Save us from democracy, Mr Conroy

While some foolish folk may have thought that media minister Stephen Conroy’s obsession with filtering the internet was a tad misjudged, he may not be as alone  as we thought.

As this marvelous video from Cleanternet makes clear. It’s time to help the victims of criticism, political opposition, democracy and freedom of speech.



  1. Andrew McMillen
    2 May 10
    5:16 pm

  2. Great video. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anonymous
    3 May 10
    1:35 pm

  4. this ad should run on TV. i think if more people were exposed to the absurdity of internet censorship, it won’t go ahead.

    and i love the repeated reference to child porn, which has been the catchcry for the govt – “if you’re against net filtering, then you’re pro child porn”.

    good work

  5. AdGrunt
    3 May 10
    2:50 pm

  6. That is the awesome. GetUp! should rally some dosh for that to get airtime.

  7. Damian Guiney
    5 May 10
    12:08 pm

  8. Great execution, and message, but I wonder whether the sarcasm is going to be too subtle for a lot of people. I suspect if it went to TV and was played to the same audience that watches, say… Hey Hey it’s Saturday… then it would struggle.

    No offense if you watch Hey Hey it’s Saturday. Actually, no… you should be offended.


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