Trolled by the ‘trolls’

So this doesn’t look terribly good for Today Tonight…


  1. Jus sayn
    12 Mar 13
    2:48 pm

  2. Rule number one “Today Tonight”;

    Don’t feed the trolls.

  3. You might wanna
    12 Mar 13
    10:13 pm

  4. Rule number two “Today Tonight;

    Research your stories.

  5. Richard Moss
    13 Mar 13
    11:40 am

  6. In my opinion, not all journalists qualify for the fourth estate. Not all journalists qualify to be Journalists.

    Publicity seeking, gong hunting or ratings seeking, it’s all the same.

    You must sell your soul to the devil or get comfortable with cheating and lying on a regular basis in the name of reporting the truth.

    If you are going to peddle gossip, hear say and urban myth, then at least have the dignity to label yourself “Gossip Monger ” and not “Australia’s number one current affairs program.”

  7. pugwash
    13 Mar 13
    3:27 pm

  8. You would think it takes a professional troll to know a troll…clearly not.

    TT have been trolling the weak minded and generating phony outrage long

    before the even internet existed.

  9. TH
    13 Mar 13
    6:25 pm

  10. I am really struggling here. I don’t know who to dislike more.

  11. not the actual anonymous
    13 Mar 13
    8:27 pm

  12. @pugwash Agreed. If trolling is about generating outrage, TT are the biggest trolls of all and should have known better than to be trolled by some weird kids with too much time.

  13. James
    13 Mar 13
    8:40 pm

  14. More desperately unfunny & smug GenY smart arses. Yay! Never seen anything like this before: it’s all so new and fresh. One can never get enough.

  15. James (1)
    13 Mar 13
    10:19 pm

  16. I’m 46 and I should disclose that I HATE MSM so-called current affairs shows. I also detest bullies. I don’t see these ‘Kids’ as cyber-bullies. 10 years ago they would have been head-hunted and would now be the Chaser. Maybe the Humour is a little under-grad, but surely-to-Allah they are way ahead of their U.S. equivalents. (Jack-Ass springs to mind.)

    If they keep targeting the right (wrong) people and organisations.. More Power to them.

  17. Lucio
    14 Mar 13
    7:59 am

  18. As ye reap…

  19. NS
    15 Mar 13
    1:02 pm

  20. agree with James – why is mumbrella giving oxygen to these conceited and unfunny gen Ys?

    there is nothing remotely clever or unique about lying directly to a media outlet

    these kids are muppets

  21. Markus
    15 Mar 13
    1:16 pm

  22. This is brilliant. It astonishes me that TT & ACA pull over a million a night. ‘Best anti-TT argument ever!!

  23. Bob
    15 Mar 13
    10:00 pm

  24. These kids are simply mean little fucks

    The internet has now given bullies a global stage and turned the whole world into a high school playground where bullies can bully anyone now.


    Yes they pulled one over ACA or TT or whichever – doesn’t make these kids actions any better.

    Any that little tosser Tristan Barker thinking he can just assault people by giving them a whack in the head as he did right on camera – he is one entitled guy.

    I hope he gets jail time , then he will find out how tough he isn’t and will find out what being picked on by bullies is really like

  25. Richard Moss
    16 Mar 13
    2:08 pm

  26. @Bob

    I can’t find much to disagree with in your comments, but this is also a glaring example of the media dredging the crap to find a sensational (ratings attracting) story that will have the most gullible of the available masses tuning in and freaking out.

    These kids don’t need publicity, they need educating and enlightening. A charge of assault was perhaps one way of ensuring a positive experience.

    I wonder if Jasmine has even considered that TT simply took her at her word which has turned out to be worthless, as we now know that she concocted and confessed a string of lies.
    I also wonder if she will give a thought for the generations of women who have campaigned for decades to be given a stronger voice and a fairer deal in rape testimony.

    I don’t know what point that ego centric little twerp was trying to make when he suggested that a member of a minority group is somehow immune from being labelled a racist .