The most tenuous attempt to link Kyle Sandilands to a news story of all time

Regular readers may recall the dramatic story of a dog that hurt its nose.

Thankfully, Fairfax’s Sydney Morning Herald can go one better with a promising-sounding online story involving bus crashes and celebrities.

Until one discovers that a) Nobody was hurt in the bus crash, b) Info about the accident came from its News Ltd rival the Manly Daily and c) The involvement of the celebrities consists of a nearby newsagent adjusting his billboard at the time, which referred to a celebrity (we’re honestly not making this up).  

You can read the story in all of its hard-hitting, Walkley-seeking, community-digging, journalism-shaming, bus-crashing, celebrity-splitting glory here.


As one reader put it on Twitter:

“How to allude to a rival newspaper’s lack of integrity while losing your own in the process.”

At the time of writing, this is the second most read NSW story on

And by an excellent coinicidence, Fairfax today announced it is rolling out a series of regional websites. Let’s hope they’re full of more high quality stuff like this.


  1. missp
    14 May 10
    9:30 am

  2. I read this article and was completely baffled as to the point of any of it. there isn’t a difference between and anyway other than logos.

  3. AC
    14 May 10
    9:37 am

  4. When they want a new story don’t they just check their inbox?

  5. Mr Corbett
    14 May 10
    1:26 pm

  6. i wonder how that dog’s nose it….no follow up?

  7. Michael
    14 May 10
    1:49 pm

  8. Online readership might go the same way as print circulation with quality journalism like this. It’s wonderful being able to read crap content on various platforms!

  9. kia
    14 May 10
    4:03 pm

  10. missp – glad I’m not the only one that thinks it. I see no difference between and in the levels of sensational headlines and amateurish reporting (the reporting that isn’t a copy-paste from AP, that is).

  11. Crystal
    20 May 10
    3:48 pm

  12. The sooner Ruperts paywall is up.. the sooner we will be able to pay for journalism of this standard. HUZZAH!!