcript of his rant here:

    Austrero had replaced the podcast with a safe quizz

  150. Jamie
    23 Nov 11
    10:39 am

  151. Good on Stephenson. Sandilands is a cancer.

  152. James
    23 Nov 11
    10:46 am

  153. man, why does anyone even pay this talentless podgey loser any attention.. he only says this shit to make people mad and gain more attention, just ignore him and he’ll go away. i personally find him hilarious… you need dickheads in the world, it makes the rest of look like winners.. if he is happy with the way his life is going, let him be the huge cockhead that he loves being.. no skin off my nose.

  154. TobyHemming
    23 Nov 11
    10:47 am

  155. Makes Chris Moyles look good though…

  156. Kyle's Ass
    23 Nov 11
    10:54 am

  157. Hey, peeps, chill. Kyle was misquoted. Seriously. These were his actual comments:

    “Some fat slag on has already branded it a disaster. You can tell by reading the article that she just hates us and has always hated us.

    “And why wouldn’t she?

    “What a fat bitter thing I am. I’m an announcer on a radio thingy. I’ve got a nothing job anyway. I’m a piece of shit.

    “This low thing, my TV show ratings, as mentioned by the deputy editor of online. I’m supposed to be impartial, but I’m a survey troll.

    “I’m a bullshit artist, girl. I should be fired from my job. My attitude is very 90s. And your shows. I haven’t got that much talent to be having that high-brow attitude. I better watch my mouth or I’ll be hunted down and shown for what I am.”

  158. Mike Frazer
    23 Nov 11
    11:01 am

  159. I think the ratings graph speaks for itself…..

  160. Claire
    23 Nov 11
    11:02 am

  161. Why do we give this epic loser the time of day? Seriously. I lament the fact that we have become so accepting of the lowest common denominator as a form of so-called “entertainment”. This is unacceptable. And Sandilands is the only fat, bitter one in this story.

  162. Simon Degenhard
    23 Nov 11
    11:09 am

  163. What a big, tough man he is, I guess the truth hurts hey! Now go away Kyle, far, far away, your nothing but an oxygen thief!

    Ps. Alison, you are gorgeous!

  164. zumabeach
    23 Nov 11
    11:16 am

  165. Alison Stephenson? I’d never heard of her until this. Kyle Sandilands? I’d heard of him – hard not to because apparently he’s a foul-mouthed dolt who thrives on this sort of rubbish – but I could never be bothered listening to him. Anyway, this sounds like a winning situation for both of them. Don’t worry – he’ll say something just as stupid next week and it will be beaten up by the media, there will be another bout of internet outrage and we’ll all go round in circles again. Like Bruce Springsteen said all those years ago “57 channels and nothing on.” Go read a good book.

  166. Luke
    23 Nov 11
    11:17 am

  167. Did 2DayFM edit the disgusting diatribe out of the podcast?

  168. Chris Murray
    23 Nov 11
    12:08 pm

  169. Hunt ME down, fat boy.

  170. Matt
    23 Nov 11
    12:17 pm

  171. Kyle Sandilands. Austereo. Enough said.

  172. Anonymous
    23 Nov 11
    12:25 pm

  173. What a pack of thin skinned little whiners we’ve become.

    I don’t know what’s funnier, the fact people are surprised and shocked/appalled by this, or the personal insults being flung at him on a public forum, because he flung a personal insult on someone else, on another public forum.

    Why is ok for Mumbrella commenters and not Kyle? What a bunch of little whinging hypocrites.

    Personally, I think Kyle’s a moron, but the reaction here is a bit over the top. It says a lot of about how PC and sensitive we’ve all become as a society.

  174. doug
    23 Nov 11
    12:46 pm

  175. Have him charged with assault

    What he said is a criminal act and he cannot be allowed to get away with it

  176. Tracey
    23 Nov 11
    12:56 pm

  177. Seriously, unless the advertisers and also the agencies that work with them, remove their copious dollars from his show, the bosses will do nothing. Only way to get rid of the germ.

