Virgin’s lounge lockout

It would appear that outgoing CommBank chief marketing officer Andy Lark has had a disappointing customer experience with Virgin Airlines. (The observation on Lark’s blog is in the third person and carefully not couched as a complaint, but Dr Mumbo suspect’s it is a first hand experience.)

Deliciously, Lark appears on stage at Mumbrella360 immediately after Virgin’s chief customer officer Mark Hassell.

Dr Mumbo hopes the opportunity for some first hand feedback arises.


  1. Rebecca
    27 May 13
    12:37 pm

  2. Mark Hassell is from Virgin Australia, who Lark says he loves. He has an issue with Virgin America. These are different companies.

  3. Dan
    27 May 13
    1:39 pm

  4. Indeed they are different companies. Apart from the name and code sharing, the only thing they have in common is minority shareholding by Sir Richard Branson. Another of your very long bows Dr Mumbo.

  5. My experience
    28 May 13
    1:27 pm

  6. Virgin America are very good at losing bags…