Ten picks up Ed Kavalee’s debut feature Scumbus

Ed Kavalee: writer, producer, actor of Scumbus

Network Ten has picked up first rights to a debut comedy feature by Ed Kavalee starring some of Australia’s best known comedians.

Scumbus is Kavalee’s first film, written, produced and funded by the comedian and directed by Luke Tierney.

The film, an idea of Kavalee’s and friend Josh Lawson, will be broadcast on Saturday 10 November at 9.30pm and later on Ten’s catch up service.

Kavalee told Encore: “It was conceived by myself and Josh Lawson before he got taken under the wing of Will Ferrell.”

“It was made for TV. No one is making comedy telemovies. So I thought let’s give this a go. Ten saw it, loved it and said they’d love to play it,” he said.

“It’s basically a little comedy about two life-long best friends who are also cops. One is a goody-goody and the other is out to get whatever he can get.”

Kavalee called in favours from his comedy friends including The Project’s Dave Hughes, Toby Truslove of Outland and Strange Calls, Tony Martin, Peter Helliar, Glenn Robbins, Lachy Hulme, Ryan Shelton, Kate Langbroek and Samantha Tolj to star.

Kavalee said: “I asked if they’d have one day, or half a day to spare. Once they all said yes, we had no excuse. We had to make the damn thing.”

“It was about getting everyone together in a comedy community. If you look at the cast and the crew, I can’t afford to pay them what they’re worth but the key was I wanted to show the industry we could do this with our great comic talent, which I think is underused in film.”

Kavalee said the film will have its US premiere at the Los Angeles Comedy Festival on 4 November.


  1. Margaret Livingstone
    23 Oct 12
    9:52 pm

  2. Well done Ed. Cannot wait to see it – hope it is a success in Los Angeles and
    especially on Ch.10 and has great revues. Marg.

  3. Anonymous
    24 Oct 12
    2:00 pm

  4. Ed is absolutely right, Australia has so much amazing comic talent, yet we rarely see the screen funding bodies supporting Aussie comedies – god forbid they would support films people may actually want to see!

  5. Lu
    24 Oct 12
    2:06 pm

  6. Brilliant.. More creative people making shows and movies and not thinking of the commercial dollar and/or audiences is needed.. I think the TV and film industry needs to band together and start rebuilding viewer confidence before there is nothing left..

  7. AndrewL
    24 Oct 12
    2:56 pm

  8. He should make a telemovie of donkey courtroom, some of his best gear

  9. Anonymous
    24 Oct 12
    4:51 pm

  10. What about a Scumbus\Shortbus double feature

  11. Matt
    6 Nov 12
    9:51 pm

  12. @Anonymous – Ed Kavalee owes me big time for bringing up Shortbus