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Hold the front page: Dog injures nose

The great thing about the web is the ability for newspapers to break big news without having to wait until the next print edition, as demonstrated here by the UK’s Salisbury Journal:  

The story has become cult reading, already generating more than 130,000 views – the biggest in the newspaper’s history. Arguably even more entertaining about this marvelous piece of local journalism are the comments that follow:

Protophobic, Berkshire says…

2:48am Mon 26 Apr 10

Sounds harrowing. Keep us posted.

vfredc, says…

2:52am Mon 26 Apr 10

It’s outrageous that something like this is allowed to happen in this country.I want this to be addressed in the next prime ministeral debates. Let’s see Nick Clegg talk himself out of this one.

rick_a, says…

4:32am Mon 26 Apr 10

Shocked and disgusted. There’s nothing but bad news now days. What sort of world are we leaving for our children?

treeflappa, says…

9:45am Mon 26 Apr 10

After hearing this shocking news we obviously need to invade Iran.

Delie, Salisbury says…

10:17am Mon 26 Apr 10

This is horrendous. What kind of society are we living in today where a dog can injure its nose just by going for a walk.

I want to see some justice! If they catch the chap responsible for this outrage he should be beaten to within an inch of his life, and castrated to stop his criminal DNA from having the chance to pass on to further generations.

jimbob12, lovetown says…

10:53am Mon 26 Apr 10

Dear Lord! we need an urgent inquiry. personally, I blame it on the boogie

Pollyvoysey, Salisbury says…

12:04pm Mon 26 Apr 10

This is brave and edgy reporting. It’s a pity that the Pulitzer Prize is limited to the USA.

Dog Nose Trauma Support Group, Bartley says…

12:56pm Mon 26 Apr 10

If you or your dog has been affected by this problem then don’t suffer in silence. You are not alone. Contact the DNTG for meetings in your local area.

csmithuk, Salisbury says…

1:26pm Mon 26 Apr 10

The male dog walker was probably an illegal immigrant. Once again we can see the consequences of Labour’s lax attitude toward immigration. How many more dogs’ noses must be injured before we tighten our border controls?

olwhittyone, salisbury says…

2:34pm Mon 26 Apr 10

This article is a complete fake. The plot is obviously taken from John Grishams latest best seller!!

Skunkpussy, Battle says…

3:54pm Mon 26 Apr 10

This has obviously got something to do with terrorism.

Barbara_Woodhouse, says…

4:22pm Mon 26 Apr 10

I was thinking of moving to Ringwood, but not after this. No siree Bob. It’s quite obvious how much the area has degenerated after reading this. There’s no way I’m putting my family OR pets at risk in a hell-hole like this. What is this country coming to? Bring back National Service I say. Wasn’t like this in my day.

fishbear, Heathfield says…

5:06pm Mon 26 Apr 10

Once again we see the pernicious attempts by the North Koreans to bring disorder, distrust and canine nasal trauma to the good citizens of Salisbury. Surely,after the recent sinking of the South Korean ship in disputed international waters, this has to be another incident that is ratcheting up the tension towards potential global mayhem.

Only by demonstrating that Salisbury is a nuclear power by detonating a low-yield device under the Wilton Shopping Village can the fiendish Kim Jong-Il be diverted from causing similar olfactory carnage.


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