Triple J makes further changes to 2010 line up

Triple J’s outgoing breakfast co-host Lindsay McDougall, known as The Doctor, will be the new host of the radio station’s drive time slot from January 4.  

The Doctor

The Doctor

The appointment follows the announcement last month that Tom Ballard and Alex Dyson, currently presenters of the weekend breakfast show, would move to the weekday shift, replacing The Doctor, Robbie Buck and Marieke Hardy.

Buck is moving to the ABC’s 702 in Sydney, while Hardy is leaving the radio station.

The drive time show airs from 3pm to 5.30pm weekdays. The Doctor will replace Scott Dooley who is leaving the station.

Hardy said that she would instead focus on her writing and is currently developing a six-part series with ABC1. She will also be working with Andrew Denton’s team on the second 30 Seconds TV series and continue with ABC1′s First Tuesday Book Club.

The incoming breakfast hosts 19-year-old Ballard and and 21-year-old Dyson are believed to be one of the youngest breakfast teams in the country.


  1. El Dominus
    2 Dec 09
    5:32 pm

  2. Is there any word where Scott Dooley is off to? Doing a Will Anderson, Merrick and Rosso, etc. and off to Nova or Austereo?

  3. Lubo
    2 Dec 09
    6:13 pm

  4. Good luck to Tom & Alex I’ve heard them few times on the weekend and as a regular listener to weekdays mornings they are having a pretty huge task to fill Robbie, Marieke and Doctors shoes.

    I’m gonna miss you guys you are really cool!!!

  5. Neil Walker - MediaMook
    2 Dec 09
    8:04 pm

  6. Triple J should always be a ‘yoof’ station so can’t disagree with their policy. So why does Richard Kingsmill (who’s done a fantastic job as Triple J music director, to be fair) get to stay on at the age of 44? Surely it’s time to give youth a chance in that gig too?

  7. Aleta
    2 Dec 09
    10:38 pm

  8. @ 1.Neil Walker – Richard Kingsmill is Triple J. He knows his sh*t … as much as I love the rest of the youth on that station no one knows up and coming music like him.

    Dools however will be missed. Does anyone know where he is going?

  9. Bill Posters
    3 Dec 09
    9:54 am

  10. No-one knows up and coming music like Richard Kingsmill? Please.

    When he took over from Frollows people were pretty hopeful but he’s been a disappointment. The station has continued to be as Sydney-centric as ever and is completely hostage to Kingsmill’s personal peccadilloes.

  11. brend_n
    3 Dec 09
    1:36 pm

  12. Dools will be missed?? Seriously? I thought he was an insincere tool and would sigh with relief whenever he was unable to do drive. He was alright when he had his drive partner (can’t remember her name) but once on his own… phew. Don’t worry everyone, I’m sure he’ll end up on TV with more inane crap to crack himself up with.

  13. antwon
    3 Dec 09
    2:16 pm

  14. Yes, Dools was a twerp – a patronising, unfunny tool. God, what a relief.

  15. Mac Yourselfathome
    3 Dec 09
    2:49 pm

  16. Bill Posters is right. Kingsmill was a goose who refused to even acknowledge electronic music existed as late as 1998. The same Richard Kingsmill who argued with Nick Cave over the name of his own son. The same Richard Kingsmill who argued with the Hartnoll brothers of Orbital fame over how they made their own music. The same Kinsgmill who spat with disgust over a joke Richard James (Aphex Twin) was having with him after telling him a computer programme wrote all of his tunes.
    Kingsmill is a litany of arrogance, self-serving taste and blinkered thinking. He has been a dreadful choice of programmer and has done less for up and coming local acts than any of his predecessors…
    But I’m hijacking the comments now. I’ll miss Hardy especially.

  17. Jonah
    3 Dec 09
    3:41 pm

  18. Does Hardy actually prepare any content or just chime in with picky little digs about everyone else’s comments? I bet she’ll never score such a cushy gig again in the future.

  19. Sean
    4 Dec 09
    12:20 am

  20. You self indulgent idiots. Kingsmill rocks the house. He has forgotten more about music than anyone of you can remember. Playlists are great and varied. Dools is an aquired taste. I think he’s funny and will go far. Surely there a use for a guy that knows more useless shit than anyone on the planet. Hope the doctor loses he voice over christmas

  21. Dave
    4 Dec 09
    8:34 am

  22. I too will miss Hardy especially as she was the only one with any wit. The Doctor struggled so hard to even finish a thought let alone the horrific puns for which he was so keen. Robbie seems to have garnered praise and love basically for not leaving for ten years. He has as much personality as Rosie and he, Marieke and the Doctor were held aloft by their guested segments. They floundered in tedium whenever they had only themselves to fill the air. I look forward to Tim and Alex.
    As for Dools, well I feel bad that people found Dools an unfunny tool. Admittedly his strength is interviewing as he can always get his guests to be funny, and almost all of his skits fall flat. But the Doctor on his own in the afternoon? Looks like I’ll be burning CDs to carry in the car.

