Southern Cross Austereo digital chief Jeremy Macvean exits

Radio giant Southern Cross Austereo has announced the departure of head of digital and business development Jeremy Macvean after eight years with the company.

His exit coincides with the introduction of a new role, head of digital strategy and innovation, a position for which the company is now recruiting.

The role will be responsible for providing strategic oversight and driving growth in new digital platforms.

SCA boss Guy Dobson said in a statement: “Under Jeremy’s leadership our business has seen  extraordinary growth online and the superior use of digital media in its client solutions. We wish him all the best in his own endeavours. For the new role we are seeking a candidate who can drive our digital offerings so that we continue to grow in this ever-evolving, fast moving space.”


  1. Ken Sparkes
    8 Jul 12
    10:16 am

  2. “Strategic oversight, driving growth” “Head of Digital Strategy and Innovation”
    great words, so moving but moving where? Programme duplication, same tired formats, “more music less commercials” What radio should do is market low cost digital radios and get stand alone digital car radios. Last big boast about the “depth of market penatration” was one million digital radios, Sydney has over four million population. One million after all the years of hype, not a great result.
    Don’t wait for the current manufactures to do the job, jump on a plane and get to China and manufacture your own.That is, strategy, that is innovation.
    Good luck!