Seven’s new datacasting channel TV4: ‘not designed to be a ratings winner’

Seven has moved into datacasting through a content deal with branded content firm Brand New Media.

The new channel – called TV4 – will run on digital station 74 and will air brands’ YouTube channel videos plus other content brands want to reach consumers interested in lifestyle, finances, community, education and shopping.

“It’s important to point out that this is not an entertainment channel – it’s a consumer channel,” said Brand New Media CEO Perry Smith.  “You watch it to buy something or find out information. It’s not designed to be a ratings winner.”

The service will be available on digital channel 74 in the five major metropolitan markets – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. According to Seven, TV4 has the potential to reach 15.8m people in 5.8m homes.

The deal follows a similar initiative between Brand New Media and Seven’s regional TV partner Prime Media that went live six weeks ago.

Seven’s chief sales and digital officer, Kurt Burnette, said: “As Australia’s leading broadcast TV platform, we are committed to taking the lead in innovation and are delighted to be in partnership with Brand New Media on this new datacasting service. Seven continues to focus on providing our advertising partners with new ways to engage with our audiences and TV4 on Channel 74 represents a significant new development for our clients and our audiences.”


  1. Smeds
    7 Nov 11
    12:44 pm

  2. Hoorah, we’ve come to a television channel made for the sole purpose of broadcasting advertisements. Can’t wait.

  3. JJ
    7 Nov 11
    2:24 pm

  4. why not setup a consumer channel that IS entertaining !?

  5. Richard from Tasmania
    7 Nov 11
    10:39 pm

  6. Hooray, more channels of nothing to watch.
    I wonder how long we will be lucky in Tasmania and not get it, before it hits our shores.

  7. jane
    1 Dec 11
    2:57 pm

  8. just another crap channel on the crap freeview system. why taxpayers had to fork out millions to the commercial channels a couple of years ago so that could dish up the crap that put on tv is a great mystery to me