Ten runs fourth again behind ABC1


MasterChef: 21st in Tuesday rankings

The Ten Network’s all-people ratings woes were again on display last night as it ran fourth behind public broadcaster ABC1 once more.

MasterChef: The Professionals again failed to serve up its expected results in its final week with just 524,000 capital city viewers at 21st most watched program of the night, according to preliminary OzTam overnight data.

The only Ten shows to do better in the top 20 were NCIS, 13th with 717,000 viewers and the 5pm news, 15th with 670,000 viewers.

Ten ran fourth with a 12.5 per cent audience share behind ABC1’s 12.8 per cent.

Seven’s My Kitchen Rules dominated the night with 1.805m viewers, with Packed To The Rafters, which aired after MKR, second on 1.382m.

ABC1’s tactic of running repeats of greying-detective series New Tricks (782,000) went well to make it the 12th most show of the night, beating NCIS (717,000).

My Kitchen Rules, Packed To The Rafters, The Block: All Stars and Big Bang Theory all dominated the below 49-year-old demographic.

Tuesday’s rankings:

1. My Kitchen Rules Seven 1.805

2. Packed to the Rafters Seven 1.382

3. The Block Nine 1.357

4. Seven News Seven 1.230

5. Nine News Nine 1.160

6. A Current Affair Nine 1.038

7. Today Tonight Seven 1.034

8. Home and Away Seven 0.976

9. ABC News ABC 0.919

10. The Big Bang Theory Nine 0.829

11. The Big Bang Theory Nine 0.787

12. New Tricks ABC 0.782

13. NCIS Ten 0.717

14. 7:30 ABC 0.694

15. Ten News Ten 0.670

Tuesday’s Shares:

Seven: 29%

Nine: 19.9%

ABC1: 12.8%

Ten: 12.5%

7TWO: 3.8%

SBS1: 3.7%

GO!: 3.5%

ABC2: 2.9%

7mate: 2.8%

Eleven: 2.3%

Gem: 2.2%

One: 2.1%

ABC News 24: 0.9%

SBS2: 0.8%

ABC3: 0.7%

NITV: 0.1%

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 Marcus Casey



  1. BluTack
    13 Mar 13
    11:52 am

  2. Good to see ABC2 getting some traction too – proving there is an audience for digital channels that produce original content and don’t just show back to back eps of The Nanny.

  3. Robbo
    13 Mar 13
    2:19 pm

  4. Errr….they ‘produce’ the content at our expense, BluTack. You do understand that, right?

    That’s why the c-o-m-m-e-r-c-i-a-l channels screen repeats – because they gotta make money.
    No such trifling concerns with ABC.

  5. offal spokesperson
    13 Mar 13
    3:30 pm

  6. Oh no, the 10 brand..whatever will we do, the 10 brand isnt working…oh no, wait, they just have shit shows that no-one cares about.

    Oh and they confuse the crap out of me… when is the new series of Modern family on..6.30 Sunday?…7pm Monday? buggered if i know.. but i do know that it was one of the few 10 shows that i would plan to watch…but i havent seen one ep of the new series.

  7. John Grono
    13 Mar 13
    4:11 pm

  8. Great explanation Robbo. That explains why the ABC win the ratings every night by smashing Seven and Nine and have done so for years.

    What’s that … they don’t? Never have? Oh dear.

  9. BluTack
    13 Mar 13
    4:43 pm

  10. @Robbo – You sound like the sort of bloke who who complains about wasted tax payer money when public broadcasters get small ratings, but also gets in a hissy fit when they start to challenge the FTA’s and do well.

    It’s profit at all costs ‘business’ types like you that have alienated the FTA audience and done the damage to the Ten’s of the world.

    If your view point is that the only way to run digital channels for a profit is via reruns, I suspect Mr Conroy’s proposed new media regs today are going to come as shock.

  11. Rodney A Smith
    13 Mar 13
    5:09 pm

  12. Even the most loyal drovers dog eventually has to give up!! MKR may soon head the same way, you can only watch anyone chew a mouth full of food so many times!

  13. time shifted
    13 Mar 13
    10:09 pm

  14. maybe the 16-24’s really have stopped watching TV.

    now how do we find them?

  15. Mike
    14 Mar 13
    11:00 am

  16. The fact that MKR severly out rates a way better cooking show in MS proves only one thing.


  17. Mike
    14 Mar 13
    11:01 am

  18. Er…. that would be “MC” not Master Shef… shit.

  19. Triscott Humberstone
    14 Mar 13
    11:41 am

  20. Appears as if my prediction for Mr & Mrs Murder this week (of 515,000) may be quite close to the actual. Not surprised if the 5 minutes I watched it is anything to go by. Simply dreadful. I notice last week Ch10 put an episode (repeat) on late one night. They must have seen Pt2 of my prediction.