Blue Star Group buys Geon

Printing giant Blue Star Group have today purchased large chunks of ailing rival Geon.

The printing firm went into voluntary administration late last month and their operations in NSW and Victoria were bought by the Australian rival late yesterday.

The deal was made for an undisclosed amount of money but Blue Star said it will retain a “meaningful” number of employees, who will work from Blue Star’s existing facilities.

Blue Star bought one of Geon’s New Zealand-based printing labels earlier this week.

A statement said the company does not intend to continue to operate from current Geon sites in Mt Waverley, Banksmeadow and Parramatta.

The shift will lead to a dramatic drop in the level of competition between Australia’s magazine printers.


  1. Peter A
    6 Mar 13
    10:08 pm

  2. Oh great!

  3. Bitter Supplier
    7 Mar 13
    1:02 am

  4. I am/was owed $80,000 by GEON.
    I employ 20 staff.
    Eff you (edited for legal reasons).

  5. David
    7 Mar 13
    4:14 pm

  6. These big company’s run a debt year in year out.

    Got to feel for the people they leave in there wake, they just throw there hands up and don’t care who they ruin. Geon have been printing for nothing for years, good riddance.

  7. dave
    7 Mar 13
    7:22 pm

  8. print stability will never be achieved its a dying trade. the most important thing is we keep what printing is left PRINTED IN AUSTRALIA . The money for the trades workers isnt as great as it used to be but I can still pay my mortgage. I dont know much else outside of print so im happy that BLUE STAR is still going strong under new leadership.This new team understand print and its win win for blue star workers and print customers and print supply. Robert mcmillan was a dog when it came to paying bills but he also employed a lot of people you get the good with the bad.