  23. Michael
    4 Dec 09
    10:05 am

  24. I find Richard Kingsmill to be fine and open minded, barring his contempt when bands like Simple Minds go commercial and he refuses to play their new stuff, but I find him fair and open minded.

    I have been listening to JJJ since I moved to Sydney in the 80′s and listened since it started in 1990 in Brisbane and living here JJJ has made a huge difference for the past 19 years in terms of bands and shows that would ignore Brisbane in favour of the two southern capitals. I might be out of the demographic now but I still find them to be fine. I’m also happy Dooley is leaving but sad Robbie is. JJJ – ignore the critics and keep going as you are doing a fine job in Australian radio and you have made a huge difference to Brisbane’s music scene.

  25. niggles
    4 Dec 09
    2:04 pm

  26. what a relief the whole breakfast show is going and I can once again, hopefully, start listening to Triple J mornings. What twits Robbie Buck, the doctor and that other whats her name are. I would rather watch paint dry than have to listen to their stupid dwobble that they called good radio listening. Hoorah for the best move in radio!!! The worst thing to happen is to still have the doctor, and to have him take over from Dools. Dissapointing. But, I can mange not listening to the afternoon crap that will fall from his mouth and enjoy the new morning crew…fingers crossed

  27. simon
    4 Dec 09
    4:25 pm

  28. I for one am so very glad to see the b’fast team move on. the doctor is such a goon. not funny at all

  29. Dave
    4 Dec 09
    5:46 pm

  30. Simple Minds Michael? I don’t think Richard had turned ten years old when Simple Minds ‘went commercial’.

  31. slm
    4 Dec 09
    11:17 pm

  32. Very much welcoming these changes for 2010. Might start listening more often now that Buck and Dools are history. Have to say I’ve been disappointed with the station since Kingsmill’s been at the helm. A very knowledgeable bloke but the station seems to be adrift and can’t get the right mix of music or personalities behind the microphone.

  33. ams
    7 Dec 09
    2:19 pm

  34. Kingsmill 44! … try 45 and only a month away from 46. Complete with two kids and a mortgage on a Sydney North Shore house … yes he is so in touch with the demographic!

    He is way too arrogant … one of his first moves as Music Director was to cut out the station music meeting.

    Glad Robbie has gone from Triple J … just wish he’s leave the airwaves totally.

    Think the person that will be most missed is Hardy.

  35. Nat
    7 Dec 09
    10:20 pm

  36. I couldn’t be happier that Scoot ‘Tooly’ is leaving the drivetime slot. Put downs and base digs are an ‘acquired taste’ I suppose but I prefer a bit of thoughtful wit with actual humour. He is almost as unfunny as Will Anderson used to be…in fact….he is worse. He really does belong on commercial radio (I believe he is going to Nova or some other rubbish station) and I am sure he will excell there (apart from the fact that his innuendo will have to be tidied up somewhat….most stations won’t approve.

    Tom and Alex – no comment. Don’t listen to morning weekend radio so I have no real opinion one way or another.

    I probably need to move on from the whole ‘youth radio’ thing but there is no bloody in between!!!! We have youth radio in Triple J….then radio national (oldies…..end of story) but there is no middle road for those of us that are no longer youths but refuse to let go of our roots!!!

  37. Al
    8 Dec 09
    9:44 pm

  38. Demographics aside, really there isnt anything like JJJ that offers such a variety without the inane drivel and repetition of a commercial station.
    Ive been listening since my teens, the mere hint of commercial radio is enough to literally make me hurl, and Im now well out of my teens but the appeal remains.
    Robby,Marieke and The Doctor werent too bad I felt, not as good as past presenters but still better than the commercial alternatives.
    Dools humour was random, even a little risque at times but again still better than any other commercial station presenters.
    Its the music that makes it!

  39. Nesmorbutt
    9 Dec 09
    12:06 am

  40. You bunch of undignified nerds! O000hhhh your so brave sitting behind your keyboard insulting everyone! You were better at dungeons and dragons.

  41. Dave
    9 Dec 09
    12:26 am

  42. *you’re

  43. Nat
    10 Dec 09
    12:03 am

  44. Al – I completely agree, nothing like JJJ.

    Nesmorbutt – Hello ‘pot’

    Dave – I think I love you.

  45. Anonymous
    13 Dec 09
    6:37 pm

  46. I agree Al. JJJ is everything a commercial radio station isn’t. Quality

  47. Katie
    14 Dec 09
    2:42 am

  48. Dave, you may correct Nesmorbutt’s spelling, but you called Tom ‘Tim’ in an earlier comment.

  49. Dave
    14 Dec 09
    8:15 am

  50. I noticed, and I have been wallowing in shame