  178. Erika
    23 Nov 11
    12:58 pm

  179. This guy is a loser!

  180. PeteMelbourne
    23 Nov 11
    1:00 pm

  181. We know Kyle is a lost misogynistic cause – but hasn’t Jackie O gotten off rather easily in this – she’s as complicit in this

  182. fraser
    23 Nov 11
    1:01 pm

  183. Kyle really is a classless tool

    How does any brand want to be associated with this idiot, advertisers please stop sponsoring his show now.

  184. Damo
    23 Nov 11
    1:02 pm

  185. I wouldn’t slow down if I saw this pompous, arrogant, ego maniac crossing the road despite the massive damage his huge chunky arse would do to my car. He couldn’t blow any more smoke up his own arse if he had a pack of cigars and a length of hose. GoOD on you Alison stick it to him. Ratings don’t lie Kyle does. Kyle go away no-one cares about you, you are irrelevant no matter what you think, stop believing your own publicity. YOU DON’T MATTER TO THE WORLD!

  186. Harry
    23 Nov 11
    1:05 pm

  187. This is why Radio is DEAD…

  188. hater
    23 Nov 11
    1:05 pm

  189. Why does this waste of space tool still get airplay. Honestly who has the slightest bit of interest in ANYTHING he says. I make a point to never listen to 2DayFM just on the off chance I might hear his voice. As for watching his pathetic show … sticking needles in my eyes and eating glass are just 2 better options!! Don’t give him the time of day in the media!

  190. WTF
    23 Nov 11
    1:08 pm

  191. There are “shock jocks” around the world who are actually entertaining – take Howard Stern. Sandilands is a pathetic wannabe imitation.

    Go on – hunt me down d*ckhead.

  192. JK
    23 Nov 11
    1:09 pm

  193. Sandilands is a complete slug himself. Hope he implodes!

  194. R. Mugobme
    23 Nov 11
    1:10 pm

  195. How low can you Kyle? My guess is a bit further yet. As my gran used to say “You are Lower Than Snakes Testicles”.

  196. Karlos
    23 Nov 11
    1:12 pm

  197. Who does Sandilands appeal to? Anyone under 13 years of age would not find him funny and any parent of a 12 year old or younger would not want them listening to the trash that comes from his mouth. So once again who is his audience and how has he stayed on air for so long?

  198. Chris Cornish
    23 Nov 11
    1:13 pm

  199. What a nasty piece of work. Why is this clown still on radio?

  200. John Gorton
    23 Nov 11
    1:14 pm

  201. Sadly he will get a spike in radio ratings. This is what they do. The millions of outraged people will tune in tomorrow morning to hear what he will say in reply… hello bumper ratings !

  202. charli
    23 Nov 11
    1:19 pm

  203. I still have no idea why this duo keeps winning those radio awards?! it’s beyond me. I find their interviews just an excuse for kyle to crap on about his LA lifestyle instead of asking interesting questions to his guests….

    Why are they still on-air is ridiculous…

  204. Inga
    23 Nov 11
    1:20 pm

  205. Why does this man still have a job, he is in the entertainment industry and to be ‘nice’ he is far from entertaining.

    He is disgusting and I do not understand how he can keep his job. Why do the radio stations and TV companies keep this man on their books.

  206. Louise
    23 Nov 11
    1:21 pm

  207. How is this revolting man still employed, still on air?? I have had enough of him and his ridiculous mouth and ‘bullying’ ways…when is it gunna stop? When will Australia say ‘NO MORE KYLE’ …? ewwwww, he is just repulsive.
    Why are people still listening to Vile Kyle and Tacky O anyway, stop listening to them both and he will hopefully go back under the rock he came from, and she might disappear for good too. How many chances do these two dickheads need? Stop listening, stop advertising on the show = STOP Kyle and his antics once and for all.

