VCCP launches first local Meerkat work for comparethemarket

Creative agency VCCP has launched its first locally-made Compare the Meerkat campaign for insurance website

VCCP created a digital campaign, which features a 90-second “public service announcement” on the Compare The Meerkat Facebook page, urging Australians to get their ears checked so as not to confuse websites and

The “announcement” is narrated by brand mascot Aleksandr Orlov, a Russian meerkat dressed in a burgundy robe.

The campaign also features an interactive component running across social media, which gives the public the chance to win a burgundy-coloured robe, similar to the one Orlov wears.

Up to now, Comapre The market’s local ads have been based on UK versions created by VCCP in London.

Peter Grenfell, VCCP Australia’s managing director, said online ads will be created locally while TV work will mainly be based on successful UK work. He said: “We’ll mainly be creating Australian-exclusive content online for the first year while repurposing and adapting TV ads that have been previously released in the UK.

“This time next year might be very different, however, and we hope to be making TV ads for Australia.”


  • Agency: VCCP Australia
  • Creative Director: Dean Hunt
  • Art Director: Jessica Waal
  • Copywriter: Dean Hunt
  • Account Director: Elizabeth Barnett
  • Account Executive: Sophie McLelland
  • Typography: Like Minded Studio
  • Photography: James Nelson
  • Producer: Jo Kouvaris


  1. Budget Conscious
    28 Jun 13
    4:34 pm

  2. Hmmm, required a creative workaround for having to use Aleksandr, but not getting a CGI budget.

  3. Slash
    28 Jun 13
    5:11 pm

  4. The fact that this was originally a UK production is an industry fun-fact only, nothing the customer would be aware of, or care about. Or maybe it’s just to explain the deterioration in sophistication and production….

  5. Rebecca
    1 Jul 13
    1:10 pm

  6. Will we be importing all the UK insurance products? I note Tesco, sorry, Coles is in on it now.