Thanks to Disney we have copies of Subdivision, the 2009 dramedy from director Sue Brooks and producer Trish Lake.

The film follows a Queensland family whose life – and that of their community – is turned upside down with the arrival of a big city corporate property developer. A former father (Gary Sweet) and son (Ashley Bradnam) team is at the centre of this conflict.

Subdivision is far from perfect, but its greatest contribution is having discovered Bradnam’s potential as a writer and leading man.

It is now available on DVD, and the theme song “So Said Muhammad Ali” by Abbie Cardwell is also available on iTunes.

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  1. Bruce Notman
    11 Mar 11
    12:11 am

  2. Oh heck yer and then we see all the alpha males and females coming out of the woodwork and may I remind them whos project it was anyway, except everybody’s a critic, a chippy, a bricky, a painter the list goes on.

  3. Trish Lake
    11 Mar 11
    9:35 am

  4. Thanks Encore for your comments about Ashley Bradnam, who truly is amazing in this movie.. It’s great to have this recognition for him as he had never been on a feature film set before this movie. The producers agree with you that Ashley has great potential as a leading man and writer! As for the film SUBDIVISION – we are getting lots of very positive feedback about this movie now it’s getting to a broader audience on DVD. It does have some fairly strong dramatic moments, especially between the father
    (SWEET) and son (BRADNAM). But there are also some hilarious scenes, especially some of the scenes where Ashley Bradnam gets to show his comic timing and unique humour that seems to come so naturally. Director Sue Brooks has really captured a slice of life of coastal Hervey Bay and the tradie community at the heart of this story, with a lot of affection for a way of life that may well be disappearing as the world becomes more and more citified.