Today’s Twitter challenge: find Ros Reines

Fans of Ros Reines, aka “Sydney’s hottest gossip columnist”, must like a challenge.  

Today’s edition of Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph invites readers to “Follow Ros Reines on”. Sadly, the paper’s sub editors don’t appear to quite understand how Twitter works, as that’s all the info they give.

Dr Mumbo has established that she doesn’t appear to be @rosreines or @ros_reines, as both still seem to be available. Which of course does present an opportunity for some Fake Stephen Conroy-style identity theft. Fake Ros Reines anyone?


  1. graeme
    5 Apr 09
    6:10 pm

  2. @tabloidterror may be the obvious one

  3. mumbrella
    5 Apr 09
    6:21 pm

  4. Thanks, Graeme. Why didn’t I think of that!


    Tim – Mumbrella

  5. andy
    6 Apr 09
    11:17 am

  6. Mate, just type in Ros Reines. Can see that might stump you.

  7. A. Nonymous Coward
    6 Apr 09
    12:22 pm

  8. Hmm, Just tried that, Andy. When you search Twitter on that, you get people talking about Ros Reines, but not her. (You’ll probably tell me I’m doing something dumb, so I’m not giving my name.)

    Mightn’t it be easier for readers if the paper just publishes what profile to follow?

  9. Marina G
    6 Apr 09
    1:15 pm

  10. @tabloidterror is Ros Reines. We tweet all the time.