So much Love to give – but does anyone want it?

Love Harnell, if that is your real name, has come up with the enterprising concept of launching an online jingle service.  

Love HarnellIf you care for his taste, he’s offering to create covers of jingles (is that even permitted?) or original ones for both individuals and brands. He’s also promising to make sure your video jingles do their rounds on the social media circuit.

Harnell has already posted on his site some self penned ditties for a Swedish online car pooling service and a political blog site.

And in between all that he has also written demo jingles for Apple, Red Bull, US actor Kevin Spacey and the Olsen twins.

Now, there are only 365 exclusive jingles available for the year (live or studio recordings). When he launched the site on January 1, the price for a jingle was a special offer of $1. They’ve since gone up to as much as $900.

Dr Mumbo is wondering how soon it’ll be till Apple and Red Bull come banging down his virtual door to take him up on his offer. Harnell claims to have already sold a jingle to Yahoo.

But the video jingle that particularly caught Dr Mumbo’s attention was the one for Kevin Spacey.

Lock your doors people.


  1. sven
    6 Jan 10
    2:24 pm

  2. this whole thing is a well-crafted piss-take isn’t it? not a serious small business?

  3. Terry
    6 Jan 10
    3:31 pm

  4. interesting if it works. reminds me of milliondollarhomepage


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