Strong women need not apply

Take Two Events sexist adAre you a strong man?

Do you want to work in a sexist environment?

Then just the job for you has just been posted on the Mumbrella job board.

Take Two Events is looking for a male event manager.

You’ve got to be a male because you need to be “strong enough to take down a small marquee”. And of course no woman is strong enough to do that.


  1. Adrian
    30 Apr 12
    10:56 am

  2. I’m male, so, that’s good… but I think only working on misty weekends would be too irregular.

  3. Alison_F
    30 Apr 12
    11:13 am

  4. Outrageous!! I wonder if Take Two Events understands that they are breaking the law by placing this ad??? I may just get in touch and let them know…

  5. Mac
    30 Apr 12
    11:51 am

  6. To be fair, aren’t they really asking for a team of male models for promotional work?

    Isn’t it fairly standard to specify gender when asking for models to promote products?

    Yeah – that’s sexist, but isn’t any modelling/acting/promotions work were gender, age or race is specified fundamentally racist, sexist and age-ist?

    The thing that really surprises me are the film making competitions which are only open to those under-35. That would seem to be fundamentally against the anti-age discrimination laws – which permit age discrimination when supporting under-represented groups. But can anyone seriously argue that under-35s are under-represented in amateur film making?