  208. johnnyD
    23 Nov 11
    1:23 pm

  209. I gave the show on Seven the other evening the benefit of doubt and stated it was neither awesome or crap. After reading of Princess Kyles thug like childish spoilt bratt reaction to criticism my favour of the show and the individual is rapidly decreasing. I give high praise to Jacki O for putting up with this imbecile. I still ask myself and others as to why Kyle is employed in any broadcast medium at all when its clear that he has no real ability or skillset to offer a brand or the image of a station and their key market demographic.

  210. Georgie
    23 Nov 11
    1:25 pm

  211. ohhh please; you could have written the script for this last week….
    what was gonna happen? what, Kyle launch a new show and not knee jerk his way through the next 48hrs? did anyone pick up on the content (even in the 3mins of viewing?) anything goes with this dude; anything… that’s how he rolls…
    addicted to the sick thrill of chronic rage! I wouldn’t even be surprised if News Ltd are on his payroll…. this is how we do it…. read Kim Kar-cashing-in’s book!

  212. Siobhan
    23 Nov 11
    1:29 pm

  213. Why dont we bundle up all these comments and send them to him. He cant hunt that many people at once…he’ll have a heart attak. Hmmmm now there’s a plan. Seriously what a dick !

  214. Doc
    23 Nov 11
    1:37 pm

  215. Enough is enough.

    A TOTAL BULLY AND A COWARD (as most bullies are).

    WE HAVE THE POWER – turn him off and encourage everyone else to do the same. Then the advertising dollars will follow …


  216. Zoe
    23 Nov 11
    1:43 pm

  217. Kyle – go and crawl back under the gutter you came from & give your lavish lifestyle to some one who actually deserves it. You dont deserve crap after the way you treat people! You had your chance to live a good life – time is up PISS OFF!
    Take Wacky-Jacky with you – she has support your fat ass for years! Bye Bye

  218. Sylvia
    23 Nov 11
    1:43 pm

  219. what a bully. I wonder how many advertisers will drop his programme from their schedules… I would.

  220. Ted
    23 Nov 11
    1:44 pm

  221. Spot on PeteMelbourne. Jackie O has feigned disapproval many times but continues to ride on the blob’s coat tails. Why don’t women call her out on this?

  222. Snaggy
    23 Nov 11
    1:53 pm

  223. Hmmm… Looks like the tribe is speaking Kyle, ol’ chum. Once the drums get this sort of syncopation, well, might be time to subscribe to Seek. Search for slightly overweight, lowest common denominator and tosspot. That will have in the right field.
    You are going to look really good next to that bloke in the team mop infomercials mate.

  224. Cozza
    23 Nov 11
    1:57 pm

  225. Another case of the pot calling the kettle fat! Who the hell is he to talk!?
    I can’t understand how he continues to get away with this type of behaviour. Time he was taken off the air for good.

  226. Catherine Zaharias
    23 Nov 11
    2:05 pm

  227. A clear indication of Sandiland’s complete lack of intelligence. Rather than responding like a human being with an opinion, he swung well below the belt and personally insulted Alison. For someone who is sorely out of shape himself, me thinks it’s time for a look in the mirror.
    What’s worse.. is Jackie laughs at this stuff and continues to work with him… girl power? I don’t think so.

  228. SJ
    23 Nov 11
    2:16 pm

  229. Sandiland’s what class the man has!

  230. Robert s McCormick
    23 Nov 11
    2:18 pm

  231. Do I see a Court Injunction heading little Kylee’s way? Let us hope so.
    When is he going to stand up & behave like an adult?
    People hated his silly show. Get used to it.
    He has had so much bad publicity in recent times surely he is not so up himself that he did not think people would flock to his support?
    It is time he was cut loose.
    He brings no credit to his employers.
    He brings no credit to other males
    Just what has he ever actually done for the benefit of Australia & Australians?
    Just who, other than a nasty, big fat bully, does he think he is.
    The entire Media Industry should cut him loose & declare him Persona non Grata.

