Telstra launches new connected future brand campaign ‘Count me in’

Australia’s largest telecommunications provider Telstra will this Sunday launch a new brand campaign built around the idea of a “brilliant connected future for everyone” to coincide with the men’s final of the Australian Open on Australia Day.

Inese Kingsmill director of corporate marketing at Telstra said the campaign, created by Interbrand and DDB Sydney, built on the telco’s 2011 rebrand and emphasised its role in connecting Australians.

“This brand campaign we are launching is the evolution of our brand journey”,  said Kingsmill. “We have been connecting Australians for over 100 years and with that absolute clarity of purpose we took the time to reflect on what does that mean for our brand.

“The new brand has served us very very well but it is time to evolve that, this is not a relaunch, it is the next natural evolution. We aim to make sure that we maintain a brand that is fresh, vibrant and relevant and want to push it to the level — that’s what we are doing this weekend.”

The new TV commercial is built around the idea of showing consumers what they can achieve in a future where everyone is connected. It is also supported by a large digital campaign and a broader online marketing campaign built around the idea of “count me in”.

Kingsmill said the idea of “count me in” was not just a campaign tagline but rather a way of involving consumers in the campaign and its narrative. On Sunday Telstra will also launch a new Count Me In section on their website.

“‘Count me in’ isn’t a campaign line, its a call to action that we will be using throughout the brand program, she said.

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 11.46.31 AM“‘Count me in’ is our invitation for people to come and join us. Over time it will be an invitation to see what that brilliant connected future will mean for the individual. For example, in the videos going up in the online hub you’ll see that it is full of online stories showing how Telstra is enriching people’s lives through connection and what we are going to do is invite people to share their stories and insert their stories into this connected future. ”

Kingsmill added that the agencies involved were Interbrand and DDB Sydney, together with R/GA who worked on the digital component of the campaign.

“We’ve evolved our brand roster to reflect that connected future and we worked with Interbrand on that natural evolution and with DDB Sydney as our lead brand agency to bring this campaign to life,” said Kingsmill.

“We also worked very closely with R/GA as there is a very strong digital component in this and as we have evolved our brand, it is very much digitally led. We have had a wonderful collaboration across these agencies and right across the business it has been a hugely collaborative process.”

Nic Christensen 


  1. Mr S.
    24 Jan 14
    12:45 pm

  2. An amazing advert, well put together and a technology advert for a technology company… gimmicks, no crap! Well done DDB; catchy song too!

  3. Thom
    24 Jan 14
    1:24 pm

  4. Nice little nod to head client on the screen @ 14″

  5. pugwash
    24 Jan 14
    1:33 pm

  6. good grief, every musical cliche…hipster whistling and cute folk singing…

    nice looking spot otherwise.

  7. KJB
    24 Jan 14
    6:50 pm

  8. Looks like ddb forgot how to use YouTube… Have they forgotten that a brand isn’t just a commercial?

  9. Mambot
    24 Jan 14
    7:13 pm

  10. Shame that telstra isn’t in the ad…. It’s ok if telstra want to promote apple, Samsung etc.

  11. jimbo
    24 Jan 14
    8:41 pm

  12. I want an LED suit. Where can I get one?

  13. Keith C
    26 Jan 14
    2:32 pm

  14. Such an interesting modern paradox. The haves and have nots of the digital age.

    For those waiting on improvements to telecomms services in regional centres, this advertisement does little in the way of wanting these customers to join the happy “Count Me In” campaign.

    It was around twelve months ago that Telstra let down many parts of Qld. It was such a fluke that we had all bar one of our mobiles with Optus which stayed working and all the emergency services were recommending to use Optus, all Telstra network was dead!

    Thanks for nought Telstra

  15. Kristina
    27 Jan 14
    7:00 am

  16. Love the song!

    What’s it called? Can you purchase it from iTunes?

  17. Dols
    28 Jan 14
    1:13 am

  18. Pumpin blood by nonono