Straight to the heart of Gloria Jeans

Dr Mumbo must raise an eyebrow at the social media PR campaign from coffee franchise company Gloria Jeans. Their attempt to create a bit of positive spin around their community activities with the hashtag #WithHeartLocal seems to have gone somewhat awry.

Who could have seen that coming…?



  1. Anonymous
    19 Jul 12
    1:41 pm

  2. yet another brand for whom social media is a net reputational negative

    well done, gimmick-peddling ‘evangelists’, on what’s clearly a successful anti-corporate campaign strategy

  3. Fiona
    19 Jul 12
    6:55 pm

  4. One day people might realise that they can’t control hashtags.

    One day…

  5. Truth
    20 Jul 12
    4:20 pm

  6. Oh anonymous. The good old days when a company could spin anything it wanted are over. Gloria Jeans released a statement saying they bought advertising for an ACL event. It was quickly discovered that this was a lie, and the electoral commission records showed they made a donation. Ooops.

    They claimed they never made a donation to the anti-gay Family First party. It was quickly discovered, again through the electoral commission that they donated, through their trading name to ‘Families Australia’ who funneled all this money directly to Family First.

    Perhaps this corporate needs to acquaint itself with a little thing called the truth!

    I have no problem with them making donations to anti-gay political organisations but lying about these donations is not a smart way to go. And don’t expect me to spend one cent in any of their stores as a result. As a consumer, I don’t have a problem getting more not less information.

    The old style ‘marketing spin’ doesn’t work in a world full of people able to investigate bogus claims…

  7. Dan
    20 Jul 12
    10:01 pm

  8. Been boycotting this company for years ever since I found out it was one of the major supporters of the Hillsong Church. All of the above reinforces my decision.