  232. Leethal
    23 Nov 11
    2:19 pm

  233. The last line, “watch your mouth, or I’ll hunt you down”, I wonder if that’s grounds for a restraining order (at the very least). I’m sure police would love to hear that audio, as to my way of thinking, it constitutes a threat against Alison Stephenson.

  234. Norelle
    23 Nov 11
    2:21 pm

  235. Mumbrella – when you do a story like this, could you please flip it around so that (in this case) ‘Kyle’ is in objective case and not subjective case. This means your heading would not so much be ‘Tool hits target’ but ‘Truth angers tool’ It is offensive to us all that he is ‘the action’ in this story.

  236. Amanda
    23 Nov 11
    2:29 pm

  237. Way to shoot from the hip Sandilands. Perhaps would have been wise to wait and see what your ratings were before your little speech. Kyle wouldn’t know what editorial integrity was if it smacked him on the arse.
    And by the way Allison – I’ve seen your photo and you are lovely. Very mature that Kyle has to revert to schoolyard bullying tactics to get his point across.

  238. Todd
    23 Nov 11
    2:39 pm

  239. I don’t like making personal remarks about people’s size, but as many of the abovr posters have noted,

    Kyle is not exactly the slimmest thing around and I just can’t believe he could attack someone for their weight – he has no self awareness.

    Also his comments re titty size etc, were uncalled for.

    People in glass houses etc…

    I can’t stand his radio show so had no desire to see him on TV, although i did see a bit of it. The desk was so huge it seemed like him and the guests were miles from each other.

    And we can rant or rave all we like, but for some reason heaps of people keep listening to him on radio… so he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

    I don’t see what his fans see in him, but enough people do to make him v rich…

  240. Don't forget Jackie O
    23 Nov 11
    2:40 pm

  241. And another thing…Tacky O is just as bad and guilty as the Big Fat Slug himself! In the background, chuckling away to the misogynistic PIG and party to the whole conversation. She’s been a contributor to every past drama filled issue over the last 5 years of their radio show, just that her talentless contibution isn’t quite as amplified as the Fat slug himself. When will these deluded and ordinary individuals piss off! Over to you advertising industry………

  242. Between-channel fuzz
    23 Nov 11
    2:41 pm

  243. Well HOW could Alison compete with his manboobs?

    Next stop for Kyle is a low-cut top, mark my words.

  244. Jules
    23 Nov 11
    2:52 pm

  245. Klye Sanderlands and Deni Hines….now there’s a match made in heavan!

  246. RJ
    23 Nov 11
    2:57 pm

  247. Seven need to give themselves an upper-cut.

  248. Cameron
    23 Nov 11
    3:10 pm

  249. “…I’ll hunt you down…” Isn’t that tantamount to a criminal threat?

  250. Davina
    23 Nov 11
    3:17 pm

  251. Don’t forget he also appears to be breaching

    Ensure that reporting and “on-air” discussions respect the dignity of women and are non-exploitive which is item 2 of the



  252. Nigel
    23 Nov 11
    3:23 pm

  253. Nanna state here we come, oh sorry, here we are!

  254. Tony
    23 Nov 11
    3:56 pm

  255. what an angry, irrational bully. Who does he think he is? Ray “the chimp” Hadley?

  256. Wilma J Craig
    23 Nov 11
    3:59 pm

  257. All these commnet for such a nong!
    His ego will be getting even bigger.
    Can we please now stop?
    Aren’t there more interesting people we could gossip about?

  258. whitsey
    23 Nov 11
    4:02 pm

  259. Listen to all you people – doing exactly what he did to Alison! So it’s NOT ok for him to have a go at her for publicly airing her opinion of his show but it is ok for you to tear him to shreds on this forum?

    Opions are like a*holes … I just don’t know why everyone thinks that the rest of us want to see/hear them!!!

