Sydney launches ‘Love every second’ positioning

Sydney in WinterDestination NSW has launched a domestic campaign promoting Sydney as a destination for couples keen to make use of every second of their break.

The campaign is aimed at counteracting the successful efforts of other domestic destination brands including the long running You’ll Love Every Piece of Victoria campaign.

The campaign – created by ad agency Banjo – has a relatively modest media budget, with executions focusing on outdoor activity and some print in Victoria, Queensland and NZ.

It will also be backed with social activity including hosting travel bloggers and a Facebook app. The print element of the campaign will feature a couple enjoying various activities with a precise time as part of the image.

Destination NSW CEO Sandra Chipchase, said at last night’s launch: “It’s designed to send a very clear message to the rest of Australia – NSW is is fighting back – be afraid. Also, enjoy the warm hospitality.”



  1. Anonymous
    9 May 12
    3:42 pm

  2. what? a visit sydney campaign using the Opera House as an icon? That’s a first…

  3. anon-e-mouse
    9 May 12
    3:53 pm

  4. @anonymous

    shit yeah, it’s a BOLD new strategy designed to tell people things they don’t know about Sydney. The next execution is the Harbour Bridge, then Manly, Bondi and finally Luna Park…

  5. Anonymous
    9 May 12
    4:04 pm

  6. that is disappointing to hear anon-e-mouse, I’m really only interested in hearing about Sydney Harbour. What? Oh…

  7. Sasha
    9 May 12
    4:52 pm

  8. Selling Sydney without it’s icons is always going to be optimistic. Is the premise just as simple as falling in love with Sydney again? And how ironic that the detractors of any new Sydney campaign are always Anonymous and Anon-e-mouse. Man up people!

  9. Ron Jeremy
    9 May 12
    5:07 pm

  10. The mandatory Facebook app.

    “Yep, we’re digital too!”

  11. Junior
    9 May 12
    10:40 pm

  12. Is this an ad for Vivid Live? Nice!

  13. Sydneysider
    9 May 12
    10:47 pm

  14. I think Sydneysiders can take for granted the Opera House and Harbour Bridge because we see them every day. Take your Sydneysider hats off people before you jump to ‘generic’ criticism…

  15. Nat
    10 May 12
    12:30 pm

  16. Sydneysider – i agree but once you have sween them once, whats the excitment to go and see them again?

    They need to say something new, a new angle.

  17. ED
    10 May 12
    2:30 pm

  18. Here’s a curve ball folks…

    Works on a very basic level, but dig deeper guys… timing might be a tad out…”Love Every Second” doesnt really fit when you look at the political background on same sex marriage on the agenda today.

    As we all know Sydney is one of the largest homosexual communities in the WORLD, yet the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition both agree same sex marriage is wrong!

    To truly endorse the term ‘Love’ in any tourism strapine the Sydney brand should represent equality and stand up to political bigotry.

    I suggest purely in my ‘very straight’ humble opinion that NSW Government & Tourism bodies conteract this archaic sentiment in national Australian politics and reinforce the message that same sex couples can visit, settle, live and ‘LOVE’ in this beautiful world class City.

    How can you “Love Every Second” if you and your spouse cannot live here in pure equality and with the respect of those in power?

    That is all…(in a Jean Luc Pickard accent)

  19. ED
    10 May 12
    2:31 pm

  20. PS: Especially if the campaign is using the ‘Rainbow’ as its colour pallet!

  21. Hoin
    10 May 12
    4:34 pm

  22. @ED: I can assure you many people outside Sydney visit the city for fairly specific reasons quite unrelated to the Opera House and we don’t need glossy tourism campaigns to tell us where to go for what we want 😛

  23. ED
    10 May 12
    7:07 pm

  24. @ Hoin: just taking the domestic/international tourism perspective Hoin – ie: the demographic I think they are trying to reach.

    Having not had the privilege to interrogate the brief I am unaware what the real reason for the campaign is apart from the article above, totally take your point though that this reaches so many more people that the traveller lot.

    Its a valid point I concur with, there is a transient business and personal community that are not coming here for the Opera House et al.

    Sorry if I wasnt clear the angle I was coming from…thanks for highlighting the valid point.

  25. jean cave
    10 May 12
    9:43 pm

  26. Pack in as much as poss, you have come a long way. Have an agenda, plan plan plan, fill every day, rush around, make the most of it, tick tock tick tock, there is a big list to get through. Book book book. Tick tick tick.
    If that is what you want . . . then Sydney can provide.