Tim Tam bus goes on ‘Love More Than One’ tour of Australia giving away 200,000 biscuits

Arnott’s has launched a campaign to promote its treat packs, kicking off with a branded bus tour that starts in Melbourne.

Free Tim Tams, anyone?

Headed for Warrnambool, the bus will be ‘sharing the love’ by giving away roughly 200,000 Tim Tams, available in eight different flavours, on its way around Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales for three weeks.

The experiential campaign, devised by Mango, comes nine months after the brand gave away roughly 100,000 Tim Tams in an experiential stunt at Martin Place in Sydney, where the biscuits hung from trees.

The ‘Love More Than One’ bus’s movements can be followed on the brand’s Facebook page.

The campaign culminates in a new TV ad that goes on air tomorrow, which is Valentine’s Day.

The TV ad, created by DDB Sydney, will run around The Voice, Downton Abbey, The Block: All Stars, My Kitchen Rules, Parade’s End, and Packed to the Rafters.

Susanna Polycarpou, Arnott’s brand director said in a press release: “Tim Tam is the only chocolate biscuit that stirs emotion in Australians that’s beyond reason. We’re celebrating the magical love of Tim Tam by creating a unique experience for our fans to enjoy. We would love Tim Tam fans to visit us as we travel around the country and join in the fun by helping to share the Tim Tam love.”


ECD: Dylan Harrison
Creative Group Heads: Madeline Smith and Jen Speirs
Art Director: Richard Apps
Copywriter: Andrew Allsop
Managing Director Strategy and Innovation: Leif Stromnes
Senior Strategic Planner:  Michelle Martignoni
Managing Partner: Kate Sheppard
Business Director: Claire Birrell
Agency producer: Brenden Johnson
Director of Social Media: James Quinlan
Community Manager: Sohail Bhatia

GM: Claire Salvetti
Senior Execute Producer: Brooke Pilton
Producer: Richard Holt

TV Production:
Production House: The Feds
Director: Josh Logue
Producer: Karen Watson
Post Production House: Heckler

Music: “Are you ready?” by Kate Miller-Heidke (Sony)

Media: MEC
Group Business Director: Tony Newby
Business Director: Rebecca Twist

Campbell Arnott’s
Brand Director: Susanna Polycarpou
Marketing Manager, Tim Tam: Leigh Coleman
Brand Manager, Tim Tam: Laura Hindson


  1. AdGrunt
    13 Feb 13
    9:37 am

  2. Cute work and nice idea. Not revolutionary, but entirely appropriate for the brand.

  3. Frank
    13 Feb 13
    10:03 am

  4. It’s funny, if McDonald’s or the kid’s sugary cereal companies did this there’d be universal outrage. Yet, a chocolate biscuit manufacturer (which I’m assuming is equally bad for your health) can do it and it’s considered “cute”. Strange times we live in….

  5. AdGrunt
    13 Feb 13
    10:29 am

  6. There would only be outrage from those who are unable to stop clutching pearls and thinking of the children.

    You seem to be suggesting that this is aimed at kids. Tim-Tam’s previous efforts in Martin Place, a business area, coupled with the talent in the ad and the tone, suggest you are mistakenly trotting out a trite and fallacious view of food advertising.

  7. Rob
    13 Feb 13
    10:30 am

  8. Frank,

    Nice idea – let’s only advertise Water from now on as everything else is detrimental to your health if you have too much of it.

    While we’re at it let’s go back to black and white ads so colours can’t impulse people.

    What a fun world that would be

  9. Veg Muncher
    13 Feb 13
    10:34 am

  10. @Frank

    A very good point raised there sir.

    I guess the Tim Tam’s brand is warm and fuzzy. It is a sentimental brand. They are biscuits that you can only (ind of) buy in Oz.

    Where as KFC / McDonald’s etc are global and everywhere – a bit like Influenza.

    Nice sugar verses evil sugar, in terms of the brand perhaps?

  11. Veg Muncher
    13 Feb 13
    10:34 am

  12. (‘kind of’)

  13. JD
    13 Feb 13
    10:47 am

  14. I didn’t find this to be particularly impressive… it’s just OK. The production quality of the ad seems low, and the size of the small product is dominated by the people holding it – took me a while to understand the point / idea behind it. Can’t help but think there is a better idea out there to help illustrate the new product. But hey, they’re giving away free chocolate – I doubt consumers will complain!

  15. Groucho
    13 Feb 13
    10:57 am

  16. Frank, old fella, there is a difference between a Tim Tam and a Big Mac or a bowl of sugary cereal. Can you guess? That’s right, a Tim Tam is smaller, doesn’t substitute for proper mealsand doesn’t exploit kids, or really dim adults.

  17. Frank
    13 Feb 13
    11:21 am

  18. Veg muncher – you’ve explained it to me intelligently and succinctly…. Look, I’m not some perverse anti-sugar campaigner (although I would object to my 4 year old kid being handed Tim Tams). It’s just funny how some junk food brands are seen as warm and fuzzy (Tim Tams or Coke or Magnum ice-creams) where others (Mc Donald’s, Fruit Loops and Winfield Cigarettes) are seen as the work of the Devil. Again, strange ethics we have….