  260. gemma
    23 Nov 11
    4:35 pm

  261. It’s time to shut that guy down. What a sad state of affairs that we have such a low person as a ‘celebrity’. And I think it’s also sad that the two of them (JackieO and Sandilands) are lauded as some kind of talented pair. They have the minds and maturity of 15 year olds. And what’s even sadder is they have such a following.

  262. Laura
    23 Nov 11
    4:54 pm

  263. Jackie O and the producers of their show are just as bad as Kyle, for not making more of an effort to stop him from being so wildly unprofessional.

  264. Whitey
    23 Nov 11
    4:55 pm

  265. But we are responding to him – it wasn’t a first strike and seems kinda fair

    and by the way, he has some fans it seems

    the following emails address are already in use.

  266. OldSchool
    23 Nov 11
    4:56 pm

  267. Network 7 and Kyle Sandilands !! What do you expect – double the load of rubbish – hope the advertisers who rand spots in that time slot get many a make good!!

  268. paul
    23 Nov 11
    4:58 pm

  269. Why are Holden cancelling the sponsorship? Their tagline on the ads running on 2DayFm say ‘expect anything’…

  270. kate McClure
    23 Nov 11
    4:58 pm

  271. Apparently Holden has pulled their sponsorship…first nail

  272. james
    23 Nov 11
    4:59 pm

  273. Hey lets all be honest…
    If he sticks to radio and fails on TV at least we don’t have to lokk at the fat slob.
    Why doesn’t he just stay in LA and not pollute our mediums in Australia.

    He’s a low life and gets to much oxygen. Turn it off. Please!!!

  274. Tony Robb
    23 Nov 11
    5:01 pm

  275. Big tough guy eh!
    Wants to hunt down women!
    Its only a razors edge, Kyle,that you sit on…No doubt,you have not chosen wisely!!

  276. Adrian
    23 Nov 11
    5:02 pm

  277. Someone tell me why these radio personalities are above the law?

    I’ll give you two guesses what would happen to any normal person who launched a tirade like this in their workplace; first they’d be fired, second they’d be in court.

  278. Tim
    23 Nov 11
    5:11 pm

  279. Holden first advertiser to go…

  280. NotMyDog
    23 Nov 11
    5:24 pm

  281. Now,Now … don’t be to tough on him, after all if he did not wear his pants to tight to expose his small dick, had a decent hairstyle, lost some weight and stopped talking, we probably think he is alright!

  282. Wilma J Craig
    23 Nov 11
    5:38 pm

  283. whitsey,
    not that I am religious but what’s that old saying?
    ” As ye sew, so shall ye reap”
    Kyle started this with his blatant & possibly even illegal threats.
    Kyle has never hesitated for one nansecond to ” tear to shreds” anyone who dares to cross or criticise him as & when it suits him. & he expects to be allowed to get away with it.
    Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.
    If, as Kyle quite obviously can’t, he cannot cop legitimate criticism without resorting to threats against a person’s safety then he should not be on radio, TV or anywhere else in public.

  284. V
    23 Nov 11
    5:48 pm

  285. Sandilands and Jackie o always equal zero on tv. Strange how projects his qualities on others. How they even get paid is just rubbish. Is that a threat against the safety of the journo?

  286. Mary
    23 Nov 11
    5:59 pm

  287. I feel awful for Alison Stephenson, with regards to the publicity this has received too. Having her name repeatedly paired with “fat slag” really adds insult to injury, and all she did was write a review. Plus she’s decidedly cute, although I don’t know if that makes Sandiland’s comments better or worse.

  288. Carole Goldsmith
    23 Nov 11
    6:45 pm

  289. I turned the show off after the first five mins as it was boring

  290. Steve
    23 Nov 11
    6:57 pm

  291. Fat troll? Kyle you are a joke. She is a good sort and I would take her out anytime. You on the other hand I wouldn’t be seen dead with.

  292. David
    23 Nov 11
    9:34 pm

  293. I think she’s cute. No, scrub that. Very cute.

    And she’s right.

    And Kyle’s wrong.


