So what is the reputation of your new owner?

An awkward moment for AIBM’s Alan Kohler, Stephen Bartholomeusz and Robert Gottliebsen when they were quizzed by Bruce Guthrie on the reputation of new owner News Limited.

Speed to 6m,20s for the delicious expression on the face of the usually unflappable Kohler as he realises he has just stepped onto a minefield.

There’s a further moment of delicious squirming at 14.45 when Kohler is asked whether he still thinks that  Rupert Murdoch is a disgrace.

Still, Dr Mumbo doffs his cap to the Business Spectator trio for publishing the interview – not least for choosing as the interrogator Guthrie, who is no longer on the News Limited Christmas card list after suing over his sacking as Herald Sun editor.

During the conversation Guthrie says, somewhat wistfully, of Murdoch: “I’m not sure he’s going to forgive me.”


  1. So which is it Mr Kohler?
    2 Jul 12
    11:40 am

  2. At 6 mins 20s Mr Kohler says that the current phone hacking scandal “has highlighted some issues” and that they’re “terrible” adding that “the people responsible for that need to go to jail”, and then just 8 minutes later says the company is “better run now” and confirms that Mr Murdoch is not a disgrace. Ahem….

  3. archie
    2 Jul 12
    3:40 pm

  4. Finally, on Mumbrella we see an example of corporate and financial “PR”.
    Fascinatingly, it has failed to be identified as such
    The strategy is simple – Biz Spectator faced criticism and allegations of hypocrisy for selling out and losing its independence to a buyer it has publicly criticised for biased reporting, poor governance etc
    So it selected and paid an interviewer (the apparently ‘tough’ and biaised mate bruce guthrie) to ask what appear like hard questions but are actually dorothy dixers for well prepared media types like the KGB
    they’re all precisely on-message and bat everything away with aplomb

  5. paul
    3 Jul 12
    11:42 am

  6. B R I L L I A N T !
    Great example of how mUmbrella works… THANKS