    13 Feb 13
    11:54 am

  20. Great work guys, the hits keep on coming for this brand.

  21. hey hey
    13 Feb 13
    12:58 pm

  22. That bus looks pretty cool. Does anyone know who put it together?

  23. Robin Hicks
    13 Feb 13
    12:59 pm

  24. Hi hey hey,

    Just checked, and DDB – Arnott’s ad agency – designed the bus artwork.

    Robin – Mumbrella

  25. JB
    13 Feb 13
    1:02 pm

  26. @ Groucho… I think you’ve missed the argument. It being it’s okay to hand out Tim Tams and it’s not okay to handout cheeseburgers (regardless of where they sit on the mealtime food pyramid.)

  27. Frank
    13 Feb 13
    1:05 pm

  28. This is interesting from the Herald today – “Profits before health” and I quote: “ALCOHOL and processed food companies are employing the same tactics as Big Tobacco to increase their profits at the expense of people’s lives”

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national.....z2KjzLCxIU

  29. AdGrunt
    13 Feb 13
    1:46 pm

  30. Frank – you really need to learn some critical thinking, logic and reason. Google conflated argument and come back to us, dear chap.

    JB – you’ve missed any point that was made. Maccas gave away free Cheeseburgers on Australia Day. I missed the universal outrage. Could you explain *why* it’s not OK to hand stuff out?

  31. TempTin
    13 Feb 13
    2:07 pm

  32. For some reason the marketing world has got flipped on it’s head – this campaign is presented as “experiential”, “culminating in a tvc”…….seems to me the reverse is true in terms of those Australians who will be exposed to it.

    A heap will see the tvc, launched logically on V-Day, while a relative handful will be touched by the bus, and even less will bother to follow it’s progress on facebook (hello, who doesn’t have a life??!!).

    Since when did the promotional/giveaway element become the lead story around a campaign, and how is a bus driving around giving free stuff away interesting in and of itself? (we got amazing results for you….the uptake of people wanting free chocolate biscuits was beyond our wildest expectation)

    Does it come down to which agency submits the release to trade media?

  33. Jacqueline
    13 Feb 13
    2:23 pm

  34. love it!

  35. Ian Smith
    13 Feb 13
    4:32 pm

  36. The Voice, Downton Abbey, The Block: All Stars, My Kitchen Rules, Parade’s End, and Packed to the Rafters.

    Would people that watch these sort of programmes eat TT’s? Find out soon s’ppose…………

  37. Groucho
    13 Feb 13
    4:44 pm

  38. @JB, my point is that a Tim Tam has a lot less sugar and fat than a cheeseburger, or a bowl of sugary cereal and therefore to suggest they area equivalents is quite incorrect. I don’t condone either but since my body demands fat & suger I’ll take the lesser!

  39. NS
    13 Feb 13
    5:16 pm

  40. Adgrunt you made me laugh! classic

    TempTin you’ve nailed it – the reason the story leads with the bus is because we’re apparently all jaded when it comes to TVCs and besides, “integrated campaigns” involving Big Vehicles are more likely to win awards and facile industry praise

    Just look at NAB’s ‘break-up’ campaign as a prime example…how many people do you think read the opening tweet, or saw the pretend bankers tied to trees in a Sydney park? a poofteenth of those who saw the full page “Dear John” break-up ads which effectively admitted that NAB had been colluding with the other banks to the detriment of its customers for years…

  41. Frank
    13 Feb 13
    5:20 pm

  42. Ad Grunt… Save for your condescending insults, I never said I had a problem with handing stuff out; in fact, I regard “product in hand” as the best possible marketing you can do. All I was merely suggesting – as reflective of the Herald article I posted – that heavily processed sugary foods (ie Tim Tams) are playing a huge role in obesity, diabetes, cancers and early death; and here we have a company on a tour through regional Victoria handing out “200,000” such items that do just that. You don’t question that? In fact you called it “cute”. Sorry, forgive my scepticism, but I have a huge problem with that and the way that is marketed. But suck those Tim Tams up my man and pat your fat belly why you do it…

  43. Frank
    14 Feb 13
    9:07 am

  44. And this from today’s The Age… Again highlighting the unfettered dangers of the junk food industry and the urgent need for it to be controlled. Tim Tams aren’t fun, they’ll kill ya in the end….


  45. Grant
    19 Feb 13
    12:57 pm

  46. “We would love Tim Tam fans to visit us as we travel around the country” … How can you say that when you’re NOT actually travelling around the country at all ? Mooching around the SouthWest of Australia corner doesn’t count as “around the country”.
    NOTHING counts till you come to QUEENSLAND !!
    We want the bus in Brisbane !
    We want the bus in GoldCoast !
    We want the bus in Noosa !
    We want the bus here, too !

  47. Karen Schafer
    25 Feb 13
    10:33 pm

  48. Come to the better part of Australia Qld!! I agree – hardly a trip around Australia. I’m sure you’ll get lots of fans in Brissie.

  49. Kate
    26 Feb 13
    8:05 pm

  50. Oh my!!!! I can see outrage has started for this side of the country and I will join!!
    Do Queensland tastebudds not also deserve a visit from this OH SO WONDERFULL BUS? Cmon ;-);-);-)