Sometimes this industry does the right thing

It may be that it was simply never as visible in the days before social media, but it seems to me that this new level of connectivity is allowing the media and marketing industry to do more positive deeds than ever before. Whether global poverty, climate change, male suicide or simple compassion, there seems to be a current industry-led initiative.  

This week sees media and marketing agencies being urged to get behind the Tck Tck Tck campaign which is urging 1m Australians to sign a petition on climate change prior to next month’s Copenhagen summit.

The Australian end is being led by Trinity P3’s Darren Woolley with a social media element due to unfold in the next few days. (The Australian Twitter feed is already active).

News Ltd is also set to come to the party with a countdown widget to go on the company’s web sites due to go live later this week. According to Woolley: “There are several ways the industry can use their contacts and relationships to help. Talk to them on Twitter, shoot an ad, create a TVC, blog about it, to create a campaign with an Australian focus but a global message. This is a real opportunity for people to know that they’re making a difference – it’s not like changing a light-bulb or offsetting your carbon footprint: this is life-changing.”

Agencies wanting to get involved can contact Darren Woolley on 0411 126176 or Cathie McGinn on 0424 602581.

Then there’s Australia’s contribution to the Charter for Compassion project, which is being driven by Ogilvy.

Australians on Compassion

And also crossing my inbox in the last few days was details of the Annual Advertising Art Auction, taking place in Melbourne on December 3. The event, long supported by the advertising industry, helps fund the Lighthouse Foundation.

And of course, we can hardly miss the dodgy taches of Movember, again an event heavily supported by the Australian media and marketing industry.

And then comes The Perfect Gift For A Man book, championed by bloggers including Gavin Heaton and Mark Pollard. It followed the Man Week project, inspired by the high suicide rate in young men.

The Perfect Gift for a Man book – interview on Mornings With Kerri-Anne from Tony Hollingsworth on Vimeo.

There’s the Global Poverty Project, which was founded in Australia by Hugh Evans and being heavily supported by the likes of Clive Burcham of The Conscience Organisation, Anthony Farr of Google and Michael Wilkins of News Ltd. A multimedia presentation on extreme poverty, the project will be launched in the US next month and in London in January. A documentary will follow in 2011.

I’m sure I’m missing loads of other initiatives too – these are just the ones that have appeared on my radar in the last few days. Do mention any that I’ve missed.

If you’re looking for help, or to get involved, one place to start is to keep an eye on the new pro bono section of Mumbrella Jobs, or use it to let people know what you need.

I realise that initiatives like the art auction and Movember preceded social media, but the level of activity seems to be on the increase. Ours is an industry uniquely positioned to make a positive contribution. Happily, there are plenty of people making the most of that opportunity.


Tim Burrowes


  1. John Kerrison
    16 Nov 09
    3:44 pm

  2. Tim,
    Great blog post. One of the most revealing facets of social and participatory media is the conversations about justice issues. These are issues which mass-media television struggles to cover very well. TV struggles to report campaigns as important as tcktcktck because it needs ‘pictures’, and it needs ‘conflict’.
    What’s happening on digital platforms is both exciting and liberating. People are building communities around their media, and sharing experiences in real-time.
    I found out about tcktcktck, the charter for compassion, and the global poverty project through Twitter networks.

  3. Tim Parker
    16 Nov 09
    4:29 pm

  4. Worth mentioning the IAA’s “HOPENHAGEN” initiative.

    A number of agencies have collaborated on the campaign to “turn Copenhagen into Hopenhagen”, and you’ll see more (and can sign the UN petition) at

    Several media owners in Oz have agreed to run the ads supporting this initiative.

  5. Harold
    18 Nov 09
    10:44 pm

  6. News & Current Affairs – Basically these shows are losing credibility because they always serve up ‘Fast Food News’ with no substance. Where have all the hard hitting Journalists gone?? i.e. Back when John Hewson was trying to explain the GST here could not get away from the bombarment of question thrown his way by credible Journalists. But when it comes to the likes of Climate Change SCAM where Kevin Rudd could sign away Australia’s Sovereignty & Future in Cpoenhagen next month ($7 Billion per Year + Potential Penalties if we don’t meet or targets). I HAVE NOT SEEN 1 QUESTION on this matter taking Rudd to task on this potential DISASTER.! (BLOODY DISGRACEFUL) where have all the REAL Journalists Gone???



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