    And vitriolic.


    But we still keep giving him (and Jackie-O, for that matter) air.


    Beats me.

    Kyle, Jackie-O and every executive behind them should either leave or be fired.

    End of story.

  294. Gezza
    23 Nov 11
    11:02 pm

  295. King of spin Kyle, can’t stand the guy, austereo, 7, news ltd should all sack him, he is a vile man, but he’s on their payroll.
    The show bombed sounded pretty crap from the reviewers at least they were watching.
    So tomorrow will sunrise and today have exclusives on 7 will the Sunday telegraph be running a must see exclusive to? Yes
    Will they get lots of publicity? Yes
    All about the $$$$ good or bad publicity if you didn’t know about it you do now.
    This fluff of entertainment and news is an absolute joke in australia and needs a shake up.

  296. Gezza
    23 Nov 11
    11:10 pm

  297. If he does get the boot, maybe Ben at McCanns can give him job, the ageist and sexist they might get on. Im sure all the young hip digi folk at McCanns would all be big Kyle and Jackie O fans. Ooops I forgot he’s to old and has no talent.

  298. Grant
    24 Nov 11
    5:57 am

  299. @gezza

    McCann has already publicly labelled him as toxic to brands in the newspaper regarding this issue :)

  300. Todd
    24 Nov 11
    10:57 am

  301. I saw Allisons article and it was a subjective standpoint. I mean the ratings were telling but to attack him individually in the article is not an objective article, and that should be a journalist’s job

    My argument is both are in the wrong. Both sides have thrown personal insults at each other. One side could not take the high ground and not acknowledge the others attacks?

    I mean it isnt a good thing for Allison to fire back personal insults and stoop to Kyles level. What will that do to the representation of, and its claim for ‘objectivity’?

    Dont get me wrong. I think Kyle is a misogynist and he does discriminate and he is overrated but people on here are doing the same thing he does by constantly teasing him about his weight. Yes I know he teased allison but the term ‘fat slob’ by some people is too discriminatory.

  302. Tom Wells
    25 Nov 11
    8:58 pm

  303. Kyle who?

  304. Wayne Miller
    30 Nov 11
    6:45 pm

  305. Yep – this is history repeating it’self – yet again:)

    Do we recall back in the 80’s (or 90’s??) some chumpy looking, foul mouthed, radio jock by the name of Doug Mulray, suddenly went MIA as soon as he went on TV?

    Seems obvious to me that this could have been one of your idols growing up, Kyle – no?

    Like – did you ever have any wall posters of ol’ Doug in yr bedroom when you were a kid, Kyle?

    I have to admit, you do remind me of how a monkey behaves – and of course, monkey see, monkey do…!!

  306. conspiracy theorist
    30 Nov 11
    7:43 pm

  307. Ali is so so hot! :)

  308. Jenny Smith
    10 Dec 11
    2:47 pm

  309. I feel sorry for him and think the outer persona is just a cover up for a sad and very angry little boy/man who’s insecurities from childhood have left him confused. He is totally obsessed with the externals of life because he’s too scared to look deeper incase he finds something too painful to deal with. My free advise to Kyle is to cut the crap! hanging around with barely legal little girs and so called entertainers, living in big houses, having a flash car etc don’t make you a better person, a cool person or a person that others can look up to. Do yourself a favour Kyle get yourself a therapist, start looking for the person underneath all the bullshit and find some real meaning in you life before you pass the point of no return
    good luck
    p.s. I may have some available appointment after Xmas

  310. Offal Spokesperson
    13 Dec 11
    5:29 pm

  311. and still his ratings go up, is the ratings system wrong, or are there far more bogans than any of us could ever imagine?

  312. Leethal
    13 Dec 11
    8:14 pm

  313. Lets face it. There is nothing anyone can do now. He has apologized to all concerned, and 3 months from now his advertisers be back on board. Situation normal. It says volumes for our media authorities complaints system, that is so outdated.